Skagen Overview
Nestled on the eastern coast of the Skagen Odde peninsula, Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost city. One of the most significant destinations in Denmark’s Jutland, Skagen serves as the country’s main fishing port.

Although the settlement initially began as a fishing village in the Middle Ages, the surreal beauty of Skagen soon turned it into one of the most valued tourist places in Denmark. The seascapes at the town, coupled with its charming villages and hushed light, has attracted travellers throughout time, even making the landscape here a popular subject among Impressionist painters of the previous century.

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Skagen would be to take a trip to Grenen, the northernmost tip of Denmark. Marking the confluence of the two seas Skagerrak and the Kattegat, the coast of Grenen is marked by stunning sand formations and multi-hued waves in shades of green and blue.

A number of offbeat attractions litter the town as well, such as the 19th century Det Gra Fyr Lighthouse, the 17th century light bascule of Vippefyret, or even the spectacular sand covered Church located just south-west of the town.

While in Skagen, do not hesitate to take a hike across the Rabjerg Mile, which is Denmark’s biggest shifting sand dune. The spectacular lunar landscape of the barren area will leave you breathless, as will the view from the top of the dunes after the hike. Tourists may also choose to take a dip in the shallow waters of Grenen. You may also choose to take a tour of the Skagen Museum, home to some of the best artwork by Impressionist painters working on Skagen.

Skagen enjoys a cool climate throughout the year. Winters in the town are generally extremely cold, long and windy, while summers remain cool and pleasant, with some wind.
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