Ukraine Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe that borders Russia from the East and North Eastern side. Ukraine happens to be the centre for culture, education, scientific and industrial development in the Eastern Europe. Heading over to this beautiful country, you will come across some of the spectacular cityscapes including high rise buildings, age old heritage monuments, and some of the scenic natural landscapes.  

Ukraine is surely one of the dream come true places for any antiquity and nature lover. The country flaunts its beautiful architectural marvels, heritage cathedrals, lush green forest covers, and a pristine coastline of Black Sea. Apart from all these, Ukraine is very much popular for its delicious food trails and amazing native culture that would surely make you fall for it. 

While you are in Ukraine, you can choose to spend enticing hours at Saint Sophia Cathedral, indulge in exploring the thrilling Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut, and enjoy a party in Odessa. You can also witness the vibrant Multimedia Fountain Park, head out on a trip to historical Lviv Arsenal, relish the breathtaking beauty of Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle. While you can embrace your love at the Tunnel Of Love, you  can also choose to head out on an unusual excursion to Abandoned City Of Pripyat. 

With the exception of Crimea's southern coast, which has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, Ukraine has a largely moderate climate. The nation has plenty of sunshine and rain all year, with the latter being particularly heavy in the summer (May to August).

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People Also Ask About Ukraine

  1. Which are the must Attractions to visit in Ukraine?

    1. St. Sophia's Cathedral: This settlement on the banks of the Umanka River in central Ukraine provides a relaxing stopover between the major towns of Odessa and Kiev. Uman was erected as a stronghold against Tatar incursions and was first documented in 1616, while it was under Polish administration. It has subsequently been occupied several times.
    It is most known for the disastrous Haydamak rebellions of the 1700s, but it is also a renowned Hasidic pilgrimage place. Uman's landmarks are tourist-friendly, so you'll have no trouble making your way about this laid-back town. Visit Rabbi Nachman Sofiyivka Park's grave, the town center's obelisk, the Pearl of Love fountain display, or browse the dailies.
    Location: Volodymyrska St, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

    2. Rakhiv: 
    While its self-proclaimed designation of "geographical centre of Europe" may not be accurate, Rakhiv is unquestionably Ukraine's tallest city. This mountain village, nestled in the beautiful Carpathian woods of western Ukraine, is the ideal playground for nature lovers and hikers.
    Rakhiv has stunning scenery, including breathtaking slopes and swinging footbridges crossing across the flowing Tysa River, making it ideal for adventurers wishing to explore the southern Carpathians. There isn't much going on here, but that is part of Rakhiv's attraction. Swap the bustle of the city for the peacefulness of the outdoors by visiting the beautiful Dilove town in the foothills.
    Location: Zakarpattia Oblast, Western Ukraine

    3. Chernihiv: 
    Chernihiv is one of Ukraine's oldest cities. The Rus'-Byzantine Treaty between Prince Oleh and Byzantium initially mentions it in 907, although the exact date of foundation is unknown. Chernihiv was regarded as the second most significant Ukrainian centre after Kiev in this pact.
    Chernihiv is the administrative seat of the Chernihiv Oblast province, located on the banks of the Desna River in northern Ukraine. Catherine's Church, with its golden cupolas, and the 11th century five-domed Transfiguration Cathedral are two examples of exquisite mediaeval architecture.
    Location: Northern Ukraine

    4. Bukovel: 
    Bukovel is Ukraine's largest skiing destination and an attractive wintertime vacation. It is, in reality, Eastern Europe's largest ski resort! The views from this premium alpine ski resort, which is surrounded by three mountains, including the highest peaks of the Carpathians, are just breathtaking.
    Bukovel, located high on the western Ukrainian mountains, delivers a tonne of pleasure for all ages. With almost 50 kilometres of groomed pistes and playgrounds, it serves all ability levels. When you're not out testing the powder, visit the snow park, cycling park, or ski school to learn some new techniques. The ideal months to visit Bukovel for skiing are December through April, however January has the most snowfall.
    Location: Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine

