Downhill Beach Overview
Downhill Beach is another amazing place to visit in Ireland. It is a part of the land that stretches to about 11km and 7 miles, crowded by millions of people worldwide each year. Moreover, it offers its tourists exciting water sport activities, scenic walks, and facilities perfect for a family day out.

This beach is also a hotspot because it was used in shooting a part of Game of Thrones where the Seven Idols of Westeros were burned. It is also an interesting thing to know that the beach has won the prestigious blue flag award. Moreover, it has plenty of sightseeing views like the towering sand dunes, the cascading waterfalls, or the prominent Mussenden Temple, the most photogenic building of Northern Island.

Plus, the temple offers some awe-inspiring views of the North coast, Scottish Isles, and Donegal. Just beside the beach, you will find a beautiful town called Castlerock which has some amazing accommodation, restaurants, pubs and a transport system.

Location: Downhill Strand, Londonderry, Ireland
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