Jokkmokk Overview
Located right next to the northern boundary of the polar circle, Jokkmokk offers an unforgettable experience to tourists. It's the cultural center of Lapland and is one of the main areas to visit in the Scandinavian zone of northern Europe.

It's a Sami town, and hence, no other place will be as good as the Jokkmokk to learn more about these reindeer herders. The annual winter market is the meeting place of the Sami people, and hence, attending this event is a must during your visit to Lapland. Folk tales, traditional Sami games, and reindeer races are some of the notable activities during the annual market,

 Lapland, Sweden

Best time:
 November to March, winter season

 Sami handicraft items, reindeer husbandry college, Sami cultural museum, four national parks of the Laponia World Heritage site.
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