Yelagiri Honeymoon Packages

Yelagiri Honeymoon Packages

Duration Price
Chennai to Yelagiri Tour Package3 days & 2 nights
INR 8,200
Yelagiri Tour Package From Bangalore3 days & 2 nights
INR 6,200
Pondicherry and Yelagiri Tour Package from Bangalore4 days & 3 nights
INR 17,750

Yelagiri Honeymoon Packages

Yelagiri honeymoon packages - Browse through a wide range of Yelagiri honeymoon packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Yelagiri honeymoon vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

You won't find a more fitting setting for your joyous celebration than Yelagiri, with its romantic atmosphere and stunning scenery. A Yelagiri honeymoon tour package lets you and your significant other soak in the beauty of the area's many scenic sites and spend quality time together.

From staying in cozy honeymoon suites to touring various locations with the help of efficient transportation, you will have a wonderful experience. With a Yelagiri honeymoon package, you may also enjoy the fantastic restaurants, sample the scrumptious local food, and shop til you drop at the fascinating shopping attractions. The breathtaking Yelagiri Tourist Places give couples unrivaled scenic beauty and endless fun and frolic, making them ideal for a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Places like Fundera Park and Silk Farm are sure to delight the newlyweds and leave lasting impressions. Yelagiri's misty mountains, stunning sceneries, and numerous tourist locations like Nilavoor Lake and Amirthi Waterfalls leave nature enthusiasts immersed in the exquisite beauty of the places to visit. Yelagiri's rose and orchid gardens are a sight to behold and will leave an indelible mark on any visitor's memories.

Furthermore, the terrain makes for a popular destination for couples interested in a variety of outdoor activities; from rock climbing to Paragliding, and Trekking to boating and what not.
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Yelagiri Honeymoon FAQs

Which are the best places to visit in Yelagiri for your honeymoon?

Here are some of the best Places To Visit In Yelagiri for your honeymoon:

  1. Jalagamparai WaterfallsA popular destination for couples, Jalagamparai Waterfall can be found in the Yelagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. An ideal spot for romantic landscape and nature photography, this 15-meter waterfall is a sight to behold. Couples visiting the Jalagamparai waterfall can take part in a wide range of exciting pursuits where they can spend some private time with each other. The stream's clean water has healing characteristics, making it a pleasant place to soak after a day of hiking in the lush green forest. The picturesque setting attracts many people who come with their partners for a day of picnicking.

  2. Punganoor Lake Park: Punganoor lake is one of the locations covered in your Yelagiri honeymoon package, which is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the city. You can't go wrong with a trip to Punganoor Lake-cum-park if you're a newlywed and looking for something fun to do in Yelagiri. This man-made lake is a popular tourist attraction, and you and your significant other would enjoy a relaxing boat trip on its placid waters and in its picturesque surroundings. A central fountain in the lake is another major draw,  the park is perfect for a romantic stroll hand in hand.

  3. Nature Park: Nature Park is a must see for all lovers, but especially those who love the outdoors, since it is one of the  most calm and peaceful spots in all of Yelagiri. Within easy walking distance to Punganoor Lake, the Nature Park covers a total area of 12 acres. Several plant species are typically associated with rocky environments, and the park features many of these. There are a number of amenities aimed squarely towards couples, including an artificial waterfall, a musical fountain, an aquarium, a seasonal garden, a bamboo house, and more.

  4. SwamiMalai Hills: Swamimalai Hills, the highest point in Yelagiri, is a popular destination covered in the Yelagiri honeymoon package offering breathtaking views of the hills. Many couples who enjoy outdoor adventures come here to walk the hills and take in the breathtaking vistas at the peak. The first part of the walk to Swamimalai Hills consists of navigating a muddy path, but the rest of the trail is rather straightforward. The  breathtaking panorama of mountains and vegetation from up on the slope will make it a favorable honeymoon destination.

  5. Nilavoor LakeThe Nilavoor lake is an attractive man-made lake with blue waters and verdant surrounds. The lake is a peaceful retreat, perfect for a day of boating or a stroll in the woods. The tranquility and beauty of the Amma temple by the lake are the icing on the cake for couples booking a Yelagiri honeymoon package. Near Nilavoor Lake, you may visit a beautiful garden that has been meticulously maintained and is an ideal location for a picnic. An impressive scene is created by the lake's hilly backdrop. Due to the scenic landscape and tranquil waters, boating has been a popular pastime there.

