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Sweden Group Tour Packages - Browse through a wide range of Sweden group trip packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Sweden group packages with exciting deals & offers.

Discover the Europe gem with Thrillophilia's Sweden group tour packages. Crafted by seasoned travel professionals, our Sweden tour packages are tailored to accommodate diverse travel itineraries and preferences. 

Relish in the charm of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, known for its historic architecture and vibrant waterfront. Visit the iconic Vasa Museum, and witness the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace and explore the medieval streets of Gamla Stan. Experience the beauty of the Northern Lights in Abisko, indulge in outdoor adventures in the Lapland region, or relax in the serene beauty of the Archipelago. Thrillophilia's Sweden Group Tours cater to diverse interests, whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, or an adventure seeker. 

Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delectable meals, and activities, in our all-inclusive travel itinerary with 24/7 assistance. Relax and let Trillophilia's Sweden group tours create the perfect tour in this Nordic country's rich culture and diversity.

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How To Reach Sweden

By Air: Air travel is the most suitable means of transportation for traveling to Sweden from India. Thrillophilia's Sweden group tour packages are thoughtfully crafted to fit your flight timings and include smooth airport transfers to your destinations. There are several connecting flights from India to Sweden. You can catch these flights from major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The average flight time is 15-24+ hours, considering the layover flights. Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Emirates, and Air Serbia are some of the primary services maintaining a connecting route from major Indian airports to those of Sweden.

Best Time to Visit Sweden Group Trip:

Sweden is a year-round destination with each season offering unique experiences.

1. Peak Season (June-August): Discover Sweden's peak charm characterized by extended daylight and warm temperatures. This season is ideal for exploring islands, lakes, and coastal villages while indulging in delectable seafood. In the north, experience the midnight sun and engage in traditional crayfish parties, known as kräftskiva, from August to mid-September.

2. Shoulder Season (May, September-October): Sweden's shoulder season offers a delightful time for exploration. Enjoy mild weather and extended sunlight hours. This season is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, or city exploration. The warm season extends from May to September, providing a calm atmosphere with pleasant weather and ample daylight.

3. Waning Season (November-April): Embrace Sweden's beautiful winter months during the waning season. Cold temperatures and snow create a magical landscape, perfect for experiencing the Northern Lights and immersing in Sami culture. For the best aurora borealis sightings, plan your visit between September and mid-March or from November to February in Lapland. January and February offer unique experiences like wolf tracking, northern lights, and Sami festivals in the north, while the southern regions invite you to skate on frozen lakes.

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Sweden Group Tours Packages

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Sweden Group Tours FAQs

How much does a group trip to Sweden cost?

The cost of a group trip to Sweden varies based on factors like stay duration, accommodation, activities, and transportation. On average, a 7-day trip for four people can cost around INR 5,00,000), covering transport, accommodation, food, and sightseeing. Explore Thrillophilia's grand Sweden group tours that offer comfortable accommodations, great services, and expert guides. 

How do you plan a Sweden Group trip from India?

When planning a group trip to Sweden from India, consider the best time to visit, visa requirements, suitable activities, and accommodation. Book accommodation in advance, arrange local transportation and ensure all travel documents, including passports and visas, are up to date. For a hassle-free experience, consider booking with Thrillophilia's excellent Sweden Group Tour Packages and get 24/7 travel assistance for a better trip experience.

How many days are enough to explore Sweden?

To thoroughly explore Sweden, a visit of 10 to 14 days is recommended, covering iconic cities like Stockholm, stunning landscapes in Swedish Lapland, and unique cultural experiences. Even a shorter 7 to 10-day visit can provide a good introduction to the country's highlights.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Sweden?

The processing time for a Sweden Schengen visa usually takes approximately 15 calendar days from the date of application. It's important to note that processing times may vary during peak seasons like Easter, summer holidays (July and August), and Christmas. To ensure a smooth application process, applying for the visa at least 6 months before the planned travel date is advisable. Ensuring that all required documents are included in the application helps prevent any delays in processing.

How long do Sweden group tours typically last?

Sweden group tours typically span 10 to 14 days, although Duration may vary based on the group's interests, offering options for comprehensive or more focused experiences. These specific tour periods cover major cities, the enchanting Swedish Lapland, and cultural hotspots like Uppsala and Gothenburg. The duration allows for an in-depth exploration of natural attractions, offering a well-rounded experience. Tailored to group interests, tours provide flexibility, catering to those seeking comprehensive or more focused cultural and scenic experiences.

Why is Sweden famous?

Sweden is famous for its rich history, stunning landscapes, iconic cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, beautiful archipelagos, and the Northern Lights. Renowned for contributions to design, music, and technology, Sweden's commitment to sustainability and innovation, high quality of life, and progressive social policies have also gained international recognition.

Sweden Group Tours Reviews

Sumit Goswami
Reviewed: 06 Mar 2024
our trip was perfect for our dual interests! We loved the historical day trip to Tallinn and the cultural experiences like the Husky and Reindeer farm visit. Nature lovers like us were blown away by the Korouoma Canyon and the Icebreaker Cruise. The variety of hotels, from deluxe to super deluxe,... Read More
Anila Talwar
Reviewed: 06 Mar 2024
Our15-Day Finland tour was incredible! Everything from the airport transfers to the hotel stays was perfectly organized. We visited so many amazing places, from the bustling Helsinki to the magical Rovaniemi. The shared activities like the Northern Lights tour and the Santa Claus Village visit were ... Read More
Aubree Mccoy
Reviewed: 27 Feb 2024
This 15-day Finland tour was a whirlwind of amazing experiences! From exploring Helsinki's vibrant city life to witnessing the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi, it had it all. The shared activities were well-organized, and the free time allowed us to explore at our own pace. The variety of hotels ens... Read More
Saumil Vass
Reviewed: 27 Feb 2024
The shared tours like the Lapland Northern Lights experience and the Snowmobile ride were thrilling. We also had plenty of free time to relax at our super deluxe hotels and enjoy the included breakfasts. The transfers between cities were smooth and efficient. A great way to see the best of Finlan... Read More
Mayoor Pothuvaal
Reviewed: 13 Feb 2024
We wanted to see a different side of Finland, and Thrillophilia's tour was delivered! 🇫🇮 Staying at the unique Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort was a highlight. ❄️ The included activity of ice floating on the Icebreaker Cruise was an unforgettable experience. 🚢 We also enjoyed exploring lesser-known t... Read More
Jery Felix
Reviewed: 08 Feb 2024
Our Honeymoon Package was like a fairytale! We started with a magical reindeer ride through the snowy landscape, feeling like Santa's helpers. Then, witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights from our cozy hotel room was unforgettable. Exploring the charming city streets and indulging in delicio... Read More

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