Newgrange Overview
Newgrange is older than Mycenae, Stonehenge, or even the Egyptian Pyramids and comes under one of the great wonders of ancient times. It comes under one of the famous passage-tombs of Europe and has evoked laymen and archaeologists' phenomena alike.

As soon as you enter the tomb, you will find its entrance made from the famous stone containing megalithic art. Moreover, tourists also get to witness the triple spiral, which occurs both in the entry and inside the chambers. Inside, you will find a long passage of 20m leading to a burial ground's cruciform chamber.

Moreover, on top, it is roofed by a corbelled structure rising upward to a height of about 20 feet. However, remember to book these in advance; otherwise, they might get sold out. Apart from this, a BrunaBoinne Visitor center was also constructed in the year 1997 to depict Boyne Valley's archaeological heritage, so make sure to explore it.
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