Adventure Sports in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Adventure Packages

Duration Price
Tandem Parasailing in Bali6 mins - 1 hour
INR 2,669
Windsurfing in Bali2 hours
INR 3,899
Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Ayung River Rafting in Bali10 hours
INR 4,599
Experience Water Ski in Nusa Dua Beach of Bali15 mins
INR 1,650
ATV Adventure in Bali6 hours
INR 3,347
Scuba Diving in Nusa Penida7 hours
INR 11,055
Scenic Rice Field Trekking in Ubud4 hours
INR 2,399

Adventure sports in Nusa Dua lure a lot of tourists and thrill seekers from across the globe to this spectacular resort destination. These thrilling adventure activities offer you the perfect exhilaration and unfathomable adrenaline rush. Suitable for adventure seekers of all age groups and expertise levels, these activities offer exquisite joy and also test your skills. Beginners also have the chance to learn the techniques of the adventure sports from the highly professional instructors present right at the site.

The broad spectrum of adventure sports Nusa Dua range from water ski and parasailing to wind surfing and banana boat ride. If you have an aversion to water, the wide array of land adventures, like ATV riding and trekking will offer you uncompromised thrill and adrenaline. Mount Batur and rice field trekking are the two most popular hikes offered by Nusa Dua that attract a lot of avid trekkers. Often done by all kinds of travelers, including families, couples, and friends, these adventure sports will not only offer you an action-packed vacation in Nusa Dua, but will also let you take home some unforgettable experiences of being a daredevil.

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Which are the best Adventure Sports to do in Nusa Dua?

1. Water Ski: When at a beach, taking part in a thrilling water sport is a must for all. To add some adrenaline rush to your normal beach vacation, make sure that you take time to try out Water skiing, which is one of the best adventure sports in Nusa Dua. Mostly calmer water bodies are prefered for water skiing and Nusa Dua has plenty of calm beaches that will offer you the opportunity to carry out the sport. In this adventurous sport you are attached to two surface boards on your feet and a strong rope that is attached to the boat is tightly held by the person who stands on the boards. As the boat takes up speed on the water body the person standing on the board and holding onto the rope attached to the boat moves along. Moving along the water body in accordance with the speed of the boat will definitely be a fun ride for you and will give you the best memories for life.
Location: Jl. Pratama, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM

2. Parasailing: A most popular adventurous sport that you can try on your Bali trip is parasailing, which is considered by most tourists as one of the most thrilling adventure sports in Nusa Dua. This fun ride includes a parachute to which a person is attached with strong ropes and belts. Furthermore this parachute is attached to the land vehicle that is controlled by another person who rides it on the sea. The parachute is mainly designed to carry a single person but stronger ones can carry three people at a time too. You can rent the vehicles beforehand and if you are skilled then you can definitely try this sport on your own or else it is always advised to take a skilled instructor if you are a beginner for this adventure.

3. Windsurfing: One of the most fun-filled adventure sports Nusa Dua is windsurfing. Full of stunning beaches and the perfect weather conditions, Nusa Dua is the most ideal place for enjoying windsurfing. Windsurfing is basically a combination of surfing and sailing and can be performed on the Nusa Dua beaches under the guidance of skilled instructors. You can rent the sailboards in advance as this sport is much demanded by most of the visitors. Try to acquire more skills and techniques from the instructors about the sport and experience a thrilling experience with this amazing watersport.

4. Atv Ride: One of the most recommended adventure sports in Nusa Dua for all adrenaline seekers is ATV ride. Mostly used to cross the rough mountainous terrains, an Atv ride experience can be new as well as exciting for everyone trying out this ride. The full name of the ride is all terrain vehicle and it truly justifies the actions that are performed by the vehicle. Mostly a quad vehicle, this vehicle will give you an opportunity to hike along the difficult terrains that you need to cross in any place of the trip. This bike ride doesn’t need any special skills and can be ridden as a normal bike anywhere. Make sure to try out an Atv ride and enjoy a good riding session anywhere in the Nusa Dua beaches along the shores and enjoy the beautiful views of the waves splashing with each other.

5. Mount Batur Trek: Hiking Mount Batur is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in Nusa Dua. A hiking trip to Mount Batur will offer you a thrilling experience and rewarding views that you will remember for life. It is advised to start this hike early in the morning so that you get to witness the beautiful morning sunrise that is totally surreal. Most tourists who go on this hiking trip prefer to watch the beautiful sunrise from the mountain top and love taking beautiful pictures along with nature. Make sure to pack your own food and water for your trip and first aid kits for any kind of emergency.
Location: Bangli Regency, ?Bali?, ?Indonesia

6. Rice Field Trekking: Do not forget to explore the beauty of the lush green fields of Nusa Dua that are worthy of every admiration. Owing to its beauty and solace the green areas and the forest surroundings provide stunning picturesque locations whose memory will forever be etched in your mind. Visiting the place will help you get a proper knowledge about the rice agriculture and irrigation facilities of the place. You can start in the early morning to witness the beautiful sunrise that paints the sky with its colourful hues. Try interacting with the locals and know more about their lifestyle and the food culture of the place.

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