  6. Herbal Farm: The Forest Department maintains the Government Herbal Farm, which is close to Punganoor Lake and is home to numerous rare herbs and plants utilized in Siddha and Ayurvedic therapy. Because of their useful medical characteristics, many plants can be used for soothing therapy with your partner. Athanavur and Nilavur are home to thriving botanical gardens brimming with a diverse selection of fruiting and flowering trees and plants, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples. The sights, smells, and tastes of these botanical gardens make for the perfect spot covered under a Yelagiri honeymoon package.

  7. Velavan Temple: Located at an elevation of 1,110 meters above sea level, the enchanting Velavan Temple is a highly sought-after pilgrimage site for devout followers of the Hindu god Murugan. One of the few known surviving statues of the Mahabharata character Ghatothghajan is in the Velavan temple. The bells of the temples are perched on the peaks of the mountains, which makes for a beautiful setting. And when rung, amidst the vastness of the mountains all around it, the experience is otherworldly.

  8. SRL Rose Garden & Water Falls: The SRL Rose Garden, located in the heart of Yelagiri, is the most beautiful and well-kept location for lovers. The tropical plants and colorful blooms found here are sure to put anyone in a state of euphoria. Aside from the abundance of different kinds of flowers, the garden's proximity to various cascading water features makes it a romantic paradise for couples. During the monsoon, the fresh flowers after each shower make SRL garden one of the top spots to cover under Yelagiri honeymoon package.

  9. Yelagiri Forest HillsYelagiri Forest Hill is a protected conservation area atop a ridge with stunning views and well-delineated religious sites. The Yelagiri Forest hills are so stunning because of the abundance of rose gardens, orchards, and verdant valleys that dot the terrain. There are a variety of temples and inns dotted all throughout the area. In search of peace and quiet, many couples have flocked to this hill. Yelagiri forest hills are exploding in popularity as a vacation area under Yelagiri honeymoon package; thanks to the proliferation of outdoor recreation opportunities.

  10. Yelagiri Adventure Camp: Get away from it all in the great outdoors and be awed by the stunning landscapes of rolling hills, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife. If you want to see the best views of Yelagiri, you should camp as close as possible to the mountain. As part of the Yelagiri honeymoon tour package, you and your partner with fellow campers will stay in large, comfortable tents with lake views, furnished with heated bedding. You will enjoy thrilling pursuits including water zorbing, all-terrain vehicle rides, and climbing walls. Couples can have fun while zipping along an extreme ropes course, shooting arrows at targets, and bouncing off a trampoline.

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What are the best things to do in Yelagiri on honeymoon?

These are the best Things To Do In Yelagiri for your honeymoon:

  1. Have fun while TrekkingYelagiri city is home to some of the most breathtaking hiking routes, making Trekking there a potentially life-changing experience. Due to the moderate to easy nature of the treks, this is a fantastic location for first-timers looking to feel the exhilaration of hiking steep terrain. Those who are enchanted by hill stations frequently visit here to go on hikes. Over 300 different bird species have been spotted there, making it a walking paradise for birdwatchers.

  2. Experience ParaglidingYelagiri Paragliding is becoming increasingly popular, and once you give it a try, you'll understand why. Either a tandem flight or a hang gliding flight is available here. You may rest confident that in either situation, you will be escorted by experienced and expert pilots, so the question of which is safer is moot. Having these professionals with you is advantageous since they can steer you and the suite in the direction the wind is blowing.

  3. Relish Boating on the lake: Yelagiri's picturesque landscape and placid waterways have made boating there a popular pastime. One example is the boating house located next to Nilavoor lake, which offers visitors a variety of boating services. On a Yelagiri honeymoon tour package, you will be thrilled to see even more amazing vistas at and near the lake, and you will find that the beauty of the lake multiplies at dawn and night.

  4. Seek blessings at Jalagandeeswarar TempleThe stunning Jalagandeeswarar Temple, which honors Shiva and Parvati, can be found in the very center of Vellore Fort. You can come here as part of your Yelagiri honeymoon tour package to pray, seek blessings, or conduct religious rites on the adjacent open area. Due to its rich mythological history and architectural beauty, this ancient temple continues to attract tourists today. The magnificent stone carvings and enormous sculptures inscribed on the walls of the temple are the highlight of the structure and have earned it a reputation as a true work of art.

