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Denmark Honeymoon Packages - Browse through a wide range of Denmark honeymoon tour packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Denmark packages for couples with exciting deals & offers.

Begin your journey of love and togetherness with Thrillophilia’s Denmark tour package that offers unlimited adventure and activities. Denmark allures the couples with its vivid art scenes, beautiful vistas, world-class art galleries, museums, and Renaissance castles. Cobblestone streets, majestic castles, and picture-perfect landscapes set the backdrop for a perfect romantic getaway in Denmark.

The Demark honeymoon tour packages take you to the most romantic sites in the country.These tours offer a multitude of experiences to you and your partner - ranging from cultural exploration to shopping, beach hopping, wine tasting, sightseeing and what not. Additionally, couples also have an opportunity to explore the charming maritime villages and towns, have romantic walks on the beaches, and spend some time amidst nature on the rolling slopes of green grass.

Exceptional services, carefully-crafted activities, quality accommodations, guided tours and 24*7 assistance are the hallmarks of Thrillophilia’s specialised honeymoon packages to Denmark. We offer amazing value to your holiday and ensure you have a dreamy honeymoon without overstretching your budget.

So, plan and book our thoughtfully-curated Denmark honeymoon packages now to have an unforgettable romantic vacation in the allure of the Danish landscape.

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Popular Destinations to Visit on Denmark Honeymoon Tour:

1. Copenhagen: When you are in Copenhagen, don’t miss the immersive local culture and splendid nature the city has to offer. Your Denmark honeymoon packages will cover the Tivoli Gardens, The Harbor visit, and a major tourist attraction of The Little Mermaid bronze statue. Erstwhile the Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is now the cultural and financial hub of the island country. So, book Copenhagen tour packages and enjoy your holidays stress free. The coastal city is blessed with colorful beach-side homes and tall ships docked by the quayside, along with pristine castles and medieval churches.

2. Aarhus: Aarhus is a clean and modernized city with exquisite European architecture. It offers a modern, international ambiance and a collection of small villages. The city is blessed with charming restaurants and pub grubs to spend the best dining moments of your life here. The second-largest city has been a trade center for ages and is also known for its vibrant music gatherings. The Denmark honeymoon packages cover the unique architectural visit of the city known for its rich history of Vikings.

3. Odense: Odense is home to fairy tales and also the birthplace of the fairy tale bestseller Hans Christian Andersen. The place offers a plethora of homage sites for the famous author Hans Christian Andersen, making it a top tourist destination in Denmark. The third-biggest city of Denmark is filled with sculptures and statues, offering an eyeful treat for tourists. The tourist list goes long including the old Viking Castle, Funen Village Museum, and the immortal Funen’s Abbey art museum.

4. Helsingør: The port city of Elsinore is best known for its prominence in the Middle ages. For historically inclined people, a short walk through the town is perfect to see vintage timber homes, cozy cafes, and classy boutiques on the cobblestone streets. Don’t miss the colossal Kronborg Castle, a 15th-century structure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its baroque interiors and pristine gardens are an inescapable site along with the beaches. Grab your Denmark honeymoon packages to catch hold of the city.

5. Bornholm: Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Sea best known for its arts and crafts items along with exquisite glass and pottery. It is home to photogenic windmills and many medieval churches. The island displays extravagant scenery, rocky sea cliffs and wild forests to lush valleys and serene beaches. When you are here, don’t miss the medieval fortresses and sun temples belonging to the Neolithic age. Buy your Denmark honeymoon packages now to enjoy a ferry service from Sweden and Denmark to reach Bornholm.

Visa Requirement for Denmark Honeymoon Trip:

Indian citizens need a Denmark Schengen visa before travelling to this country. With a Denmark tourist visa, you can stay in the country for a period of 90 days within 180 days of the visa issue date. A Denmark tourist visa is required for tourists who want to explore the historical sites, cultural attractions, and natural landscapes of the country. For a Denmark short-stay visa, the processing time is around 15 days to one month. You should apply for a Denmark Schengen visa at least 60 days before your travel date so that it gets processed on time. A Danish Schengen Visa fee is around €40 (INR 3658.53) for children who are under the age of 12 and around €80 (INR 7287.91) for adults. 

