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Nusa Dua, literally translating to “two islands” is named after the two islands on the eastern shoreline of Bali. There is a diverse range of the things to do in Nusa Dua, that make it a delight for travellers. Nusa Dua is best known for its stretch of luxury hotels and resorts complete with markets, shopping complex, boutiques, a 18 hole golf course, grounds for Lawn Tennis and world class restaurants. This part of the Bukit peninsula is just the place to retire to when one wants to take it easy and relax in luxury as part of the holiday agenda.

Nusa Dua is technically away from the rest of the chaos of the island but then museums, temples are only a few miles away and remain easily accessible. One can visit the carved Pura Greger stone temple, known for the intricacies of its carvings. It sits atop a forested scaffold overlooking the ocean. It effectively gives one the feeling that despite being in the most modern and luxurious resort zone of Bali, one is never too far away from the cultural life of the island. For the art lovers, the Museum Pasifika is just the place for a casual stroll to take in the various influences of artistic traditions on the culture of the Asia Pacific region. The paintings remind one of the landscapes and cultural life almost as if in technicolour dreams.

The beaches are alluring and have a section particularly popular for adventure sports activities like jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, snorkelling, etc. As if that is not enough, the tourism experience in Nusa Dua is compounded by bringing in the likes of experiences as one reads about in novels like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island by a recreation of the experiences of stranded sailors and pirates at Pirates Bay. Right from organizing treasure hunts to musical evenings and provision of bamboo decks to look out for help across the ocean, the best things to do in Nusa Dua brings out in essence every bit of basking in a fantasy world.

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We had a great time in parasailing, Lots of fun and Would definitely recommend.

People Also Ask About Nusa Dua Things To Do

  1. What are the adventure sports to enjoy in Nusa Dua?

    Nusa Dua is a great place to enjoy the adrenaline rush that makes adventure sports exciting and memorable. Renowned primarily for its beaches, water sports reign supreme in Nusa Dua. But there are several other exciting adventure options that you can try out too which will add depth and variety to your holiday. Some of the best adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Nusa Dua include:

    • Adventure Trekking
    • Cycling
    • Rock Climbing
    • Canyoning
    • Jet Packing and Jet Biking
    • Paragliding
    • Flying Fish
    • Quad Biking
    • Jet skiing
    • Parasailing
    • Sea Walking
  2. What are the various water sports activities in Nusa Dua?

    If you’re looking to soak in the sun and breath in the salty air in Nusa Dua, its beaches are the perfect places to enjoy yourself in. There is so much in terms of adventure to be had on the beaches that knowing where to begin can often be confusing. But no matter which adventure activities you indulge in when in Nusa Dua, there is a wealth of memories waiting to be created with them. The best of Nusa Dua’s water sports include:

    • Snorkelling
    • Surfing
    • Sea Walking
    • Wakeboarding
    • Parasailing
    • Banana Boat trip
    • Flying Fish
  3. Which are the best places for scuba diving and snorkeling in Nusa Dua?

    Scuba diving and snorkelling form a crucial part of Nusa Dua’s water adventures. If you are heading to the region, it is impossible to miss out on a bout or two of these underwater activities. There are many scuba diving and snorkelling schools to be found in and around Nusa Dua, and you can train with them if you are an absolute beginner. Many resorts around the region also offer opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving. While you can enjoy the two activities anywhere around the region, some places are better than the rest. These include:


    • Liberty ShipWreck
    • Manta Point
    • Crystal Bay
    • Secret Bay in Gilimanuk
    • Pemuteran
    • Nusa Penida
    • Nusa Lembongan
    • Sanur
    • Padang bai
    • Candidasa
    • Tulamben
    • Amed
  4. Where to go for Camel rides in Nusa Dua?

    Camel rides are a unique indulgence in Nusa Dua and can only be enjoyed in a select few places. Beaches are the best places to enjoy camel rides in, and riding atop a camel while it walks through the dappling waves will prove to be a memorable experience for all tourists. You can also engage in village camel safaris in Nusa Dua. Camel rides can be enjoyed at:


    • Jimbaran Beach
    • Nikko Beach
    • Tanjung Benoa
  5. Where can I enjoy rice field trekking and ploughing in Nusa Dua?

    Rice fields are a well-known aspect of Bali’s picturesque landscape. The sight of the rippling fields stretching out to the horizon is a beautiful one to experience, and trekking through these fields is a fairytale experience. Light mists forever hang delicately upon the crops, and the scents of fresh earth and blossoming plants delight the senses, bringing peace and harmony to your being. While rice field treks can be enjoyed anywhere in Nusa Dua, some great locations include:

    • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
    • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
    • Tanah Lot Rice Terraces
  6. Which are the best locations for windsurfing in Nusa Dua?

    Windsurfing is very popular amongst tourists in Nusa Dua. Zooming through the salty seas is a wonderful way to create lasting memories of your time in the region, and can be enjoyed at most of the beaches around Nusa Dua. Some of the best locations for windsurfing in the region include:

    • Black Sand Beach
    • Sanur - Kite Beach
    • Geger
    • Tanjung Benoa
    • Pecat
  7. Where can I enjoy Golfing in Nusa Dua?

    If you are looking for some alternate adventure during your trip in Nusa Dua, golfing is a great pastime to enjoy. And golfing in Nusa Dua, with its lush natural greenery and vast, open spaces, is an experience unlike any other. It gives you the chance to enjoy the leisure of golfing along with the serenity of the environment together, thereby making for a lovely activity. Some places where golfing can be enjoyed include:

    • Bali National Golf Club
    • New Kuta Golf
    • Bali Beach Golf Course
    • Bukit Pandawa Golf and Country Club
  8. What are the activities to do at Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua?

    The Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua is a pirate themed restaurant and open-air cafe in the Nusa Dua peninsula. It offers a wide range of options with regard to seafood. One can enjoy a lot more than just food here, since the party culture runs deep in Pirates Bay. Some great activities to enjoy in Pirates Bay are:


    • Enjoy the sight of the sea from the small tree houses
    • Enjoy bonfires
    • Enjoy relaxing on the pirate styled stranded ship in the middle of the Bay
    • Children can enjoy rope walks, flying foxes
    • Children can participate in treasure hunts
    • Musical evenings
    • Cooking together


  9. Where can I go for parasailing in Nusa Dua?

    Parasailing in Nusa Dua is a wonderful way to indulge in adventure. Soaring through the skies as the seas roll below you and paddy fields wave friendlily is an experience that leaves behind beautiful memories that last for life. There are many places where you can enjoy parasailing in Nusa Dua, including:

    • Tanjung Benoa beach
    • Denpasar
    • Kuta beach
    • Pecat

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