Jalagamparai Waterfall Overview

Counted among the top tourist spots in Yelagiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, Jalagamparai Waterfall is a popular natural attraction, frequented by locals and tourists alike. The river stream of Attaaru, flowing through the valleys of Yelagiri Hills, creates this magnificent cascade at an approximate distance of 37 km from Yelagiri Town. Cascading from a height of 15 metres, this spectacular waterfall is also an ideal spot where one can indulge in nature and landscape photography.

The remote location of the waterfall keeps it away from the usual bustle that you will experience at the other tourist attractions near Yelagiri.The visitors can enjoy a number of activities at Jalagamparai waterfall. The clean water of the stream snaking through lush green forest adds medicinal properties to it, making it a perfect place for a refreshing bath. Many people visiting the site with family enjoy a peaceful picnic in the captivating surroundings on the plunge.

The waterfall can only be accessed via a trekking trail, which makes it a perfect option for thrill-seekers. Besides, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Jalagamparai Murugan Temple which can also be covered during your visit.Jalagamparai Waterfall is, indeed, a treat for any nature lover and should certainly be visited during a trip to Yelagiri.

Though the waterfall looks spectacular throughout the year except for the summer season when the stream dries up, you can plan your visit during or after the monsoon season for the most alluring atmosphere. The verdant landscape, misty aura, and cool atmosphere of this place is sure to please all your senses simultaneously.

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How To Reach

The distance between Jalagamparai Waterfalls and Yelagiri bus stand is around 37 kilometres. You can hire a cab or board a bus to reach Nilavoor. The scenic route to Nilavoor is a treat in itself. After reaching Nilavoor, one has to trek for 6 kilometres to reach Jalagamparai Waterfalls. Also, there is a motorable road to reach the fall but it remains closed most of the time.

Best Time To Visit

So the best time to visit Jalagamparai Waterfalls is from November to January as during this time of the year the North-East Monsoon hits this region and ensures that the waterfall is in its full bloom. During these months, the fall comes cascading down from a height of 15 meters and forms a pool beneath it.

This area doesn’t experience much rainfall this waterfall is ephemeral and the pool also dries up during the summer season. And, since Jalagamparai Waterfalls is fed by the River Attaru which is a seasonal water body, summer wouldn’t be the best time to plan your visit.

Other Essential Information

- Location: Nagalatha Extension R.F., Tamil Nadu

- Dress Code: Although there is no dress code that you need to follow during your visit here, but it is ideal to wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict you as you will have to trek to enjoy this beautiful waterfall. Here are some suggestions:

Trousers/ pants



Well-built shoes or floaters

- Distance from Yelagiri bus stand: 37 Kilometers 

Attractions Near Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

1. Puganoor lake: Punganoor Lake is an artificial lake which sits beautifully with the backdrop of the striking Yelagiri Hills. Enjoy boating in the pristine waters of the lake and get mesmerized by the splendid views the lake creates. You can also spot many fish inside the lake as your boat sails slowly on the still waters.

There is also a play area for kids by the lake where they can have some carefree, fun moments. And when you are hungry, there are plenty of eateries overlooking the lake where you can have an appetizing snack or meal. Whether you are looking for a picnic spot or just want to spend some quality time absorbing the serenity of nature, Punganoor Lake is a great place to be.

2. Swamimalai Hill: Boasting a height of 4626 feet above sea level, Swamimalai Hill is the highest peak among Yelagiri Hills. A two-hour uphill trek to Swamimalai Hill will reward you with panoramic views of the landscape below.

The verdant hills, swaying orchards, tranquil environment and the beautiful panoramas make it a wonderful trek to partake. Do not forget to taste some organic fruits sold by the locals on the trail. Whether you are a thrill-seeker, nature lover or a photographer, the trek to Swamimalai Hill will not disappoint you.

3. Velavan Temple: Situated at the top of a hillock, Velavan Temple, also known as Murugan Temple was built in 1962. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Murugan and is very well maintained. There is a huge statue of Ghatothgajan at the entrance of the temple which also serves as a major attraction.

