Camel Safari in New Delhi

Camel safari tours in New Delhi are one of the commonly planned vacations involving this exciting activity for all age groups. The capital of India, New Delhi is a metropolitan city and is one of the most popular cities in India. When we hear New Delhi the first thing that comes into our mind are historical monuments like Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate and so on. Then there is the famous majestic Kingdom of Dreams that has its own magic.

What many of us miss out on is some activities that are not so famous but a must-do when in Delhi. One such activity would be taking one of the very famous Camel Safari through the villages located near New Delhi. Travelling on the back of a camel through a village and doing village activities like seeing how the spices are made, the pots being baked in the sun and much more, helps the tourists to know more about India and the culture that has been present here for centuries now.

Such Camel Safari Tours in New Delhi must be taken by foreigners who do not know much about India and want to see how the locals have lived in India for so many years. Such tours bring out the authenticity of India and display the true culture present here. Furthermore, New Delhi is situated close to Rajasthan and Jodhpur, which offer lots of tours for different safaris through the deserts of Rajasthan. One can even take the Jeep Safari tour to experience Desert Adventure and enjoy the desolate yet breathtaking views that it has to offer. One can also take a boating and camel ride to Chambal and enjoy the majestic temples present there. The Farm Tour through Jodhpur on a camel is also quite famous. It helps one get to know more and experience the local life found here. These tours are not very famous but they have more to offer than any other activity or monument in New Delhi.

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