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The capital city of Germany, Berlin is the largest city in the country. It is also a complex hub of media, politics, science and culture. Acclaimed for its cultural elegance, Berlin is also a home to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Berlin Opera. The diverse art scene of the city features several hundreds of museums, galleries, and events in addition to those encompassing the Museum Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and indeed a phenomenal tourist attraction of the city. 

First recognized in the early 13th century, Berlin only became the capital of the German Empire in the year 1871. Despite the destruction and devastation faced by the country in the World War II which was further followed by the decades of decay on the East of the infamous Berlin Wall, the city was rebuilt. Today it stands tall as a testament to the country’s cultural importance and economic development. Berlin brings forth an eclectic mix of classic and new architecture, world class shopping scene, dynamic entertainment, humongous cultural institutions as well as well as a wide array of a sports complex. Together, these have very well attributed to the alarming popularity of Berlin, making it a phenomenal holiday destination.


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Berlin Top Attractions

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  1. Travel Advice

    ·         There are certain local rules and traditions applicable in every country, make sure you adhere to it.

    ·         Do not indulge in any fight or brawl with any individual.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables in a public space.

    ·         Make sure you are always alert and active.

    ·         Gather enough information about every destination you are traveling to.

    ·         Avoid undertaking a hike to an unknown destination.

    ·         Do not leave your valuables or cash in the hotel room.

    ·         Keep away from the touts.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any forms.

    ·         If you come across any foreigner in torn clothes or anyone who seems suspicious to you, make sure you avoid eye contact and try and get away from that situation.

    ·         In case ever need any help, be gentle and seek help from the locals.

    ·         To better interact with the locals, it is important for you to learn few words from the local language. 

    ·         Always take a room in the hotel that is known and famous.

    ·         Make sure your hotel is not located in any shady area.

    ·         Do not click pictures in an area that forbids you from taking pictures.

    ·         Do not film or shoot any area without legal permissions from the authority. 

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Berlin is 16 years. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    The Brandenburg Gate

    The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic landmark of Berlin which was built as an answer to the Paris’s Arc de Triomphe. It was built in the year 1791 by King Frederick Wilhelm. Located in the Pariser Platz of the Mitte district, it is a 26 meter high sandstone monument. Being the debut Neo Classical structure of Berlin, The Brandenburg Gate is distinguished for its six large columns on the either side that forms 5 passages for the flow of traffic, four-horse chariot as well as the two buildings that are used by the guards and the toll collectors. This tourist attraction continues to hold symbolic significance and has welcomed several renowned visitors on annual basis. Some of the noted personalities who have graced The Brandenburg Gate include Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

    Museum Island

    Situated amidst the Kupfergraben and the River Spree, lie the Museum Island. It is a 400 meter canal and is a quintessential part of the Old Berlin for you to explore. Here you can explore a number of important and even the oldest museums of the city. One significant attraction here is the Old Museum that is also known as the Altes Museum. Constructed in the year 1830, the museum is a house to a variety of royal treasures including the Crown Jewels. Post that, development grew significantly. In the year 1855, New Museum came in existence followed by National Gallery in 1876 and Bode Museum in 1904. Together all of these consist of the finest collection of the Berlin’s relics and ruins. In case you are restricted by time and cannot visit all museum, make sure you at least visit the Pergamon. Another place to see for the history buffs is the Old National Gallery which consist of a fine collection of the 19th century paintings.

    The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

    Berlin Wall has a history that goes back to the 1960s when the Eastern Germany shut down the eastern end of the city to stem the swamp of refugees from East to West.  The wall was torn down in the year 1989. By that time, the wall spread over 155 km, comprised of 57 bunkers and 293 observation towers. Overall, the four meter high wall dissected 55 streets.

    Today, only small stretches of this graffiti-covered travesty are in existence. It also has a 1.4 km stretch which is indeed a vital part of the Berlin Wall Memorial which gives a chilling reminder of the antipathy which once led to the division of Europe. Significant highlight here includes the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum which has exhibits relating to one and a half million people who passed via Berlin as refugees. Another point of interest is the Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie.  

    Charlottenburg Palace and Park

    Charlottenburg Palace is the largest and the oldest Prussian estate. Built in the 17th century, for decades at length, the palace has been one of the most quintessential place of residence for the royal family of Germany. Very beautifully restored, the Charlottenburg Palace boasts of a variety of significant features right from its Orangery that was added in the year 1712 to the 50-meter-high central dome. When you visit the palace on a tour program make sure you do visit the New Wing with its exquisite Banqueting Halls and State Apartments. Constructed in the year 1746, visitors coming to the place can get a glimpse of the splendour in which the Electors and the Prussian Kings resided. Palace Park is one must see tourist attraction which has been around since 1697.