Besides, a shrine of Lord Ganesh present here also makes the temple complex a revered spot for Hindus. Hordes of devotees pour in from all over the country to visit this temple and pay their respects to the Lord all around the year. Also, the view from the top is really breathtaking as you can see the entire Yelagiri Valley from up here.

4. Nature Park: Decked with thousands of colourful flowers and verdant greenery, Yelagiri Nature Park is spread over an area of 12 acres and is a treat for one’s eyes. There is a separate kids area where kids can have their play and fun time.

There is a beautiful waterfall that comes cascading down marvellously on the rocks which is another man-made marvel to check out here. Also, there is an aquarium inside the park which houses various species of fish and tortoise. The highlight of this place is the dancing musical fountain show held every evening.

Interesting Facts about Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

1. River Attaru is the main source of the Jalagamparai Waterfalls. Ataru River is not perennial and usually gets water from the North Eastern monsoon. 

2. The water passes through the hills of Yelagiri which has many medicinal plants and herbs with healing properties. It is said that the water of this waterfall is really beneficial and cures many skin diseases.

3. You can pay your respects at the nearby Murugan Temple. Many devotees visit this temple throughout the year. The temple is shaped as a lingam and is a sight to behold.

4. In order to reach the waterfall, one has to trek for 6 kilometres which usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Highlights of Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

Jalagamparai Waterfall is a gorgeous cascade offering multiple reasons and highlights to attract people from nearby cities and towns. Some of the major highlights of this waterfall are

1. Jalagamparai Waterfall: The waterfall is visually appealing and features clean water where you can enjoy a bath.

2. Jalagamparai Trek: This exhilarating 6 km long trekking trail is a major highlight for thrill-seekers looking for an exciting weekend plan. This adventure takes you through the rocky terrain amidst dense forest until you reach the cascade.

3. Jalagamparai Murugan Temple: Located next to the waterfall, this revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a great delight for devotees.

4. Forest: Jalagamparai Waterfall is situated in the middle of a dense forest in a valley. If you are a nature lover, exploring the surrounding foliage will become a highlight of your visit to the waterfall. 

Places to Stay Near Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

1. Treebo Trend La Gardenia Resort: Known for its hospitality and secluded location, La Gardenia is a great resort if you are looking for some quality time away from the city life. The rooms are spacious and clean and are equipped with all the modern amenities. Do not miss to take a dip in the pool and enjoy the beautiful view by taking nature walks during your stay. 

2. Sterling Yelagiri: Enjoy your stay at the Sterling Yelagiri which promises a great experience paired with warm hospitality that you are bound to come back here for. The rooms are well maintained and feature balconies offering spectacular views. Facilities like outdoor pool, in-house restaurant, spa, conference room, indoor games and so much more are also available to enhance your vacation.

3. Dolphin Resort: Dolphin Resort is known for its exceptional facilities and hospitality. The rooms feature sophisticated interiors and are laced with AC and balcony in addition to other amenities. A poolside bar, restaurant, and two outdoor pools are also available to maximize the fun factor. Also, bonfire can be arranged on request which adds charm to the stay.

4. Hotel Landmark: At Hotel Landmark, choose from a variety of rooms available ranging from classic to premium. It is a budget-friendly hotel which lets you enjoy your vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. The staff here is very helpful and prompt services can be expected. During your stay, enjoy taking a dip in the swimming pool and play tennis and various indoor games available here.

Places to Eat Near Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

1. The Vellore Kitchen: Boasting of the perfect ambience to enjoy a wonderful dining experience, world-class service and multiple cuisines to pamper your taste buds, The Vellore Kitchen has something in store for everyone. Whether you love non-vegetarian or vegetarian food, or even if you are looking for some healthy options to suit your diet plan, this place has got you covered. 

2. Gingee: Known for great food and service, Gingee is a great theme-based versatile restaurant to enjoy some delectable delicacies. You can choose from a variety of options available on the menu cooked perfectly with the right amount of spices. Crabs, prawns, noodles, or something else - every dish is cooked with care. Do not forget to try desserts and the chef’s special of the day.

3. Zing: Dine at the rooftop restaurant to pair an appetizing meal with a grand view. Choose from plenty of options available here, namely authentic south Indian food, Punjabi food and so much more. The collaborative qualities of taste, ambience, and prompt service deliver a seamless dining experience.