Best Time For Denmark Honeymoon Tour:

The best time to visit Denmark is all around the year as each season has its own uniqueness and charm. So you can visit Denmark anytime depending on the kind of weather you prefer and the experiences you want to have.

1.Peak Season: July, August and October are the peak seasons with pleasant weather and mild climate. During this time you can enjoy outdoor activities and go sightseeing without worrying about the scorching heat. However, most of the attractions are packed with tourists and the rates of hotels and flights are very high.

2.Shoulder Season: March through September marks the summer season in Denmark with long days and an optimum amount of sunlight. The average temperature ranges from +15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Many festivals and events are held in summer including the Viking Festival and Midsummer's Night.

3.Low Season: December to February sees fewer tourists because of the extremely cold weather. The average temperatures during this period ranges from -5 to +4 °C. A very low amount of snowfall occurs in Denmark in December and January and the sky is covered with dense clouds. The Tivoli Christmas and Jazz Festivals are organized in Denmark during this season.

How to Reach Denmark

By Air: Air transport is the best mode of conveyance while traveling to Denmark from India. There are several direct as well as connecting flights in operation from some major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore to Copenhagen. Several airlines operate on the route between India and Copenhagen and offer direct flights from Delhi. Some of these airlines include Aeroflot Russia, Air India, Air France, and SAS- SAS-Scandinavian.

Direct Flight:

  • To: Copenhagen
  • From: Delhi
  • Airlines – Aeroflot Russia, Air India, Air France, and SAS- SAS-Scandinavian

Places to Visit on Denmark Honeymoon Tour:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Denmark

1.Tivoli Gardens: With the Denmark honeymoon packages, you’ll visit the Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks where couples can enjoy the speedy roller coasters and 4G-force rides. It has beautiful gardens and over seventy restaurants and cafes serving delicious cuisine from around the world. If you and your partner are fans of performing arts you can watch an engaging show at the Chinese theatre. Enjoy the scents of perennials and blossoming summer flowers at the Concert Halls Gardens, or walk hand in hand with your partner at the Pergola Gardens.

2.National Museum of Denmark: If you and your partner want to learn about the roots of Danish heritage then you can visit the National Museum of Denmark. It is Denmark’s largest cultural museum housing a huge collection of objects from Italy, ancient Greece, and Egypt. You can see here everything from the Egtved girl’s grave to Viking treasure, Egyptian mummies, and modern and Renaissance art. The museum also boasts an ethnographic collection, a medal and coin collection, and a toy museum.

3.Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Book the Denmark honeymoon packages and get a chance to visit the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum that celebrates Danish art. The museum boasts an outstanding collection of Roman and ancient Greek marble, French paintings, and Egyptian artifacts. In the courtyard garden area, you can see one hundred and forty-year-old palm trees that were originally grown in Carl Jacobsen’s childhood home. Head to the museum’s rooftop terraces to enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

4.Legoland: Have a day filled with unlimited fun and laughter at Legoland, an amusement park made out of Lego bricks. It has colorful zones where you can create programming robots, non-stop-motion movies, a Duplo area, and twenty-five million Lego bricks to play with. From musical performances to 4D movies couples can immerse themselves in Lego-themed entertainment. Undertake The Lego Factory Tour to learn about the Lego bricks manufacturing process. You can also have a dinner date at world-class restaurants serving all types of cuisines.

5.Rabjerg Mile: Another romantic destination included in the honeymoon packages to Denmark is the Rabjerg Mile, an impressive moving dune situated between the towns of Frederikshavn and Skagen. You can climb up the dunes to soak in the breathtaking views of the changing landscapes. Click romantic photographs with your partner, witness the huge variety of bird species, and appreciate the natural views. You can also enjoy a romantic stroll through Rabjerg Mile’s shifting sand.

