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Blessed with a calm and peaceful approach towards life, Bhutan is one of the best places to visit in the world, and a visit to its capital, Thimpu, cannot be missed. A quaint city nestled in the lap of the nature, rich in mountains and monasteries, Thimpu brings together leisure and industry in a way that is extremely appealing. As a capital of a thriving country, Thimpu features all the usual business and trade sights and sounds but it combines them with the spiritual ease of the monasteries and the energetic positivity of the tourists. The end result is an attractive city full of interesting and variable attractions.

The towering snow peaks visible in every direction and the cool breezes that blow in fresh spicy scents add to the zest of Thimpu. As you walk along the streets of the city, you will come across plenty of stalls selling local foods and beverages. Simply munching on some hot Bhutanese snacks in the cool weather is an amazing experience. Make sure you do not miss out on it. With the help of these convenient Thimpu tour packages, you will be able to capture the essence of Bhutan and enjoy a wonderful vacation amidst nature. You will be able to explore the magnificent forts and their ruins, visit the historic monasteries and learn about their past and their age-old traditions. You will be able to take tours of the neighbouring towns like Paro and enjoy the famous treks of the region.

You can choose your tour depending upon the amount of time you have, since there are packages extending from 4 to 15 days to choose from. These comprehensive Bhutan packages allow you to enjoy the best of Bhutan in the most convenient way possible, thereby making your trip a memorable one.

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Got to see a lot of what I was hoping to see great tour
we both enjoyed the trip and spend some quality time with each other.
Bhutan was my dream destination and it finally got fulfilled. Thank to Thrillophilia who helped me everytime from booking to travelling to returning. Arrangements were nice at every places. At some places there were some issues with drivers but Thrillophilia peeps sorted it out for me. Thank you everyone. best trip ever.
13 September 2019
We had so much fun on this bike trip from India to Bhutan. This a great trip organised by Thrillophilia for bike trip enthusiasts. All the requirements were well taken care of and the tour was well organised. The route is extremely beautiful and a group activity as it was, made it all the more amazing. A lifetime cherishable memory!!
13 September 2019
Very well planned trip and itinerary. Our group leader was very good in managing the itinerary during the 9 days. We had enough time to see the major attractions of Bhutan and enjoy the ride of bullet with beautiful views. Group was amazing and very friendly and I had made a lot new rider friends.
13 September 2019
Roads were good with amazing views and landscapes. Bhutan is a county filled with full of natural beauty. Accommodation during the trip was ok and food was very good. After Ladakh this was second long bike ride adventure and bike trip to Bhutan will remain in my memories for forever. Thanks to team Thrillophilia and our group captain.
This was a 7 day tour and i was with my husband. We have explored Bhutan completely and we were so happy in the end by the arrangements made by Thrillophilia.
Bhutan was in my bucketlist and then i came across this package and couldnot resist. Perfect