The Faroe Islands Overview
Another destination you should add to your list of Denmark places to visit is the Faroe Islands. They are the North Atlantic archipelago within the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands spread to the north-northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. The lambs in the wind-blown hills are pure magic in Faroe Island. Tourists come to this place to capture some of the prolific footage of the sheep for Google Street View. The island also offers striking views of the volcanic archipelagos like crashing waves, jagged coastlines, and windswept mountains.

The scenic view of the Mulafossur Waterfall looks like something from a fantasy novel. The waterfall flows from the stone cliffs of Vagar Island to the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the best place for road trips and island-hops that driveway to the sub-sea tunnels cutting through mountains. Thus, it is one of the iconic landscapes in Denmark.


Best Time To Visit:
June to August
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