Oland Overview
Known to be the land of Stenkusten or the Stone coast, Öland is the second-largest island of Sweden. It's a paradisal gateway for many people, thanks to the picturesque beauty and aura of the place. Large, sprawling meadows cover the southwestern region, while a little inside, you will find deciduous forest cover.

Lofty cliffs can be seen in the background, which looks marvelous against the Stone coast of the island. The island's surface is mainly formed from exposed limestone, resulting in its uniqueness. It has around seventy-five different nature reserves along with ancient ruins and rack fields.

Location: an island in the Baltic Sea and close to Kalmar, Sweden

Best time: all the year-round

Highlights: Byrums Raukar, Horns Kustväg cycling trail, Trollskogen pine forest, Stora Alvaret, and the ancient ruins.
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