    5. Chernivtsi: 
    Chernivtsi is located in western Ukraine at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Because it was originally part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city is affectionately known as "Little Vienna," and its architecture is comparable to that of the Austrian capital. But the city is more than simply a gorgeous face; it is also historically and culturally significant.
    Chernivtsi, according to archaeological discoveries, stretches back to the Neolithic age. During the Principality of Halych's reign, a fortified city stood on the north-eastern seashore. It was dubbed the 'Black City' due to the black hue of the city walls, and it was substantially devastated during the Mongol invasion. 
    Location: Western Ukraine

    6. Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress: 
    The Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress is the most notable attraction of Kamianets-Podilskyi, which is located in western Ukraine. It is, in fact, one of the major reasons visitors come to this fairy-tale city. The stronghold, which towers over the Smotrycz River, is incredibly spectacular — it's certainly one of Eastern Europe's most gorgeous fortifications! The city, however, is more than simply the citadel. Explore the well-preserved mediaeval Old Town's cobblestone lanes, dotted with charming pastel-colored buildings, and marvel at the wonderful street art that chronicles the city's storey.
    Location: Zamkowa St, 1, Kamianets'-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine, 32341

    7. Odessa: 
    Odessa, in southwestern Ukraine, has an intriguing history, which is told via its numerous great museums. It was first occupied by the Greeks, then the Ottomans, and ultimately the Russians. Odessa is now a contemporary city with beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, charming people-watching cafés, and beautiful beaches. It is known as the 'Pearl of the Black Sea,' because of its location on the Black Sea's northwestern shore. In Arcadia, Odessa has a lively nightlife culture, with nightclubs equal to those in Ibiza, amazing shopping, and magnificent vineyards. When you put it all together, you have the ideal summer vacation spot — without the hordes of foreign tourists.

    8. Chernobyl: 
    Chernobyl promises to be a grim exploration for history buffs. It was the location of the notorious nuclear tragedy in 1986, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. The Chernobyl exclusion zone, which is today an eerie ghost town in northern Kiev Oblast and was recently revisited in an HBO documentary, is likely becoming a big tourist destination.
    Make a point of being there as quickly as possible! You'll be able to see the devastation firsthand within Chernobyl, including damaged buildings and abandoned belongings of individuals who had to flee for their life.
    Location: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

    9. Lviv: 
    Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine, and it has a fascinating historic core. The capital, which was founded in 1240 and named after Leo, the King of Ruthenia's oldest son, changed hands multiple times between the Poles and the Russians until becoming independent in 1991.
    Lviv is jam-packed with monuments, museums, and historic buildings, many of which include archaeological finds going back to the 5th century. Lviv, known as one of Ukraine's most prominent cultural centres, is home to a plethora of art galleries, including the Lviv National Art Gallery, which has over 50,000 works of art. There are plenty of options for a cultural day out, ranging from opera to ballet.

    10. Kiev: 
    The capital of Ukraine, located in north-central Ukraine, is without a doubt the most popular tourist attraction. This European city delivers a punch with impressive Soviet grandeur, castles, golden-domed cathedrals, and attractive streets. Plus, it's still relatively undiscovered, so there aren't many tourist traps here! Kiev is one of Eastern Europe's oldest cities, dating back to 482 AD. It is now unmistakably Ukrainian, having been occupied by both Russians and Germans. In reality, Kiev had a significant role in the formation of both mediaeval East Slavic civilisation and the modern Ukrainian people.

  2. Which are the famous things to do in Ukraine?

    1. Visiting the ghost town of Chernobyl: If you are someone who is familiar with the term Dark Tourism, then you already know that Chernobyl has recently been added to the list. A place which marked its place in history for its dark past and tragedy, Chernobyl is now declared safe for guided tours and sightseeing trips.
    The experience that these tours and trips provide tourists, will definitely stay with them for ages. Tourists are taken through different buildings and places in the town to show them the impact of the blast and they are also given a digital recording and footage for better understanding. 
    Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine

    2. Eat a Delectable Borscht: The best way to understand any culture is through its cuisine and local food. The Traditional Ukraine Borscht is a delectable soup of various vegetables and beetroot. The traditional Borscht has earthy flavours, with a sweet and bit of tangy taste. The soup is served both cold and hot, and can be easily found in local restaurants with original recipes inspiring many new versions. Tsarske Selo is one of the places where you can enjoy an amazing Borscht. 
    Location: Kiev, Ukraine 