4. Hotel Saravana Bhavan Restaurant: One of the most widespread South Indian Restaurants, Sarvana Bhawan is a great choice for having some authentic Indian food. Help yourself with some wholesome food items like dosa, idli, steamed rice curry, Indian thali etc.

Tips Before Visiting Jalagamparai Waterfalls:

Following are some tips that will help you plan your Jalagamparai Waterfall: 

1. Remember to carry an extra pair of clothing as you shouldn’t miss out on taking a rejuvenating bath under the waterfall.

2. The trail to the waterfall is 6 km long so make sure to wear sturdy shoes for this hike.

3. Capture all the happy moments. Keep your camera handy to click some beautiful pictures so that you can cherish moments spent here forever. 

4. It is advisable to visit this waterfall in the months of November, December or January because during this time the water stream is in its full swing.

5. Pack some snacks for your visit and enjoy a picnic. You won’t come across any shops or restaurants while hiking and near the fall.

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Point of Interest for Jalagamparai Waterfall
Things to do at Jalagamparai Waterfalls

Things to do at Jalagamparai Waterfalls

1. Trekking: If you like to trek, then the trail leading to this gushing waterfall is going to be a heavenly experience for you. As you embark on this adventure, you will find yourself surrounded by deep, dense woods which will make the overall experience all the more thrilling.

While you trek on the rugged trail in the Eastern Ghats, the adrenaline junkie in your is sure to have a rollercoaster ride. Since neither the trek nor the waterfall are very popular, you can also stay assured to enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

2. Photography: When you are at such a stunning place, right in the lap of nature, it’s always a great idea to click lots of photographs. Take pictures of the gorgeous landscape, water falling from the hill and picturesque trail that leads to the fall.

You will come across many opportunities to click pictures of your friends and family in the natural setting. Without a doubt, you will have some great shots to show around after a visit to Jalagamparai Waterfall.

3. Bird-watching: Yelagiri is known for its rich biodiversity and is home to a plethora of bird species. So, visiting Jalagamparai Waterfalls gives you an opportunity to gaze at various bird species and capture them on your camera.

You don’t even need an expert with you to spot birds here, as the species like spotted munia, red-vented bulbul, paradise flycatcher, Baya weaver etc. are very commonly spotted. In that sense, this is truly a bird watcher’s paradise.

4. Picnic: Pack some snacks and lunch before you set out to visit Jalagamparai Waterfalls and make some life long memories with your loved ones. Watch the gushing water cascading down from the hill as you enjoy light moments with your family and friends.

The serene environment, music of nature and some quiet time in the wilderness; all of these come together to make it one of the best places in the region to enjoy a picnic.

5. Long Nature Walks: Take long walks in the jungle where you can only hear the voices of the birds chirping and stream gushing by. Take in the fresh air and stroll around the deep woods and see nature at its best.

The time spent exploring the wild side of the region is something you are going to cherish for a long time. Do not miss out on catching some dreamy sunrise and sunset scenes while exploring the Eastern Ghats on your feet.

Adventurous Sports at Jalagamparai Waterfalls

Adventurous Sports at Jalagamparai Waterfalls

There are a plethora of adventurous sports that you can indulge in on your visit to Jalagamparai Waterfalls. Some of the thrilling activities are: 

1. Paragliding: If you are an adventure fanatic, you shouldn’t miss out on Paragliding. Glide over Yelagiri and witness the breathtaking views from the sky. 

2. Rock Climbing: Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience of rock climbing activity in the hills. Try climbing the hills right amidst the pristine environment of Yelagiri and you will feel glad for making the attempt. After reaching to the top after the climb, one can see rewarding panoramic views which makes rock climbing here even more fun.

3. Mountain Biking: Enjoy riding bikes on the serene hairpin bend roads of Yelagiri with amazing views to gaze at. There are many awe-inspiring secluded trails leading to various beautiful spots in the region. 

4. Jungle Safari: Get the adrenaline rush while exploring the deep dark jungles of Yelagiri at night. The jungle safari will give you an ultimate gripping experience to remember while you witness the diverse biodiversity that the region is famous for.

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