The Rock Of Cashel Overview
The Rock of Cashel is the most visited place in Ireland, which was even visited by Queen Elizabeth in the year 2011. The castle perches upon a limestone rock formed in the Golden Vale. This imposing structure oozing a Gothic mystery was the seat where ancient Irish Kings used to sit for more than seven centuries.

Moreover, the place falls among the finest medieval architecture, containing a castle, high cross, a round tower, Romanesque Chapel, and a gothic cathedral. Apart from this, there are beautifully terrifying graveyards of Celtic Stones for giving you a spine-chilling experience. Also, don't forget to witness the sweeping views of the jaw-dropping Munster backcountry.

Further, you will also find the restored hall of the Vicars Choral among the famous structures, where you get to enjoy the exhibition and audio-visual show. There are plenty of sites to give you a soul-stirring experience, so do not miss it for anything.

Location: Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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