    3. Running through a Sunflower Field: As the world's second largest producer of sunflower oil, Ukraine has vast lands covered with Sunflower fields that will definitely take your breath away. Tourists are enchanted by the enormous flowers that are usually spread in acres and vary in size as well as colors. These gorgeous fields are somewhat magical and will definitely make a great place for those Instagram worth picture backdrops. Just make sure you do not get lost in these giant flower fields, as you explore the natural landscapes of Ukraine. 
    Location: Spread along the countryside in Ukraine

    4. Trolley Ride over Dnieper River in Kiev: Stretch across the river Dnieper, a 532 meter long trolley is one of the most amazing adventure activities that brave travelers can indulge in while in Ukraine. The entire trolley ride takes approximately 40 seconds, and will take you from the city side to Trukhaniv Island.
    Giving you the perfect view of Kiev, this is an amazing experience for thrill seekers visiting Ukraine. The river bank is a beautiful spot from where tourists can catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sunsets of their life. 
    Location: The European area, Vladimirsky descent, Kiev, Ukraine

    5. A walk in the Tunnel of Love: Known to be one of the most romantic places in Ukraine, this spot is popular amongst lovers and couples visiting. Situated in the tiny village of Klevan, this green tunnel is believed to have randomly appeared perfectly paved along the green pathway over a railway line in western region. It is believed that a couple that kisses beneath the tunnel and makes a wish, stays together and their relationship is strengthened by this act. 
    Location: Klevan, Rivnens’ka oblast, Ukraine

    6. Spend the perfect time in Odessa: Known amongst the locals as Odessa-mama, the port city of Odessa is a cultural capital for tourists and locals alike. The parties that start in the summer season in its beach clubs, include taking dips in the Black sea, enjoy drinks in the bars and non stop dancing ober upbeat music. Odessa also hosts the International Film Festival every year in the summer season, with various workshops, premieres and red carpet for the celebrities. 
    Location: Odessa, Ukraine

    7. Camping Trip to Carpathian Mountains: These Mountains are a must visit destination and popular in tourist itineraries. The serene atmosphere and green lands spread across the view on a height of 2061 meters, will definitely take your breath away. The highest point of the Carpathian is Mount Hoverla, which is also famous for camping trips and hikes. The wildlife and backdrop in this region is quite identical to the Alps, and visiting these beautiful hills should definitely be on your list of things to do in Ukraine. 
    Location: Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

    8. Visit a Local Market: The local markets in Ukraine are filled with traditional arts, handicrafts and textiles. The most popular among these is the embroidered blouses called vyshyvanka. The blouses adorn colorful patterns and designs on the neckline, sleeves and are favourite of visitors. Another such item is the Russian Dolls, which clearly show the delicate craftsmanship of the artisans who make them. Tourists will also find many beautiful and unique war items in the flea markets all around Ukraine.

  3. Which are the best heritage places to visit in Ukraine?

    1. Kiev’s Saint-Sophia Cathedral: This beautiful cathedral in the city of Kiev is declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in Ukraine. A glimpse of history and a grand structure with classic examples of beauty, the Saint Sophia Cathedral is decorated by Byzantine architecture. The monastic building was recently revived and restored, and is a popular tourist destination. 

    2. Lviv Historic Centre: The charming aesthetic that is created by Lviv, is unique and something you won't easily find anywhere else in Europe. The historic center reflects upon the history and heritage of the country, it's vibrant culture and beauty. Influenced by many architectural styles throughout history, the place has many wonderful statues and monuments that visitors enjoy. 

    3. The Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans: A masterpiece built in the time when the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled the regions of Ukraine. The Residence is today a beautiful example of culture and architecture mixed with religious orthodoxy. The 19th century grand monument is now a part of the Chernivtsi University and is a must visit heritage site for tourists. 

    4. The Ancient Chersonese: The Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese stands in ruins and broken monuments spread across a vast land. Even though there isn't much standing today, the City was once a grand hub for trade and cultural exchange during the 3rd century AD. With such a vibrant history, the city was a wine center and cultural exchange ground for Greek, Roman and Byzantine Empires. 