  5. Go for CampingYelagiri is home to some of the world's most breathtaking natural landscapes, so a camping trip there will undoubtedly rank among your most memorable and out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences. As part of your Yelagiri honeymoon tour package, spend some relaxing time and take in breathtaking sights of rolling hills, lush vegetation, and diverse animal life. You can get the greatest view of Yelagiri from the tents with a view of the lake. Water zorbing, all-terrain vehicle rides, and rock climbing are just a few of the exciting activities available.

  6. View the charming Orchards: The hills and valleys that surround the village of Yelagiri are home to gorgeous orchards and rose gardens. Thus, one of the best things to do under a Yelagiri honeymoon tour package Yelagiri is to check out the Government Herbal Farm. The farm is located near picturesque Punganoor Lake, and it is home to some of the rarest herbs and plants utilized extensively in various Siddha and Ayurvedic remedies. You and your nature-enthusiast partner will love the botanical gardens that are home to many species of plants and trees, producing lovely flowers and fruit.

  7. Visit the Telescope Observatory: The Vainu Bappu Observatory, also known as the Telescope Observatory, is a renowned tourist destination and one of the greatest locations to visit in Yelagiri. Tourists can gain a stunning perspective on the orbits of the planets and stars in our solar system by visiting this observatory. While visiting the observatory, you can not only observe the Vainu Bappu Telescope in action, but also use the strategically located Visitor Telescope to take in the beautiful scenery. From the observatory, one may see the beautiful night sky.

  8. Get mesmerized by Amirthi Zoological WaterfallsThe Amirthi Zoological Park is a must-visit for any couple to Vellore who has a soft spot in their heart for animals. Within the confines of this zoo, visitors can relax at one of the most beautiful Yelagiri waterfalls. Various exotic birds and creatures, such as hedgehogs, deer, monkeys, and reptiles, would be on display for your viewing pleasure. Also, you could witness rare flowers and plants that are in danger of extinction.

  9. Stroll through the Silk Farm: The Government Silk farm in the area of Mangalam provides the ideal informational entertainment for a couple. It's a huge farm devoted to mulberry farming and sericulture. A trip to the Silk farm will provide more information than you can ever absorb about silk production and sericulture. You will gain an understanding of how silk is made from the care given to the silkworm from the time it is an egg until it becomes a cocoon.

  10. Enjoy at Fundera ParkFundera Park, home to over 300 species of rare birds, is another one of Yelagiri's main attractions and a great spot for a romantic getaway. In contrast to traditional zoos, the birds at this attraction are not confined to cages but are instead able to freely roam the enormous aviaries, where visitors can get up close and personal with the avian residents and even feed them. Enjoy a peaceful walk with your significant other and make your journey more memorable.

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What are the best things to do in Yelagiri at night?

  1. Go camping at Yelagiri Forest Hill: Go on a camping excursion as part of your Yelagiri honeymoon tour package to the top of the Yelagiri Hills and get in some good hiking. As the sun goes down, the rose garden and orchards here may fill the air with a sweet fragrance that will captivate you. Admire the beautiful sky filled with twinkling stars and soothing cool winds.

  2. Relax at Yelagiri Nature Park: When you've had a full day of sightseeing, nothing beats unwinding with a stroll in the Nature Park in the evening which can relax your frazzled body and mind. Alternatively, you can take in the sights of the park's unique artificial cascade waterfall after dark. You and your sweetheart can also take in the sight of a musical fountain, which is illuminated in a spectrum of colors.

  3. Star-gazing at Vainu Bappu Observatory: Seeing the Vainu Bappu Observatory through its telescopes at night would be an experience you'll never forget. Using one of Asia's largest telescopes, you may gaze at the solar system's objects in detail. Learn about the significance of different constellations and explore the starry world with your loved ones.

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Which are the best treks to go on honeymoon in Yelagiri?

You can get best Trekking Experiences at these locations in Yelagiri:

  1. Yelagiri Forest Hill: If you plan a pre-arranged trek at Yelagiri Forest Hill, you'll have access to the facilities you need to have two of the best days of your life there. Zorbing, paintballing, a zipline, and target practice are just some of the activities included in the Yelagiri honeymoon packages. Spending time here with your loved one will be a peaceful experience.

