Best Water Parks in Germany

Explore the best water parks in Germany with Thrillophilia’s curated tour packages. From thrilling slides to lazy rivers, these parks provide perfect spots to cool off and have fun. You will find a variety of water parks across the country, each with its unique features and attractions. Notable among these are Therme Erding, boasting the world's largest spa complex, and Tropical Islands, home to the world's biggest indoor rainforest.

As part of your Europe trip packages, include a visit to Badeparadies Schwarzwald lures, famous for its luxurious palm and wellness oasis. Rulantica, part of the Europa Park resort, offers Nordic-themed water adventures. For a more tropical flair, visit the Subtropisches Badeparadies on the island of Wolin. Aqualand in Cologne features exhilarating water slides and a health club. Families and health enthusiasts will enjoy Laguna Badeland with its varied saunas and pools. Sylter Welle on the island of Sylt combines seawater pools with a stunning view of the North Sea. On the other hand, Meerwasser-Erlebnisbad in TöwerVital offers a therapeutic experience with its iodine-rich saltwater.

Exploring Germany’s water parks, from the expansive Europa aquapark to the intimate settings of smaller parks, guarantees a splash-filled adventure. Whether you seek relaxation or adrenaline, the water parks around the country cater to every preference, making them must-visit destinations on your travel list.

Here are some of the best water parks in Germany:

1. Badeparadies Schwarzwald:

One of the most popular water parks in Germany, Badeparadies Schwarzwald is located in Titisee-Neustadt. This paradise features a sprawling wellness area with palm trees and a unique galaxy-themed zone. It boasts 23 thrilling slides, including the gigantic 'Galaxy Black Hole'. The Palm Oasis here is known for its heated outdoor pools and luxurious sauna. On the other hand, the Wellness Oasis offers massage services. The park’s highlights include a wave pool as well, which brings the beach vibes to the Black Forest.

2. Therme Erding:

Therme Erding, near Munich, is one of the best water parks in Germany. It hosts the world's largest thermal spring under a retractable roof. Highlights here include the Magic Eye, a 360-meter-long slide, and VitalOase, exclusive for adults. The park also boasts 27 slides, a wave pool, a spa area and a unique VR slide experience, blending technology with thrills. It is the perfect place for family fun and wellness retreats.

3. Rulantica:

As one of the newer Germany water parks, Rulantica offers a Norse mythology-themed adventure next to Europa Park in Rust. It is spread across 32,600 square metres and features 27 exhilarating water slides, a wave pool, and the lazy Hyggedal River. The indoor setting ensures year-round enjoyment with attractions like the Tidal Basin. There is also an outdoor area with sunning islands and cabanas and features like the self-service Skog Café and the Snorri Snorkelling VR.

4. Tropical Islands:

Located inside a former airship hangar in Krausnick, Tropical Islands ranks among the biggest water parks in Germany. It houses the world's largest indoor rainforest, a tropical sea, a beach, a Balinese lagoon, and numerous water slides. It is also home to the highest water slide tower in the country. The park ensures a unique experience with overnight stays in themed accommodations, ranging from tents to comfortable rooms.

5. Europa Aquapark:

This expansive water park is part of the Europa Park in Rust. It is known as one of the best water parks in Germany for its elaborate themed settings and rides. It includes the Outdoor Water World and Adventure Pool with slides and a lazy river. Other popular attractions in this water park are the Poseidon water coaster, as well as a Greek-themed water area. There are also other slides here, which cater to thrill-seekers and families alike, ensuring a great time. 

6. Aqualand:

Located in Cologne, Aqualand is celebrated for its extensive range of slides. It is also home to eight different saunas, which sets it apart from other Germany water parks. Popular rides here are the adrenaline-pumping Boomerango and Space Bowl. The park also features specialized wellness facilities with offerings like AquaFit programs and moonlight swimming. Aqualand is a great attraction for families, providing a mix of fun and relaxation. 

7. Subtropisches Badeparadies:

In the heart of the Black Forest, Subtropisches Badeparadies offers tropical warmth and multiple water-based attractions. Complete with indoor palm trees and water features, it is one of the most popular water parks in Germany. Here, you can find 23 action slides, a wave pool and an adventure pool, perfect for families. Its wellness area includes various sauna experiences, complemented by spa treatments that cater to relaxation and health.

8. Laguna Badeland:

Situated in Weil am Rhein, Laguna Badeland is one of the best water parks in Germany for a family outing. It offers diverse attractions, including a sports pool and an adventure pool with a unique Black Hole slide. The park also boasts an Olympic-size pool, and a spa area with several saunas, steam baths and solariums. You can also find a diving pool with platforms here, making this park ideal for both active swimmers and relaxation seekers.

9. Sylter Welle:

Located on the island of Sylt, Sylter Welle utilizes naturally heated sea water to fill its pools, offering therapeutic benefits. It is considered to be one of the most unique water parks in Germany, combining seawater treatments with exhilarating slides and pools. It also offers the health benefits of thalassotherapy in its design. This water park in Germany features a wave pool, various slides, and a wellness centre with sea-view saunas. The highlight is the 'Sylt Therme', a spa complex offering thalasso therapy treatments unique to the North Sea climate.

10. Meerwasser-Erlebnisbad im TöwerVital:

On the North Sea island of Juist, Meerwasser-Erlebnisbad auf TöwerVital stands out as one of the best water parks in Germany for its ocean water use. It features a saltwater pool, various saunas, and wellness offerings that leverage the therapeutic properties of seawater. The park is also renowned for its focus on sustainability, using solar energy to heat its pools. It is an ideal spot for health-conscious visitors looking to rejuvenate.

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Germany Water Parks FAQs

What is the biggest waterpark in Germany?

The biggest water park in Germany is the Tropical Islands. Situated in Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg, it covers 66,000 square meters, making it one of the largest indoor water parks globally. Tropical Islands offers a unique experience with its expansive tropical sea, various water slides, and all-day availability of the pool area. It is located in a former airship hangar, which is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide, and 107 meters high.

How big is Europa Aquapark Germany?

Europa Aquapark, one of the largest water parks in Germany, spans 32,600 square meters. Located within the Europa-Park resort in the scenic Black Forest, it features a Nordic theme with 25 aquatic attractions, including 17 thrilling slides. This park offers a year-round water adventure experience, making it a major draw for visitors seeking fun and relaxation.

What is the most visited water park in Germany?

The most visited water park in Germany is Therme Erding, near Munich. This extensive water park is renowned for being the largest thermal bath complex in Europe. It is home to a variety of slides, saunas, and thermal pools. It attracts over 1.8 million visitors each year, offering a comprehensive aquatic experience for all ages.

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