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Yelagiri Hills Paragliding

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You might have heard of Yelagiri as a quaint little hill station but what most travelogues fail to mention is that paragliding in Yelagiri is turning out to be quite the rage! You will find that it is a different experience altogether. Paragliding is easier and less scary than skydiving. You are tied to a harness and have to literally fly off a cliff! All the while, a parachute will be attached to you. Unlike skydiving, you will never have any kind of free fall!

A plethora of paragliding tours in Yelagiri is available. Usually, the base for all travelers to Yelagiri is Athanavur. Innumerable people flock down to this quaint hill station for the thrill of adventure. From here they have to travel to the base point of the paragliding tours. Some paragliding packages even include the day and night stay at Athanavur! Your adventure starts the minute you reach the hilltop for the flight!

In Yelagiri, paragliding packages are of two types. One is tandem, and another is hang gliding. You might debate about which one is the safest option, but let us assure you that both are equally safe because in both cases, it is required, rather it is mandatory that you be accompanied by trained and expert pilots because otherwise, an accident is a common consequence. The advantage of having these experts with you is that they will be able to guide both you and the suite according to the wind and its direction. Below we have answered a few common questions so that we can drive away all your doubts!
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Yelagiri Paragliding FAQs

Where can I go paragliding in Yelagiri?

1. Ramakrishna Mutt: Enjoy paragliding in Yelagiri starting from Ramakrishna Mutt. This is the place which holds the annual paragliding festival which is participated by people from all over the country. Start early in the morning and embark on a paragliding flight for 20-30 minutes and feel mesmerised looking at the spectacular view below. 

Yelagiri hills, P.O. Via Athanavur, Tamil Nadu
Price: Rs.1000 per adult
Timing: Early Morning

2. Muthanur: Embark on an enjoyable experience of paragliding in Yelagiri in the months of July and August at Muthanur and enjoy the view of the surrounding hotspots from the sky. Feel secure taking your flight in tandem with an experienced pilot. If you are looking for paragliding training, Muthanur is the place you should go to.

Muthanur, Jolarpet Block, Vellore
Timing: Early Morning
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What are the different types of paragliding available at Yelagiri?

-Tandem: Tandem is the paragliding where you can indulge in the activity by going on a two-seater flight along with an experienced pilot. There is no age limit for this activity and you do not need any training or experience for going on tandem paragliding. You can go tension free and taste the exhilaration and liberation of the flight and enjoy the bird’s eye view below you in the company of the experienced pilot. 

-Hang Gliding:
Enjoy flying in a light foot-launched aircraft without a motor while you indulge in hang gliding. During this flight, you will be tied to a harness attached to a lightweight airframe. To be able to exercise better control on the aircraft, you will need to adjust your weight. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Yelagiri while flying in the sky. 
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What is the price for paragliding in Yelagiri?

The price for paragliding in Yelagiri starts from Rs.1000 to 3000 per person for 30 minutes based on the type of paragliding you opt for such as tandem or hang gliding. If you wish to go for paragliding training, it will cost you around Rs.10,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Is there any age limit for paragliding in Yelagiri?

There is no age limit in Yelagiri Hills Paragliding for either tandem paragliding or hang gliding. However, it is advised to allow children above 12 years to go for this activity. Although there is no upper age limit, any individual weighing more than 90kg should refrain from this activity. 

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