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Belvedere Palace Tickets highlights

  • Explore the grandeur of Belvedere Palace in Vienna, where Baroque architecture meets art masterpieces in a stunning historic setting.

  • Stroll through the ‘Upper Belvedere’ and see the largest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings in the world including ‘The Kiss’.

  • Visit the ‘Lower Belvedere’, an amazing 18th-century building, and admire the extensive collection of artworks by Austrian artists.

  • Get to know about 900 years of art history as you see 18,600 artworks and exhibits, some even dating back to the Middle Ages.

  • Book Belvedere Palace tickets and explore one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vienna.


Belvedere Palace
Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Wien, Austria

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Belvedere Palace Tickets overview

About Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Belvedere Palace is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and is one of Vienna's most iconic landmarks. It comprises two palaces, Upper and Lower Belvedere which displays a stunning art collection and beautifully landscaped gardens. The ‘Upper Belvedere’ houses the world's largest Gustav Klimt collection, including his famous painting "The Kiss”. Also marvel at various artists' collections like Helene Funke, Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, & Rueland Frueauf the Elder. The ‘Lower Belvedere’ features impressive exhibitions and the lavish staterooms where Prince Eugene of Savoy once resided. Belvedere Palace offers visitors a beautiful blend of art, history, and architectural marvels.

About the Belvedere Palace Tickets:

  • Explore the historic Belvedere Palace in Vienna which currently boasts 18,600 artworks covering 900 years of art history.
  • Learn about Austrian history and culture as you visit the Belvedere Palace, a magnificent architectural masterpiece.
  • Head towards the ‘Upper Belvedere’, home to an extensive collection of world-class art, and see the renowned works by Gustav Klimt, such as "The Kiss”.
  • Be amazed by the captivating works of Austrian artists like Luksch-Makowsky, Vincent van Gogh & Claude Monet and get to know about 900 years of art history.
  • Visit the ‘Lower Belvedere’, a magnificent 18th-century structure, and marvel at the significant works of Western art history.
  • Admire the Palace's exquisite interior & Baroque architecture as you see the lavish decoration and ornate details in various areas.
  • Gain some insights into the rich history of the Belvedere Palace which served as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy and played a significant role in Austrian cultural heritage.
  • Book Belvedere Palace tickets to explore the beautiful Baroque gardens & terraces, and have an amazing time.

How to Reach?

By Car/Cab: The Belvedere Palace is 2.3 km from the Vienna city centre. You can reach the destination via Prinz-Eugen-Street within 10 minutes by car.