Best Paragliding Tours in Yelagiri - 2020

You might have heard of Yelagiri as a quaint little hill station but what most travelogues fail to mention is that paragliding in Yelagiri is turning out to be quite the rage! You will find that it is a different experience altogether. Paragliding is more easy and less scary than skydiving. You are tied to a harness and have to literally fly off a cliff! All the while, a parachute will be attached to you. Unlike skydiving, you will never have any kind of free fall!

A plethora of paragliding tours in Yelagiri are available. Usually the base for all travellers to Yelagiri is Athanavur. Innumerable people flock down to this quaint hill station for the thrill of adventure. From here they have to travel to the base point of the paragliding tours. Some paragliding packages even include the day and night stay at Athanavur! Your adventure starts the minute you reach the hill top for the flight!

In Yelagiri, paragliding packages are of two types. One is tandem, and another is hang gliding. You might debate about which one is the safest option, but let us assure you that both are equally safe because in both cases, it is required, rather it is mandatory that you be accompanied by trained and expert pilots because otherwise, an accident is a common consequence. The advantage of having these experts with you is that they will be able to guide both you and the suite according to the wind and its direction. Below we have answered a few common questions so that we can drive away all your doubts!

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  1. What are the adventurous things to enjoy in Yelagiri where I can get upto 30% discount?

    There is no doubt that a traveller or an adventurer will find plenty of amazing activities to do in Yelagiri. Click here to check out the best things to do in Yelagiri at an affordable price.

    1. Mountain Buggy Ride In Yelagiri, Flat 23% Off
    2. Paintball In Yelagiri, Flat 20% Off
    3. Human Slingshot In Yelagiri, Flat 10% Off
    4. Wall Climbing In Yelagiri, Flat 23% Off
    5. Trekking In Yelagiri Hills, Flat 30% Off
  2. What are the various adventure activities I can do in Yelagiri?

    1. Waterfall and Jungle trekking

    There are a few adventure parks which offer jungle and waterfall trekking services. They take you up in groups, and this gives you a sneak peek to the few harmless birds and animals of the jungles.

    2. Bungee jumping

    Dive into the breathtaking scenery of mountains and meadows. Enjoy the rush you feel as they drop you down from 45 feet of height.

    3. Zipline

    A 250-metre zipline will take you for a thrilling ride and give you views that no ground spot can offer!

  3. What is the best time to do paragliding in Yelagiri?

    October to June is the best time to do paragliding here. This is because the wind during winters makes it a more pleasurable flight. In South India, your best bet would be summer and winter. Since it is practically located on a peninsula, there is an evening breeze even in the summer. That is the best time for you to go paragliding. The light breeze will carry you in the air and chances of rain are sleek too in those months.

  4. What should I keep in mind before paragliding?

    First of all, please keep in mind that it is the safest air sport. Unlike skydiving, you are not being released mid-air, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The harness will usually hold you with 20 strings, and each of them can bear all of your weight. Experience the thrill of the sport fearlessly with comfortably safe seats! The seats nowadays feel like La Z Boy couches, and you should just lean back and enjoy. Remember that the pilot can control the speed and direction and will always fly you to safety!

  5. Where can I go paragliding in and around Yelagiri?

    1. Thavanur

    It is at this little town that most people come to do Yelagiri paragliding. This quaint little town has a number of small villages in the vicinity, but the town itself houses a number of resorts that serve as a base for people from literally all over the world who come for the thrill of the flight.

    2. Nandi Hills

    It might be in the neighboring state, but Nandi Hills is the second-best place near Yelagiri, where you can do paragliding. It is a little over 60 kilometers from Bangalore and serves as a great place for paragliding.

