Yelagiri Forest Hill Overview

Yelagiri Forest hill is a hillside conservation containment with beautiful scenic hiking trails and marked temples. Sometimes referred as Elagiri hills by tourists, the hilly terrain of Yelagiri Forest hills spreads across an area of 30 square kilometres and stands at an altitude of 1110.6 metres above the sea level.

The astounding beauty of the Yelagiri Forest hills arises from the numerous rose laden gardens, orchards, and sprawling green valleys across the landscape.The recent development in sports activities at the hills has made the Yelagiri forest hills a blooming hotspot destination for tourists.

The hilly valley is also surrounded by the Swamimalai Hill, standing as the tallest in the entire range of hills around the valley. The Yelagiri Forest hills are a favourite for trekkers and locals, who enjoy the display of beauty around them. It is known that Yelagiri Forest hill is home to a hundred different species of snakes. 

For those who visit the Yelagiri Forest hills during May, an annual Yelagiri Summer festival awaits their presence. During this festival, a number of flower and dog shows are organised for the entertainment of the visitors and local people. This three day event is organised to promote tourism and cultural aspects of the region. 

A number of temples and local accommodations can be found scattered all along the region. This trending forest conservation locality has welcomed many adventure enthusiasts to its calm and serene surroundings and promising tranquility.

How To Reach

The closest bus stand from Yelagiri Forest hills is the Athanavoor Bus stop which lies at a distance of 2.8 km from the destination and can be reached in under 10 minutes by bus from the stand. It is also one of the easiest ways for the local people and tourists to reach the hill station.

Best Time To Visit

The monsoon season from July to November is regarded as the best time to visit the hill station and enjoy the cool weather. Here is a season wise break about the best time to visit the forest hill. 

Monsoon season: The months from July to November marks the highest rainfall in the region and provides one of the best time for travellers to visit the hills since the temperatures are really cool at this time. 

Winter season: The season lasts from December to March, during which time, the rainfall is fairly less and the weather takes a dip. 

Summer: The months from April to June are the hottest at the hill station, with the highest recorded temperature reached 32 degrees during the day.

Other Essential Information

- Location:
Vallipattu, Tamil Nadu 635853

- Timings: 
The Yelagiri Forest hills are open from 9:30 AM in the morning and remain open till 5:30 PM in the evening on all days of the week. 

Phone: 070100 91883

Places to Eat in and near Yelagiri Forest Hill

1. Nilgress restaurant:
Located at Kottaiyur Post, the restaurant stays open from 7 in the morning till 10 at night. An average meal for two costs Rs 300 at this place which is why it is frequented by most tourists.. The restaurant has a stark reputation for clean and hygienic surroundings and prompt serving and along with the variety of food to relish at this place, you will be left with a memorable experience of this place. 

2. Lakeview restaurant: This place is located in Athanavur and operates between 7 in the morning and 11 in the night. A typical meal for two costs Rs 400 at this place. The restaurant faces the Punganoor lake, which provides a scenic view and edge to the seating order. The food here is not regarded to be the best so if that is one of your main focus, you may want to pick another place. 

3. Peters Park restaurant: This place is located within the Peters Park hotel and operates in shifts during the day. The meal prices here are decent and economic. The staff here is quite polite. All in all, this is a good place to choose for a meal. 

4. Landmark restaurant: This restaurant is located opposite the Murugan temple on the Bhandarpule road. The operating timings of the restaurant are divided into two shifts and meals served here will easily fit your budget. This place is famous for a variety of meals which are served here. The Tandoori platter options and south Indian dishes are most famous at this place. 

Tips Before Visiting Yelagiri Forest Hill

Always carry the requisite medicines with you while visiting the hill station. You may not be able to find any pharmaceutical shops near the hill station. 

2. Always carry some knick-knack food items and water with you while trekking at the hill station. 

3. You will need one full day to visit Yelagiri and places around the hill station. 

4. While visiting the hill station, make sure that you hire only licensed guides for activities like paragliding.  

5. The best time to visit the hill station is during the monsoon season so you must plan your trip accordingly. 
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Yelagiri Forest Hill FAQs

What is famous in Yelagiri Hills?

The famous thing about Yelagiri Hills is its relative novelty. The land bordering the hill station was once under private ownership. Due to the recent transfer of ownership of that land to the government, the hill station has come to develop as a prime tourist destination in the Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu.

The serene locality and the scenic destination invites one in many to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that this hill station has to offer to its visitors. The expanse of rose gardens and orchards in this landscape are also noteworthy.

What is the height of Yelagiri Hills?

It is known that the Yelagiri hills sprawl across a dense locality of 30 square kilometres and stand up as high as 1110.6 meters above the sea level. This gives them a mighty stand in the neighbouring area and a perfect spot for the visitors to enjoy.

Is there trek to Yelagiri Forest Hill?

No, one need not necessarily trek to the Yelagiri hills to reach the top. However, once having reached there, tourists can enjoy many treks around the hills. The Swamimalai hills are one of the most popular trekking regions for travellers who visit the locality.

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