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Tarkarli Homestays FAQs

Which are the best homestays in Tarkarli?

1. Yahoo Home Stay: With several tourist sites nearby, the Yahoo Home Stay is definitely one of the crowd favorite Homestays in Tarkarli for those seeking rejuvenation in Tarkarli. It is just 2 km away from the Tarkarli beach, 6 km away from Sindhudurg Fort, and 9 km away from the Ghumdai Devi Temple. The homestay offers eight spacious rooms, along with breakfast service, front desk, parking area, luggage storage, wake-up call, laundry, room service, etc.

2. Chandrakant Homestay: With the picturesque beauty of nature as the backdrop, the Chandrakant Homestay is an ideal place to explore the magnificent town of Tarkarli. Here, you will get four spacious rooms along with a wardrobe, attached bathroom, wake-up calls, and a cooking facility. The homestay also arranges car rental service and sightseeing activities for the guests, along with additional services like laundry, medical service, 24-hour front desk, room service, etc.

3. Aashish Homestay & Resort: The close proximity to the Tarkarli Beach (merely 2 km) makes Aashish Homestay & Resort one of the most popular Tarkarli Homestays. It offers a wide range of amenities, including well-maintained accommodations, breakfast service, television, attached bathroom, luggage storage, parking area, and wake-up call. You can also visit the nearby tourist spots like Malvan Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, etc., with relative ease.

4. Shubhangi Home Stay: Surrounded by the ethereal beauty of nature, the Shubhangi HomeStay is the ideal place to relax with family or partner. The venue gives you the option of choosing ac or non-ac rooms. Moreover, the homestay also arranges different activities like scuba diving and offers different types of Malvani cuisine, seafood, veg food as meals.

5. Sharvani Homestay: If you are feeling nostalgia away from home, then the ambiance at Sharvani Homestay will make you feel as if you are at home. The venue offers two well-decorated and spacious rooms along with breakfast, an attached bathroom, a television, and a hot/cold water supply. Apart from these, you will also find luggage storage, parking area, and the homestay is near Sindhudurg Fort and Devbaug Beach, making it one of the best Tarkarli Homestays.

6. Sumati Sagar Bed & Breakfast: Located just 5 km from the Tarkarli Beach, Sumati Sagar Bed & Breakfast is an excellent venue that offers three well-maintained rooms. Apart from that, you get several other amenities such as luggage storage, security, wake-up calls, a sitting area, wardrobe, and a fireplace in the lobby. The venue is also in close proximity to several tourist attraction sites such as Malvan, Sindhudurg Fort, Sarjekot, etc.

7. Suyog Home Stay: If you are looking for a budget stay while still enjoying the beauty of Tarkarli, then Suyog Home Stay is a perfect choice. Here, you will get three spacious rooms that come with an attached bathroom, television, cold and hot water supply, table fan, etc. Moreover, the homestay is just 2 km away from Tarkarli Beach and is close to Malvan beach, Sindhudurg Fort, and Ganesh Yeshu Temple.

Which are the best Tarkarli beach homestays?

1. Khobrekar's Beach Homestay: Located at a distance of 5 km from the Tarkarli beach, the Khobrekar's Beach Homestay is the perfect Tarkarli beach homestay to spend time with your partner. The venue offers various facilities like five well-decorated rooms, comfortable bed, drinking water in bottles, wardrobe, attached bathroom, luggage storage, parking area, room service, front desk, etc. Moreover, the place is also near to several attraction sites such as Devbaug Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Pandharinath Mandir, etc.

2. Nirmitee Nyahari Niwas: Catering to the taste of different types of travelers, the Nirmitee Nyahari Niwas offers a wide range of amenities for the guests, making it one of the most sought-after homestays. It is merely 1 km away from Tarkarli Beach and offers a total of five well-decorated rooms along with the option of air condition in three, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, attached bathroom, drinking water, side table, televisions, housekeeping, parking area, etc. From here, you can easily visit the nearby tourist spots such as Rock Garden Sunset Point, Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan Beach, etc.

3. Kulswamini Home Stay: Encompassed by the panoramic beauty of nature, the Kulswamini HomeStay offers five well-furnished accommodations that enhance its appeal as one of the best homestays in Tarkarli. The Tarkarli Beach, also the most popular tourist spot here is just 2 km away along with other attraction sites such Ganesh Yeshu Temple, which is 2 km away, and the Sindhudurg Fort, which is 4 km away. This Tarkarli beach homestay provides different amenities like an air-conditioner, television, attached bathroom, front desk, parking area, laundry, room services, etc.

What are the check-in and check-out timings in homestays in Tarkarli?

The check-in and check-out timings for all the top Tarkarli stay is as follows.

You can get checked-into a homestay between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and check-out the next day 2 hours before your registration, that is anywhere between 8:00 am - 10: am.

Also the check-ins and outs may be different for different homestays and it is advisable to contact the management for confirmation.

What kind of amenities do Tarkarli homestays provide?

Here is a list of all the amenities that you can expect during your stay at a Tarkarli homestay:

- Free Parking
- Comfortable rooms with linen and bedding
- Internet accessibility
- Dining area
- Breakfast
- Attached bathrooms
- 24 hours water supply
- Television
- Kitchenette
- Tea / Coffee maker.

Also, some of the homestays also offer amenities like:

- Pet-friendly property
- Children’s play area
- Seating area
- Swimming pool

What is the lowest & highest price of homestays in Tarkarli?

The Tarkarli homestays come in different prices starting from 1200 INR per night till 10,000 INR per night and even above that. And this list has all the lowest and highest priced Tarkali stay that you can checkout.


- Konkan Villa Nyahari Niwas
- Morning Star Beach Holiday Home
- Marissa House
- Mahapurush Nyahari Niwas
- Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari.


- Ganpat Prasad Nyahari Niwas
- Twinkle Star Beach Resort
- Hinal Beach Niwas
- Shitchandra Homestay
- Taramati Niwas.

Are homestays safe for couples?

Yes, The Tarkarli homestay offers a private and relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for couples to spend their romantic moments.

All the top homestays also have surveillance installed on the premises to ensure safety. Moreover, all these accommodations have a hospitable staff which work efficiently to provide great quality service.

What is Tarkarli famous for?

Tarkarli is a coastal village in Malvan. The place is filled with clean and calm white sand beaches on the Arabian Sea which have also won acclaim including the best beaches in the Konkan region.

Also, another famous attraction here is the water-sports and the scuba diving institute that runs different courses.

Which is the best time to visit Tarkarli?

The best time to plan a visit to Tarkarli is during the winter months from October to March. Around this time the town has comfortable weather with lower temperatures. Besides this, monsoons too are a good time for traveling as the entire place looks beautiful and vibrant in the rains.

If you don't mind the warm weather then you can visit Tarkarli during summers as the beaches here are a pleasant surprise.

How many days are enough to visit Tarkarli?

A trip of 2-3 days would be sufficient to visit Tarkarli and all its popular spots. During this short trip you can visit the Devbagh Beach, Tarkarli Beach, Sindhudurg Fort and many other attractions as well as enjoy the water activities that are offered here including scuba diving.

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