  6. What is the age limit for paragliding in Yelagiri?

    Paragliding is allowed for a vast range of people. In paragliding tours in Yelagiri, people above 14 are allowed, but if you are below age 18, you need parental consent. Also, old people are generally barred from paragliding to avoid issues from an adrenaline rush

  7. Is paragliding the same as parasailing or parachuting?

    No, all three things are quite different. Parachuting and paragliding are the two most popular air sports and hence the major confusion. In parachuting, you are jumping out of a plane and using your body weight to fly for some time. Then the parachute helps you in the free fall. Unlike this, in paragliding, you use the wings/parachute to fly. You catch a flight from the ground of a hill or plateau and then use the attached wings for the flight. Parasailing is the easiest of the lot where a boat will tow you around and give you the magnificent feeling of a flight.

  8. Can two passengers and one pilot fly in the same paraglider?

    No, this is generally not allowed. In tandem paragliding, a bigger harness is used to carry two people. In this case, it is usually the person who will be paragliding and the pilot. More than that may prove to be dangerous.

  9. Is paragliding safe in Yelagiri?

    Yes, paragliding in Yelagiri is very safe. This is because all the companies that offer paragliding tours in Yelagiri are accomplished companies who have been in the business for long. They check the plane and the parachute and give services of expert pilots who know their job.
  10. Is there tandem paragliding or solo paragliding in Yelagiri?

    Yes, both tandem paragliding and solo paragliding tours are available in Yelagiri. For the safety of people, a tandem instructor rides with you. If you want to fly in tandem with your friend, you both will have to undergo training to qualify. Solo paragliding in Yelagiri is a preferred method to enjoy the breeze of the region, but tandem is easier with combined efforts of two individuals balancing the glider. Hence, while you may learn to ride solo proficiently, tandem will be a better choice for ease in handling, and a cherishable experience.

  11. How far can we paraglide?

    On good windy days and with a trained pilot, you can go up to a staggering 12,000 feet. But as beginners, the pilots try not to overwhelm you as much and keep you hanging at a lower height than that.

  12. Do I have to buy the equipment for learning?

    No, you need not buy any kind of equipment for learning during Yelagiri paragliding, but yes, there are a few things that you should keep with you when you visit the paragliding spot like trekking shoes and winter clothes which cover the whole body.

  13. How many days in advance shall I make a booking?

    Paragliding tours in Yelagiri are mighty famous. So the clever thing to do would be to book the tours a few weeks in advance. In this case, you are not faced with the uncertainty that you might miss out on the sport.

  14. How fit should I be for paragliding in Yelagiri?

    You should definitely be moderately fit and make sure you have no heart conditions that might be triggered by the adrenaline rush. Ideal weight for paragliding is around 75 kilograms. If you weigh more, it is safer not to take the flight.

  15. What type of clothes should I wear while paragliding?

    Most paragliding tours are held near hill stations from where you are launched in the air. So in most cases, you might have to trek a little bit to reach the place. Thus do not wear very heavy clothes. Rather, wear shirts or t-shirts which are light and moderately warm. In this case, you need not feel cold in the air, and you will also not be bogged down. Also wear a winding-sheet over whatever garment you are wearing so that if the wind has too much speed, it does not come down harshly on you!

  16. Is paragliding available in YelagiriIs ?

    Yes, it is available. In fact, paragliding in Yelagiri is one of the top adventure sports people undertake in the state of Tamil Nadu. In fact, it is one of the best places to do paragliding under the watchful supervision of trained and expert pilots.

  17. Do I need any previous paragliding experience?

    No, you do not need any previous paragliding experience. This is the speciality of paragliding in Yelagiri. You learn the whole thing for the first time under the supervision of trained aviators who will help drive away all the fears you have regarding the sport.

  18. How much does paragliding cost in Yelagiri?

    Paragliding is a pretty expensive adventure sport to enjoy, but you might find the cheapest rates in Yelagiri! The tours generally cost around Rs 3999 for a 30-minute flight. But the package includes 1 night and two days' stay and transportation to and from the paragliding spot.

  19. Who will fly the paraglider?

    The paragliders are generally driven by trained pilots if the interested person is doing it for the first time. So, they start from the bottom and drive the paraglider according to the wind. The pilot flies the plane as he understands the wind and the person enjoys the flight.