    5. Carpathian Churches: These Hidden churches in the Carpathian region of Ukraine are rustic beauty and stand tall till date. The structures are built entirely out of wood and hold a very special place in the Orthodox Church.

  4. Which are the famous places to explore nature & wildlife in Ukraine?

    1. Carpathian National Nature Park: One of the largest national parks in Ukraine, the Carpathian National Nature Park is situated near the western border. The meadows and valleys of the area look a lot like that of the Alps, and tourists can spot deers, eagles, owls, foxes and sometimes even a wolf, lynx or bear. 

    2. Holosiivskyi National Nature Park: Situated around the capital, Holosiivskyi National Nature Park is a protected forest. The scenic landscapes of the Nature park are housing many small wildlife animals like shrews, bats, polecats, and otters. Birdwatchers also find plenty and some amazing birds to spot in these areas. 

    3. Podolski Tovtry National Nature Park: Situated in western Ukraine, the Podolski Tovtry National Nature Park is in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. The Nature park is the largest nature reserve in Ukraine, and covers the areas of Bakota Bay, and Lower Smotrycz River among others. Tourists often spot foxes, storks, owls, falcons, and the rare European mink in these regions. 

    4. Shatsky National Natural Park: The house to more than 30 lakes, Shatsky National Nature Park is located in Volyn (northwestern region of Ukraine). Because of the number of lakes, the Nature Park has plenty of freshwater fishes and some mammals thriving on its lands. 

    5. Pryazovskyi National Nature Park: The Pryazovskyi National Nature Park is in southeast Ukraine, situated in Zaporizhzhya. The park is the second largest protected area in the entire country and is home to many unique species of waterfowl. The region also has plenty of river deltas and seaside plains.

  5. Is it expensive to visit Ukraine?

    Ukraine is one of the most affordable countries for travelers in the European continent. Compared to other countries in Europe, the daily expenses for a tourist are way lower here. On an average, tourists should plan to spend approximately $29 per day/ per person. This cost includes food, accomodation and transportation.
  6. Which is the best season to visit Ukraine?

    The best time to visit this European country is in the summer season between the months of May to June or in September. These months have less crowds for sightseeing tours and the weather is very comfortable for anyone visiting from outside. Tourists can also book for packages with Thrillophilia during the spring season as the weather is extremely good, but nights do get chilly.

  7. What is the most visited city in Ukraine?

    Lviv is one of the most tourist oriented cities in Ukraine. It is an old city in the west region of the country, with a mediaeval period architecture heavily influenced by Polish and Austrian style. One of the most beautiful cultural cities in Europe, the scenic landscapes and mesmerizing backdrop of Lviv is straight out of a movie.
  8. Is Ukraine safe for tourists?

    Yes ! Ukraine is safe for tourists who are looking for a beautiful experience, as long as they avoid the eastern parts of the country. The vast lands of Ukraine in the west offer many amazing places, for sightseeing and tourism. These parts are safe for even solo travelers and tourists looking for a dreamy vacation on a budget.
  9. How many days do I need in Ukraine?

    Tourists who are looking for tour packages to Ukraine should keep in mind that a good itinerary for exploring the wonderful cities and landscapes of Ukraine should be at least a week long. Thrillophilia packages for Ukraine can be customised according to the choice of the traveler, and tours range from 3-4 days for a short vacation to almost 14 days for experiencing everything that Ukraine has to offer.
  10. How much does a trip to Ukraine cost?

    On an average a solo traveler can spend somewhere around 15000 INR for a week long trip to Ukraine. The country is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Europe and it's scenic landscapes are worth spending every penny. If a couple is looking for tour packages to Ukraine, the average cost of two people exploring Ukraine for a week is somewhere around 30,000 INR.
  11. How much money should I take to Ukraine?

    The amount of money that you should carry with yourself to Ukraine depends on the number of days in your tour package. On an average, food, accomodation and transportation costs somewhere around 1500 INR/ per day in Ukraine.
  12. What is Ukraine famous for?

    While some people attach Ukraine to its recent tragedies, this Slavic country is known for its beautiful landscape, rich cultural heritage, monuments and buildings, local cuisine and quiet ghost towns that attract thousands of people every year.
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