  2. Swamimalai hills: You'll discover Swamimalai Hills in the Yelagiri woods. This is a fantastic area for novice hikers to get their feet wet because of the moderate difficulty of the trail. In terms of difficulty, this hike is well in the sweet spot for first-timers. Atop these hills, you can take in a beautiful panorama, and there is also a Shiva Temple, which draws worshippers from all over. So, when you embark on this trek here, a stunning vista, foggy clouds, bird chirping, and the peace of the Shiva Temple welcome you and your partner.

  3. Yelagiri Nature Park: Yelagiri Nature Park is surrounded by nature and boasts some of the most stunning vistas, making it one of the most peaceful and pleasant places to hike with your sweetheart. After your hike is over, you may relax and take in the sights and sounds of a musical fountain and an artificial waterfall lit in a rainbow of colors.

Which are the famous camping sites in Yelagiri?

  1. Camp Samaritan: Camp Samaritan is noted for its quiet and gorgeous surroundings. Travelers seeking rest, relaxation, and renewal will also be pleased with the kind welcome they get there. It's a beautiful spot to pitch a tent and spend a day reading, drinking tea, and taking in the scenery.

  2. Tent Valley, Yelagiri Hills: Tent Valley is a refreshing passageway bounded on one side by a reserve forest and on the other by verdant green meadows. The camp's main goal is to provide its guests with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a sustainable manner.

    The picturesque Yelagiri hills and valleys may be seen from this campsite, which is also flanked by fruit farms. The camping facilities are well-maintained and appropriate for all kinds of vacationers, besides the peaceful atmosphere is perfect for unwinding.

  3. Farm Tent and Camp: This campground provides guests with the option of two distinct camping packages: standard and luxury. All ages and sizes of travel groups, from couples to families, will find it accommodating.  Options for breakfast are available at the campground.

  4. Yelagiri Forest Hill: Forest Hill is a campsite that, like many others, is situated in a beautiful natural setting. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the arrangements are well worth the price, and  for a pleasant camping experience, this one is highly recommended.

What is the best time to visit Yelagiri?

The best time to visit Yelagiri is between December and February, as several stunning waterfalls, like the glistening Jalagamparai falls, are a must-see during this time of year. With the weather turning pleasant (cool and breezy) and the crowds thinned out, now is the time to go sight-seeing. Besides the Jalagamparai waterfalls, the rose gardens are one of the most picturesque locations, especially after the monsoons have poured their waters into them.

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What are the romantic places to dine at in Yelagiri?

Some of the romantic places to dine at in Yelagiri are:

  • Sai Sangeet Restaurant
  • Nilgress Restaurant
  • Food Corner
  • Sterling Yelagiri
  • Cliff Top Club Restaurant

Sai Sangeet is the only local restaurant of its sort that specializes in vegetarian fare. Travelers in search of authentic Indian and other Asian cuisine can stop here. Nilgress Restaurant is, arguably, Yelagiri's most well-known eatery, and both visitors and locals go there regularly. A place to go if you're looking for inexpensive, vegetarian Indian and Asian fare.

Is Yelagiri worth visiting for a honeymoon?

Yes, Yelagiri is the ideal place for a honeymoon because of the serenity and quiet it provides. The Jalagamparai waterfalls, Punganoor lake, Yelagiri Nature Park, and many other locations in Yelagiri are ideal for romantic getaways and quiet time together.

What are the romantic places to stay in Yelagiri?

The romantic places to stay in Yelagiri are:

  • Sai and Shreeya’s Holiday Cottage
  • Zeenat Taj Gardens
  • Athulya Homestay
  • Sterling Yelagiri
  • Hotel Landmark

How to reach Yelagiri from Bangalore?

By train: Via train you can reach the Jolarpettai station which is the closest terminal to Yelagiri from Bangalore, as it is only 21 kilometers away. The entire journey will only take 2 hours 5 minutes.

By Road: The city of Bangalore is reachable from the town of Yelagiri through National Highway 7. It takes roughly 2 hours and 48 minutes to drive from Bangalore to Bheemeshwari. Yelagiri can reach Bangalore by taking a bus to Tiruoathur and then transferring to another bus to reach the city center.

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