6.The Faroe Islands: The Faroe Islands is an archipelago of 18 beautiful remote islands. It operates as an autonomous country under the kingdom of Denmark with its unique blend of culture and language. The six of its main islands are well connected by sea tunnels and bridges, with the rest of them viable to reach by ferry service. Almost all the Denmark honeymoon packages will cover this famous destination. However, make sure to hike your way around to catch glimpses of amazing landscapes here.

7.Funen: Funen is the third-largest island with an area covering 1200 miles. Popularly known as Denmark's Garden Island, it is home to spectacular castles and villas fenced by lush gardens. Discover its hidden corners and experience the abundance of scenic beauties with rich cultural heritage sites. Egeskov Castle is undoubtedly the most visited place of Funen and is the major attraction for tourists. A short walk through the castle will give you a glimpse into the kings’ and queens’ rooms.

8.Skagen: Skagen is Denmark’s prime fishing port, being trendy among visitors and luring countless travelers throughout the year. This panoramic village is full of eyeful seascapes and white sandy beaches to explore. Make sure to try out the herring fishing when you are here. Grenen, the far northern point where the Baltic Sea and the North sea meet is an inevitable visit point for tourists. Book your Denmark Honeymoon packages today to enjoy an exotic blend of wild nature and adventure events.

9.Round Tower: Book the Denmark honeymoon packages to immerse yourself in the cultural richness and architectural splendour of The Round Tower, a seventeenth-century observatory and tower. It is a unique building with a viewing platform from where you can see Copenhagen from every angle. The tower houses the oldest observatory in the country and a grand library hall where exhibitions are held displaying the art, culture, and traditions of the region.

10.Kronborg Castle: One of the most romantic activities included in the Denmark honeymoon packages is exploring the Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the setting for Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet. Have a romantic dance with your partner in Frederik II's ballroom and check out Holger the Dane’s mythical figure in the basement below the castle. You can also enjoy live performances of the greatest plays written by Shakespeare at the castle.

Things to do on Denmark Honeymoon Trip:

Here are some of the best things to do in Denmark

1. Royal Castle tour from Copenhagen: Plan an escape from the city for a day and explore the pristine North Zealand region with no hassle of driving or rushing at all. Grab the comfortable vehicle ride to Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet play, and Frederiksborg Castle. Listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the royal castle displays ornate wood carvings and immersive interiors. Compare the Honeymoon Packages of Denmark to plan your trip accordingly. They offer a pick-up and drop service for all your trips.

2. Visit the northernmost spot of Grenen: Come to Grenen and release yourself with one of the best coastlines in Denmark. Find your ideal place and sit still for hours to witness the meeting of Skagerrak and Kattegat seas. For many of you who don't know, the northernmost point in Denmark is Grenen and is a major tourist destination. Enjoy the comfort of watching resident seals play, and dive in while holding your partner’s hand. Get the honeymoon packages of Denmark and enjoy a picturesque view with your partner.

3. Drive Your Way Across Oresund Bridge: Drive your vehicle along the longest bridge in Europe to catch the sweeping views before entering Sweden. This 8-km long bridge connects Denmark to Sweden and is a major tourist attraction for honeymoon couples across the world. The Oresund Bridge is a combined motorway and railway bridge spanning from the Swedish coast to Denmark’s artificial island in the strait. It is the longest bridge in the whole of Europe offering amazing sights of Sweden and Denmark seas.

4. Visit the Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen: Perhaps the most symbolic site in the whole of Denmark is the statue of the Little Mermaid. The 100+ years old bronze statue is inspired by the story of the Little Mermaid authored by Hans Christian Andersen. The sculpture lives on a seaside rock facing the land where the story is of the mermaid looking for her prince facing the land. Buy the best honeymoon packages of Denmark to reserve your romantic hideout in the Scandinavian country.

5. Sip at the Carlsberg Brewery: Reserve your extra time to sip-sip the best-made beers in the world. The Carlsberg Brewery sits just outside of Copenhagen and is by far the best place to house honeymoon couples. Indulge in the classic tasting sessions to let your sweet emotions out. Buy your Denmark honeymoon packages to visit the Carlsberg brewery - know how a beer is brewed and produced. A history guide will tell you about the very first origins of beers made in Denmark.

