Best Water Parks in Nagpur

Offering you a blissful escapade from the summer heat, water parks in Nagpur provide a superb choice for the locals and tourists to enjoy a good weekend or even a weekday. With many adventure rides and thrilling sports, these water parks are a great place to hang out with your loved ones. Places like Krazy Castle Aqua Park are a haven for water babies with many swimming and water-based rides. And if you are looking to take a break over the weekend, parks like Dwarka Water Park allow you to enjoy an overnight stay. 

Nagpur Water Parks treat you with many entertainment options to help you forget your office chores if you are an adult and academic worries if you are a youngster. There are thrilling rides like Striking Cars and Giant Wheel at Highland Park and weekend packages for fun-filled getaways at Fun n Food Village. Whatever you are looking for, these places in Nagpur are sure to bring out the inner kid in you and leave you with many joyous memories for a lifetime.

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Nagpur Water Parks FAQs

Which are the best water parks in Nagpur?

1. Krazy Castle Aqua Park: Also called Crazy Castle Waterpark and Crazy Land Amusement Park, this is one of the water parks in Nagpur located opposite Ambazari Lake. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy a park and a lot of entertainment activities. A branch of M/s Haldiram Foods International Ltd, this water park has a lot of modern facilities which you can enjoy whenever you are looking for a respite. Some of the main attractions of this place are the Zoom Tower, Lazy Crazy River, splash tower, wave pool, pendulum slides etc. Moreover, it is a superb place to have fun with kids as there are many games like Columbus ride, bull ride, dashing car etc. If you are feeling hungry, the place treats you to dining options with fast food like burgers, pizza, sandwiches, pav bhaji, energy drinks etc.

Location: Opp. Ambazari Lake, Ambazari, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010, India
Timings: April – September – Water Park: 11 am to 6 pm October – March – Water Park: 10 am to 5 pm
Amenities: Restaurant, swimming area, entertainment games etc. 

2. Fun n Food Village: With more than 20 amazing rides that are going to satisfy your thirst for adventure, Fun N Food Village is one of the most spectacular water parks in Nagpur. This is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family and will definitely offer you some fantastic memories to cherish. There are two entertainment zones here that have many attractions for adventure lovers. While The Road Show is a zone that will get your adrenaline rushing, there are other attractions like the teen zone as well to offer you a good time. You can also opt for a weekend package here if you want to spend more time amidst the fun and adventure. 

Location: C/o Fun N Food Village, 35Km on Amravati Road, Bazargaon, Teh. & District Nagpur, Maharashtra
Timing: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm 
Amenities: private rooms, corporate/weekend packages, buffet arrangements etc. 

3. Highland Park: Located on Nagpur Amravati Road, Highland Park is one of the most picturesque Nagpur water parks. Encompassed by breathtaking scenery, Highland Park goes by the motto “Up The Hill Full of Thrill''. Offering a plethora of activities that are well-suited for all age groups from youngsters to elders, this place offers a fun gathering for all kinds of events. They also offer many activities to bring out the thrill-seeker in you like archery, rock climbing, go-karting, paintball etc. A few of the best attractions at this water park include Rain Dance, Club House and Horror Show. Moreover, it offers beautiful rooms where you can spend a relaxing weekend amidst the beautiful surroundings. 

Location: Road, Nagpur - Amravati Highway, Waddhamna, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440023
Timing: 9 am to 6 pm 
Amenities: Corporate activities, adventure rides, sports, deluxe rooms, lawn, get together hall etc. 

4. Dwarka Water Park: Perched amidst the scenic locales of Nagpur, Dwarka Water Park attracts thousands of visitors every weekend during the summer days. One of the largest water parks in Nagpur, this place enchants you with different amenities like Water Park, Rain Dance, Club House, Swimming Pool, Restaurant etc. While the foodies can enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant, the adventure lovers can have an amazing time either by the wave pool or boating. If you love to dance, the rain dance rainbow and mountain rain dance slide by the universal pool will definitely help you feel rejoiced. Offering so many activities, this water park is a refreshing respite for everyone. 

Location: Darbar, Saoner Road at Patansaongi, near Waki, Waki, Maharashtra 441113
Timing: 10 am to 6 pm
Amenities: Water pool, rain dance, boating area, wave pool, DJ area etc. 

5. WaghVille: If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a memorable picnic with loved ones, this is one of the best places for you. With many amazing rides, Waghville is a hotspot for all adventure activities among other Nagpur water parks. It is a wonderful place to take along members from all age groups and brace yourself for a remarkable time. The water park also offers refreshments and food options which you can try at the canteen there. 

Location: Umari Wagh, (Valani), Hingna
Timing: 11 am to 7 pm 
Amenities: Canteen, adventure rides etc.

Which are the best water parks in Nagpur to visit with friends?

1. Krazy Castle Aqua Park: With many fun-filled rides that offer a superb time for the youngsters, this water park is a great place to unwind. The premium Nagpur water park also has a restaurant along with many other amenities. 

2. Fun n Food Village: Dazzling you with activities like rain dance and a kid’s pool, this is one of the best water parks in Nagpur to visit with your gang. Some of the popular rides you can enjoy here are Speed Coaster, Aqua Shite and Twister. 

3. Highland Park: Enjoy a refreshing getaway with loved ones at Highland Park when you are in Nagpur. It is a great place to enjoy adventure activities along with thrilling rides to get your adrenaline rushing.

How to reach Fun n Food Village Nagpur?

Fun n Food Village is located Amravati Road, Bazargaon, &, Teh, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440023. You can go by your own vehicle, hire a cab or take a bus to reach Fun n Food Village in Nagpur. It is located about 20 km away from the city centre.

Do water parks in Nagpur provide lockers to store valuables?

Yes, there are lockers to store valuables at water parks in Nagpur. However, you must check with the place by calling them or checking on their website among the Nagpur Water Parks where you are going beforehand.

What is the ticket to Krazy Castle Aqua Park?

The ticket of Krazy Castle Aqua Park is as follows:
1. Monday to Saturday: Adult: INR 450, Children: INR 280, Senior Citizen: INR 280
2. Sunday and Public Holidays: INR 490, Children INR 280, Senior Citizen: INR 280

What is the entry fee of Fun N Food Village?

The entry fee of Fun N Food Village ranges between INR 799 to INR 1199. The criterion for the price package varies as per child or adult and the day of the week. It is usually higher on the weekends and public holidays

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