    Unter den Linden

    The most renowned street of Berlin, Unter den Linden is indeed one of the best places to see here. Literally translated to the, ‘Under the Lime Trees Avenue,’ the street stretches to over 1400 meters and has been a draw for both tourists and locals. Unter den Linden connects Pariser Platz to Lustgarten. Some of the significant highlights here include the Opera House, the Arsenal, St. Hedwig's Cathedral and the Gendarmenmarkt.

    The Gendarmenmarkt

    One of the largest square of the Berlin is the the Gendarmenmarkt. It is dominated by the three huge historic buildings – the French Cathedral, Konzerthaus and the Berlin Cathedral. Together these buildings form one of the most serene corners of the city. The place remains one of the top attractions of Berlin. If you wish to visit the Gendarmenmarkt, make sure you try and coincide your visit with the most popular Christmas Market. Another important square is the Alexanderplatz which is a hub of East Berlin life. It is also a home to the World Time Clock that is a prominent meeting spot. Located in proximity to the Television Tower, you can get panoramic views of the city from here.

    Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

    Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is today one of the most frequented landmarks of Berlin. It is in may ways two churches – one is the ruins of the original church with includes the major part of the 63-meter-high tower and the one next to it is the ultra modern new church that was designed in the year 1961. The construction of the church was completed in the year 1895 however the original church was destroyed in the year 1943 however the remains of it were incorporated into a new complex. As a result of all this destruction and reconstruction, what you see is a landmark which serves as a war memorial that has a huge memorial hall that features architectural remnants, mosaic remains as well as photos. To better explore this church, you can take up guided tours to the Church.

    Berlin Cathedral Church

    The Berlin Cathedral Church is largely known for its 75 meter high church with an old dome that has been around since 1532. Construction of the church was completed in the year 1905. Built in the New Baroque architecture, the Berlin Cathedral Church is also the largest church of Berlin. The church is divided into three key sections - the Baptismal, the Parish Church and the Nuptial Church. You will have to climb 270 steps to reach to the dome. From top of the dome who can get panoramic views of the Museum Island.
  4. What you will like there?

    Berlin Zoo

    Berlin Zoo is one of the largest zoos of the world. It is indeed a great place to see in Berlin. Suitable for people of all age groups, the zoo was first opened in the year 1844. At present, the zoo is a home to over 15,000 animals such as gorillas, elephants, panda bears, wolves and lions. Here the famous ‘Elephant’ and ‘Lion’ are the key landmarks. This zoo also boasts of a revered children’s zoo.


    Tiergarten is a beautiful one square mile park. It is the largest park of Berlin and is located in proximity to the Berlin Zoo. The park was once a prominent hunting ground for the Brandenburg’s electors. It is now brimming with enchanting scenes and is open for public viewing. Other significant attractions which are located close to the Tergarten include the Victory Column, Bellevue Palace and the House of World Cultures.

    The Holocaust Memorial

    Over 6000 Jews lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis. This Holocaust Memorial features a vast array of unmarked stone slabs. The placement here indicates a sense of disorientation and instability. You can visit Holocaust Memorial at any time of the day or even night since it lies near the Brandenburg Gate.


    Philharmonie is one of the finest orchestras of the world. The Berliner Philharmoniker lures music lovers from near and far. It is advisable for you to procure the tickets during your stay in Berlin and make it a point to plan an evening trip to view a fine musical performance here. The orchestra here has a history which goes back to 120 years. It is led by legends such as Edvard Grieg, Peter Tchaikovsky and Richard Strauss. Attending a performance here is indeed one of the most important thing to do during your visit to Berlin.

    The Monuments

    Berlin is a home to a couple of important monuments and landmarks that should never be missed out on your visit to the city. One of the most significant must see attraction of the city is the Brandenburg Gate which is over 3 centuries old. Other remarkable attractions include the the Palace Bridge and its statues, Statue of Frederick the Great and Monument to Soviet Soldiers.


    Wish to spend a day shopping? Time to head to the Kurfurstendamm. You can experience a boulevard of restaurants, shops and boutiques here. It is also a great place for you to relish on a glass of German beer in any of the outdoor cafes located here. This is also a great place to meet locals and enjoy.


    Berlin has always been known for its captivating nightlife. It has a vast array of concert halls, clubs, bars and lounges for just about every type of party animal from around the world. The city is always bustling with new, modern and contemporary nightclubs for you to visit.


    One of the best day trip from Berlin would mean a trip to Potsdam. It is a home to magnificent Sanssouci Palace along with a variety of other historical buildings. Major part of the Potsdam was destroyed in the 1945 however the Sanssouci Park’s palaces survived. Anyone who is interested in the history of Germany, must definitely plan a visit to this magnificent tourist destination.

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