6. Explore the beauty of Thy National Park: Savour unique landscapes ranging from dune heaths to lakes, wetlands, and rare bird species by visiting the Thy national park. The small fishing villages by the coastal areas of the park, Hanstholm, Agger, Klitmøller, and Vorupør are ideal for spending the night and enjoying a Thy beer. Take a romantic stroll along the coastal areas of the park and watch the sunset over the dunes and the beach. Find a secluded spot and have an interesting conversation with your partner.

7. Grab a ferry to Bornholm Island: Popularly known as the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’, the island resides in the Baltic Sea. The island is well known for its pristine beaches and parted bicycle paths to cycle your day around. If you want to catch sight of some majestic buildings and ride a high-speed ferry here, then pick the best of options from your Denmark honeymoon packages. You can enjoy the high-speed ferry service from Sweden, Germany, and køge. Don’t miss the exciting night ferry.

8. The Giants of Esbjerg: To be honest, they are not so scary as they sound! The Giants of Esbjerg offer a worthy trip to the West coast of Denmark. Originally placed here in 1995 to guard the coastline, the giant sculptures have been sculpted by the Danish artist Svend Wiig himself. Officially known as ‘Man Meets the Sea’, it signifies the way man and nature coexist on the planet. It is open and free for couples touring under Honeymoon Packages of Denmark for the year.

9.Ice-Skating In Frederiksberg: Glide hand in hand with your partner on the ice and experience winter magic at the ice-skating rink in Frederiksberg. Glide hand in hand with your partner along the frozen rinks and play with snow reminiscing your childhood days. The twinkling fairy lights surrounding the ice rink and music playing in the background create a magical ambience. Next to the ice rink is a cute coffee shop where you can cosy up with your loved one while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

10.Camp Adventure at The Forest Tower: With the Denmark honeymoon packages, you can have a unique nature experience at The Forest Tower, the largest climbing park in the country. Camp Adventure at The Forest Tower is a unique experience wherein couples get a chance to stay in a yurt while enjoying the splendid views of the pine trees and a picturesque lake. You can climb to the top of the Forest Tower and see the Øresund Bridge, parts of the Copenhagen skyline, and the Turning Torso in Malmö.

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Denmark Honeymoon FAQs

How much does a honeymoon in Denmark cost?

Denmark honeymoon packages will cost you around INR 34,000-1,50,000 depending on the duration of the trip, the type of accommodation you have selected, and the season in which you’re planning the tour. If you’re visiting Denmark in the off-season you may get great concessions on hotels and flights.

Is the visa required to visit Denmark for honeymoon?

Yes, visa is required to visit Denmark if you’re a non-Schengen country citizen. The application process and specific requirements for obtaining the Denmark visa may vary depending on your nationality. If you’re a citizen of a Schengen country you may not need a visa for short trips to Denmark.

Do Indians need a visa for Denmark?

Yes, Indians need a visa to enter Denmark. A Denmark Schengen visa is needed by Indian citizens to enter Denmark. A Denmark tourist visa is valid for 90 days and it won’t be valid after this duration. You can apply for a Denmark visa fifteen days before your trip.

How many days are enough for a Denmark honeymoon tour?

Four to five days are enough for a Denmark honeymoon tour as the country is packed with tons of splendid attractions where you can have a romantic retreat. If you want to have an in-depth exploration of the country’s famous sites then you may have to devote more time.

What is the currency of Denmark?

The Danish krone is the currency of Denmark recognized officially by the Danish government. It is denoted as DKK or KR and comes in coin denominations of 50 øre.

Which language is mostly spoken in Denmark?

Danish is the national language of Denmark and a majority of people in the country speak this language. German is the second most widely spoken language in Denmark and English is the most commonly spoken foreign language in the country.

Is Denmark worth visiting for a honeymoon?

