Nightlife in Phi Phi

If you are planning a budget friendly trip to Thailand, don’t miss the golden opportunity of enjoying the vibrant and lively nightlife in Phi Phi Islands which has been the topic of conversation all over the world. Not only have the islands featured in Hollywood blockbuster The Beach, but the happening bars and nightclubs are also famous for their buzzing atmosphere, energetic music, and panoramic views. Phi Phi island nightlife is entertaining and fun.

From brilliant fire shows that will take your breath away to live Muay Thai kickboxing matches – partying in Koh Phi Phi is truly one hell of an experience. Patrons can also learn the dangerous art of swinging a burning metal chain all around, or participate in the kickboxing matches. However, we highly recommend indulging in these thrilling activities on your own peril. Enjoy buckets full of spirits and energy drinks – a distinctive feature of partying in Phi Phi. Many clubs also feature beer pong tables and pool tables.

Pool parties are a quintessential part of the typical Phi Phi nightlife experience where you can enjoy views of the Andaman while dancing on the sandy beach. But if that’s not up to your speed – there are several hippie styled restaurants where you can partake in signature cocktails and soothing music without enduring ear-splitting techno beats. Clunky furniture, bamboo thatched bars, salas and hammocks lined with cushions, and indoor dining with toes-in-the-sand experience are part and parcel of this gorgeous island’s nightlife scene.

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Phi Phi Nightlife FAQs

Which are some of the best nightlife experience in Phi Phi island?

Bora Bora Restaurant: The magical and lively Bora Bora is the perfect afterparty place. It is a beachfront property with a free salad bar, free daily soup with meals, and thumping music blasting late into the night. Get chatting with the friendly staff and have a blast discussing politics with the locals. If you show a copy of Bora Bora’s promotional flyer, you can even get free drinks. The wild Hippie restaurant and bar is ideal for getting a simple meal and exploring the local party scene.

Location: Central East Tonsai, Koh Phi Phi.
Timings: 8 am to 11 pm

Ibiza Pool Party: The legendary pool parties at Ibiza House are an unmissable part of the nightlife in Phi Phi Islands. Held thrice every week, the fun starts early and goes on late until dark. Loud music, amazing views of the clear blue sea, and immaculate white sand beaches await you at these gatherings. Make new friends, dance to your heart’s content, and play fun games. Alcohol is served as well, however, the rates may be jacked up.

Location: 225 Moo7, Ao-Nang, Muang, Koh Phi Phi.
Timings: 1 pm to 9 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

Stockholm Syndrome: Tucked away in a cosy corner of Tonsai Village, Stockholm Syndrome is a happening bar and watering hole. There are two floors and the ground floor features fun games like beer pong tables and pool tables, along with a dance floor. The first floor houses a comfortable and stylish lounge where you can drink in peace. The lively atmosphere will put anyone in a party mood. The drink rates are on the expensive side, but on a par with those of other bars in Phi Phi.

Location: 81000, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi.
Timings: 5 pm to 3 am

Phi Phi Reggae Bar: The famous Reggae Bar is an integral part of Phi Phi island nightlife. With its electric energy, loud beats, and live Muay Thai Kickboxing matches - it is an unmissable destination in Phi Phi. You can even participate in a kickboxing match yourself! A flat-screen TV shows major sports tournaments and there is a range of signature cocktails to choose from. A sure-fire way of getting drunk quickly is to buy one of the ‘buckets’ of drinks available here.

Location: Central Tonsai by Jordan’s Irish Pub.
Timings: 5 pm to 2 am

Carlito’s Beach Bar & Nightclub: The beachfront property is famous for its buzzing atmosphere and famous fire poi dancing. The latter is a fire show done with swinging chains which starts at 9.30 pm. Patrons can opt to learn the dangerous art too. The show is accompanied by upbeat music and a selection of beers, cocktails, and buckets full of alcohol and energy drinks. Dance the night away at this lovely nightclub and enjoy the free amenities like yoga sessions and WiFi.

Location: Tonsai East, Koh Phi Phi.
Timings: 11 pm to 2 am

What are the best night clubs and pubs in Phi Phi island?

Sunflower Beach Bar & Restaurant: Featuring delicious food, acoustic live music, and brilliant fire shows – Sunflower Bar is a relaxed hangout spot where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the sea. The laid-back ambience is enhanced by hammocks, salas, and mats arranged around a bamboo thatched building.

Location: Viewpoint end of Loh Dalum Beach.
Entry for two: THB 400

Slinky Beach Bar: The open-air disco located right on the beach is one of the coolest places to party in Phi Phi. The bar offers a buffet of choices to keep you entertained throughout the night – face and body painting, mechanical bull rides, fire shows, dancing, and fire skipping. Even the drinks are affordable here!

Location: Central Loh Dalum Beach.
Entry for two: 400

Banana Rooftop Bar: Located on the roof of Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, Banana Rooftop Bar offers stunning views of Loh Dalum. It comprises of two bars, and the entire facility is made of bamboos salsa and thatches, lending it a quintessential hippie vibe. Enjoy thumping music, fire shows, and hula hoop contests at this unique venue.

Location: Central Tonsai, Phi Phi.
Entry for two: THB 520

Apache Beach Bar: Apache Beach Bar is an essential part of nightlife in Phi Phi Islands because if its open-air disco-like vibes. The buzzing atmosphere and techno and house music attracts a crowd that is mostly young. Late into the evening, a fire dance is held for the audience.

