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Scuba Diving in Koh Phi Phi Island6 hours
INR 7,295

Dive into a world of adventure under the turquoise blue waters of Phi Phi Islands. With some of the most exciting diving destinations, scuba diving in Phi Phi is full of fun. Promising you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Scuba diving sites in Phi Phi are well known for their rich underwater marine life. Crossing the narrow caverns and rugged crevices while being greeted by sharks and seahorses is something you won’t forget. From diving with the sharks in Hin Pae to the coral gardens of Koh Phi Phi, these diving spots offer a perfect recipe for fun and adventure. With a plethora of beautiful diving destinations, it is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. You can enjoy scuba diving on Phi Phi Island throughout the year.

Enjoy scuba diving with your gang of friends or take your partner for a romantic escapade. This exhilarating activity will be a great addition to your Thailand trip. The spectacular vista of crystal-clear waters kissing the white sand beaches before you plunge yourself into the ocean is an exciting adventure. Scuba diving is an unforgettable experience in Phi Phi island if you want to take a serene break from your busy city life. You can also learn a scuba diving course here from PADI-certified instructors and add another feather to your cap. Phi Phi scuba diving sites, certainly promise to bring out your adventurous spirit.

Best Diving Spots at Phi Phi Islands

Here are some of the best diving spots in Phi Phi Island:

1. Koh Phi Phi: Witness a picturesque vista of limestone hills emerging out of the deep blue waters. Dive here and experience the diversity of colourful marine life and take home a memorable experience. Koh Phi Phi is one of the best destinations for scuba diving in Phi Phi. It is well known for its local reefs and offers a fabulous opportunity for scuba diving and snorkelling. 

2. Ko Bida Nok: If you are an adrenaline junkie, Ko Bida Nok invites you to explore its narrow underwater caves. When you are scuba diving here, you’ll get a chance to witness leopard sharks, seahorses, and ghost pipefish along with a variety of colourful reef fish. At Ko Bida Nok, the experience is breathtaking and you’ll enjoy every minute while scuba diving on Phi Phi Island.

3. Ko Bida Nai: At Ko Bida Nai, you’ll get a chance to dive with sea turtles, black-tip reef sharks and leopard sharks. The diving area starts at a depth of about 26 feet on the southern and western coasts. The maximum depth of this diving site is up to 125 feet on the eastern side of the island. This island is a diver’s favourite. It is often famous as one of the most exciting Phi Phi Island scuba diving destinations to spot some hard corals while navigating through huge boulders

4. Hin Dot: Also called Chimney Rocks, Hin Dot comprises 4 pinnacles. The pinnacles start below sea level and drop down to about 30 metres. This diving site is abundant with a variety of marine life. Some popular species which you can spot here include nurse sharks, groupers, pufferfish, lionfish and many more. Offering a superb experience, this is one of the best places for scuba diving in Phi Phi island. 

5. Hin Pae: Dive with many fishes and swim with the sharks at the Hin Pae diving site. It is no wonder that it is called Baby Shark Point as you can see different types of sharks here. Other popular marine life spots here include crabs, lobsters, angelfish, groupers, snappers and surgeonfish. An excellent spot for snorkelling due to its shallow dive site, Hin Pae is a great Phi Phi scuba diving spot.

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Phi Phi Scuba Diving FAQs

Is scuba diving good in Phi Phi?

Yes, Phi Phi island is a great spot for scuba diving. It has many amazing scuba diving spots like Koh Phi Phi, Hin Dot, and Koh Bida Nok. If you want to learn scuba diving in Phi Phi, there are many acclaimed diving schools here that can teach you on several levels.

How much is scuba diving in Phi Phi Island?

You can opt for a scuba diving tour in Phi Phi Island which starts at INR 7000 approx.. The guided tour under trained PADI instructors for one session allows you to experience the majestic marine life up close. There are many Phi Phi scuba diving packages which you can choose with Thrillophilia for your next adventure.

How deep is the Phi Phi Island scuba diving?

The general depth of the reef slope starts at 6 to 8 metres (26 feet) on the southern side of Phi Phi Islands. It goes as deep as 26-20 metres (100 feet) on the western coast. You can explore the diversity of marine life that thrives in the cliffs which are 100 feet deep. A few of the deepest sites in Phi Phi are Ko Bida Nok and Ko Bida Nai.

How long is the diving course in Koh Phi Phi?

The beginner’s diving course in Koh Phi Phi ranges between 4 to 7 days. The course is ideal for those who want an entry-level certification to gain the skills and knowledge of diving underwater. There are other Phi Phi Island scuba diving courses as well if you are an experienced diver.

How expensive is Phi Phi Island?

A trip to Phi Phi is not expensive. If you plan your vacation in advance and make all the necessary arrangements and bookings, then Phi Phi Island offers a budget vacation. Your average expenses might range between INR 2000 to INR 3000 which includes accommodation, transportation and food.

Phi Phi Scuba Diving Reviews

Brajesh Deshpande
Reviewed: 17 Dec 2019
As an adventure enthusiast, I had a ravishing time scuba diving through the deep trenches of Phi Phi island and I would highly recommend everyone to try koh phi phi scuba. The staff were incredible and very friendly too.

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