Yes, Denmark is one of the best honeymoon destinations dotted with majestic castles, picturesque beaches, numerous galleries and museums, and maritime villages. Beautiful cities such as Odense, Copenhagen, and Nyhavn are the ideal honeymoon destinations where you can experience the best of history, culture, and adventure.

What are the best places to see Northern lights in Denmark?

Here are some best places to see Northern lights in Denmark:

1. Skagen: 
Skagen is one of the best places included in the Denmark honeymoon tour packages to see the northern lights. Its wide-open skies and pollution-free environment make it the ideal spot for viewing the Northern Lights and stargazing.

2. Blokhus: Blokhus is another great destination covered in the honeymoon packages to Denmark to see northern lights due to its clear skies and dark nights. The light pollution is very low here increasing the chances of spotting the northern lights.

3. Bornholm: Bornholm is a beautiful island in the Baltic Sea considered to be the perfect spot to catch the magical phenomenon of aurora borealis. Since it has the darkest nights the chances of witnessing the northern lights are very high.

4. Limfjorden: With the honeymoon packages to Denmark you’ll visit Limfjorden that offers magical views of the northern lights because of its remote location and low pollution level. Surrounded by lakes and deep valleys it offers a mesmerizing backdrop for catching the phenomenon of aurora borealis. 

What are the best things to buy in Denmark?

1. Gnomes: Gnomes symbolize Denmark and are found in nearly every Danish home. You can buy them from any local store to stay protected from evil eyes.

2. Danish Butter Cookies: Danish butter cookies are small pieces of buttery pastries known for their lip-smacking flavours and scrumptious taste. You can even gift them to your relatives and loved ones.

3. Artwork: Another valuable souvenir you can stock up on your Denmark tour is beautiful artwork. From minimalist modern art to traditional Scandinavian folk art and famous posters you can buy a wide variety of artwork.

What are the best things to do in Denmark at night?

1. Movie night out: With the Denmark honeymoon packages, you can go for a movie night out at Vester Vov Vov, Denmark’s oldest cafe cinema. You can see documentaries and niche films and enjoy beverages and drinks in the foyer café. 

2. Go on a canal tour: Get an entirely different view of Copenhagen and its popular attractions by undertaking a canal tour during the wee hours. During the tour, you will get to see famous landmarks such as the Amalienborg Palace, the Nyhavn waterfront, the Little Mermaid statue, and many other old and new attractions.

3. Go on a pub crawl: Get an insight into the exciting nightlife scene of Copenhagen by going on a pub crawl. You can visit Nyhavn, a colorful waterfront district that houses popular bars with the honeymoon packages to Denmark. Soak up the ambiance of this lively district and sample traditional Danish beers.

4. Segway tour: With the Demark honeymoon tour packages you can undertake a Copenhagen segway tour and see the famous attractions of the city in a unique way. The segway will take you through the most iconic locations, such as The Little Mermaid, Royal Palace, Nyhavn, and the Danish Parliament.

What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Denmark honeymoon tour?

1. A Copenhagen Canal Tour: The 60-minute canal tour will take you to the famous Mermaid statue. Don’t miss hearing the Tales and trivia about the city from the English guide.

2. Pub-Grub Copenhagen: Take a guided nightlife tour in Copenhagen to meet local people over free drinks and shots.

3. The Food Tour of Copenhagen: Grab a food tour to taste Danish cuisines in the most desirable restaurants and cafes in the city.

4. Bus Ride in Copenhagen: Hop on and hop off the bus rides in Copenhagen to roam around the beautiful city for 90 minutes.

5. A Surprise Visit to Elephant Rocks: Don’t miss the herd of Elephants look-alike Elephant rocks wallowing in thin waters. The oval boulders immersed in blue-green waters display a beautiful coastline to the eye.

6. Zoo visit at the Aalborg Zoologiske Have: Don’t you want a quick trip to the zoo? Get into the wild nature here in Aalborg to catch glimpses of a variety of wild animals.

7. Take Out Some Beach Time For Yourself: Plan your watery hideout on Kerteminde’s exotic beaches. Enjoy the sounds of gushing waters and serene beaches to dive into the pool of romance with your partner.

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