Location: Cental Loh Dalum Beach.
Entry for two: THB 300

Dubliner Irish Pub: Located smack in the centre of the busiest part of Tonsai, Dubliner features in-house DJ and live Irish music where you can dance into the night, play pool, or simply enjoy your drinks at the bar. Full Moon parties are held whenever there is a major sports event.

Location: Central Tonsai.
Entry for two: THB 500

Where can we eat in Phi Phi island at night?

Andaman Legacy Seafood: The beachside restaurant is open till 11 pm and offers panoramic views of Phi Phi Ley. Delicious food accompanied by stunning views, gorgeous lighting, and soothing music makes this restaurant stand out.

Carpe Diem: The beach bar and restaurant is located in Tonsai East and it is famous for the mouth-watering International and Thai cuisines served here. Nightly fire shows are also held for entertaining patrons.

Ciao Bella: If you are craving Italian in Phi Phi, Ciao Bella offers sumptuous, authentic Italian food with picturesque vistas. The inside-outside restaurant is located on the beautiful white sandy Lo Dalum beach and is open till 11 pm. Romantic lights hanging from trees and iconic red tables and chairs add to the unique vibe of this lovely restaurant.

Rimlay: Find some interesting food combinations at this beachfront restaurant located in East Tonsai. Grilled half-chicken with veggies and seafood sold by the kilos – Rimlay is definitely an option worth checking out.

Which are the best Beaches in Phi Phi island to enjoy nightlife?

Central Loh Dalum Beach: Popular as the number-one party destination in Koh Phi Phi, Central Loh Dalum features a range of beach bars and nightclubs where you can dance till dawn and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Quintessential fire dance shows, neon lights, buzzing atmosphere, and loud music are the trademarks of this beautiful beach. Some of the most popular night-time hangout spots include Apache Beach Bar, Slinky Bar, and The Beach Bar. The latter is famous for its feet-in-the-sand indoor sitting arrangement and dubstep beats.

Location: Andaman Sea, Thailand.

Loh Dalum Beach: Your experience of nightlife in Phi Phi Islands would be incomplete without exploring the buffet of nightclubs and bars on Loh Dalum. Every night of the week, you can hear the lively music in the establishments flanking the beach. From the famous Chill Out Bar where you can kick back and relax all night to the happening Ibiza Beach Club where in-house DJs keep patrons dancing on the sand till late – Loh Dalum features a range of destinations suitable for everyone.

Location: Andaman Sea, Thailand.

Long Beach: Nightlife at Long Beach is quiet and quaint. There is a beach bar by the pool of Phi Phi The Beach Resort where you can hang out till 9 pm and enjoy delicious cocktails and gorgeous views. Evenings here revolve around card games and backgammon, and there are fire shows held every night at 9. Long Beach is ideal for people who want to enjoy the beauty of Phi Phi without the loud music and tourist crowds of Tonsai.

Location: Ko Phi Phi Don.

Is Phi Phi island a safe place to party at night?

Phi Phi Islands offer a safe place to party at night as the place is free of cars and motorbikes. However, it is not unheard of for thieves and pickpockets to spike patrons’ drinks and pick their wallets and other valuables when they drink too much. It is, therefore, recommended to drink responsibly and avoid shady places at night.

What are the famous night markets in Phi Phi island?

Namlily: Located in the central Tonsai region, this boutique is tiny and quaint – yet features some of the most interesting items on the island. It is run by a French woman who sells customized vintage dresses, beautiful handbags, silver and stone jewellery, and accessories. You can find a wide range of items inspired by American-Indian motifs, as well as Gipsy and Hippie jewellery. The market is open from 9.30 to 10.30 pm.

Super Funky: Right in front of the famous Bora Bora sits a small boutique featuring t-shirts and accessories in 60s and 70s style. There are tonnes of fun clothes in bright and vibrant colours here, not to mention the funny hats, sunglasses, boxers, sarongs and whatnot.

Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway: Open late into the night, the famous alley features over a dozen stalls that sell souvenirs, home décor items, clothes, and other accessories. You can also find beachwear, hats, bandanas, and sunglasses here.

Is Phi Phi Island Expensive?

Nightlife in Phi Phi Islands is an expensive affair, as are the hotels and dorms. The cheapest accommodations start at 500 THB, and you may even have to pay to use the public restrooms. In fact, Phi Phi is one of the priciest places in Thailand and an extended vacation here should be planned well in advance to avoid unexpected charges.

Where can I go in Phi Phi island with family at night?

Phi Phi island nightlife is not limited to bachelors and couples, people who are travelling with families can also have fun at the numerous restaurants and bars.

Chill Out Bar: Located at the eastern side of Loh Dalum, Chill Out is a great place to kick back and relax with the family. The facility features hammocks and mats loaded with cushions so that you and your family can enjoy a few drinks at this laid-back facility without having to endure loud beats.

Sun Flower: The bamboo and thatch bar offers a soothing ambience where you can listen to gentle flutes and Spanish guitar music while enjoying the views of Andaman Sea. With cushions thrown on the sandy beach, Sun Flower is a serene facility for families that do not like ear-splitting music.

The Beach Bar: Clunky furniture and bamboo and thatch setup is the hallmark of this laid-back bar where gentle music is played and the seating arrangements let you dip your toes in the sand. Soothing sounds can be heard till 10 pm, after which the thumping music from the nearby bars starts playing.

Can we get local buses or transportation facilities in Phi Phi island at night?

Phi Phi islands do not feature any motorable roads. Therefore, there are no buses or taxis available on the islands during the day or at night. All the tourist attractions can be reached via bicycles and on foot.

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