Best Homestays in Matheran

Homestays in Matheran

Matheran homestay lets you enjoy a memorable holiday while having a peaceful staycation at a place like home. From personal kitchenettes to separate cottages, these homestays make sure that you enjoy the most important aspect of a vacation - utmost comfort and convenience. Residing in the beautiful vicinity of the Western Ghats, Matheran has a lot of tourist footfalls, hence the place corroborates that people feel home away from home.

Matheran Homestays make sure that in addition to the amenities, you also enjoy the best of nature. Places like Paris Manor and Fleetwood House provide you with a perfect setting to admire the beauty of misty valleys, winding trails and lush green forests.

Homestays in Matheran are perfect for visitors as they also provide numerous activities such as bonfire, trekking, outdoor barbeque, and much more. Packed with the above elements, these homestays give you a feel of your own house, but at a quiet place where you can enjoy yourself amidst nature.
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Matheran Homestays FAQs

What are some of the best homestays in Matheran?

1. Luxury Colonial Homestay (Dune Barr House): This Homestay in Matheran is a perfect option for the visitors looking for a bungalow with a modern design and charming interior. The Homestay offers five bedrooms and mesmerizing views around the home. It is indeed a luxury homestay for a large group of people and families. Some of the best features include, free parking, the place is suitable for events, pets are allowed.

Rate: INR 4500 Per head and 44995 for a night.
Location: Charlotte Lake Road, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102.

2. Parsi Manor: It is amongst the oldest homestays in Matheran. It is a 19th-century colonial bungalow homestay, serving with the old charm and delectable cuisine. Featuring vintage wooden furniture and amazing wooden finish interior, this place is a must-visit. Some of the best features include, breakfast in the bed.

Rate: INR 4900 per night.
Location: Near Charlotte Lake, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102.

3. Regency Stay In A Beautiful Estate (Adamo Resort): One looking for a homestay with an old retro style must give a visit to this place. This Homestay features a boutique hotel and a swimming pool, the lush green lawn and the grand bedrooms with many facilities indoors. Some exciting features that they offer are, Ac rooms, Swimming pool, free parking lot and Wifi.

Rate: INR 6595 per night.
Location: Adamo The Resort, Opp Mahaveer Swami Jain Temple, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102.

4. Fleetwood House: A white building with the red-tiled roof, the Fleetwood homestay is a perfect place for those who are looking for peace and seclusion. The facilities include a cook, availability of numerous board games, and a great durable hammock to chill and relax. Situated at a 10 minutes distance from the one tree hill point. One can reach the Homestay by foot.

Rate: INR 3000, per night.
Location: Situated at a 10 minutes distance from the one tree hill point. One can reach the Homestay by foot.

5. Pragati Cottage: If you are looking for an affordable Matheran Homestay, then Pragati Cottage is a definite answer to that. It is budget-friendly and is a decent place to stay. The homestay provides all the basic amenities such as clean rooms, and bathrooms, free parking, laundry service, lavish restaurant, a beautiful lawn, daily housekeeping, and facility of a caretaker.

Rate: INR 2000 per head.
Location: Railway Station, Matheran, Maharashtra 401002.

What are the budget homestays in Matheran?

The Budget homestays in Matheran to visit with family are:

1. Janani Cottage: It is a few steps from Charlotte lake. It will cost you INR 1999 for a night. Some features that are not available at this homestay are, NO pets allowed, No internet access available; however, one gets a full kitchen facility, Smoke-free rooms, lodging facility, housekeeping service, and much more.

2. The Preeti Homestay: The Homestay location is between the panorama point and 549m away from Charlotte Lake. The Homestay charges INR 2000 for a night. Some of the features include, availability of restaurant, breakfast is available each morning, free Wifi, and room service.

3. The R wood Resort: The Homestay features a good garden and amazing viewpoint, located at the Matheran, a 6-minute walk from Charlotte Lake. The Homestay charges INR 3000 per head. One can get features such as AC rooms, outdoor gardens, and swimming pools.

4. The Matheran Bungalow: This is one of the best places with a friendly budget of INR 2500 for one night. Located at the 61mi away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Mumbai Airport. Basic amenities include, free WiFi, parking available, pet friendly, availability of Breakfast every morning, long beds, and much more.

What kind of amenities do homestays in Matheran provide?

Numerous Matheran homestays feature basic Amenities like television, and open space depends on one's budget.

- The amenities increase; for example, most of the expensive homestays in Matheran offer WIFI, Swimming pools, Grand bedrooms, Door services, and so on.
- Some of the homestays also allow pets where others do not; some offer completely meals and drinks where some don't.
- Some homestays charge as per head with a meal where some charge as per the night.
- As per the budget of an individual, the features are divided. Before booking any of the Homestays, do look for the amenities you require, and then it is preferred to book.

What are the lowest & highest price homestays in Matheran?

The Rate of the Matheran homestays differs according to the features; the highest-paid Homestay in the Matheran is the Luxury Colonial Homestay, which charges INR 44995 per night, which includes the food and excellent service. Whereas the lowest affordable Homestay is The Pragati homestay that charges INR 2000 for a night

Are homestays safe for couples?

Homestays are safe for the couples in the Matheran if one follows the criteria.

- Always look for a good location with a busy neighborhood.
- Carry Id proof.
- Don't forget to check in the luggage before checking out.
- If you are new to the place, don't talk much to unknown people.

Can I make my food in homestays at Matheran?

Some of the homestays in Matheran offer kitchen access, but not all, if you want to cook your meal, check for the option in the Homestay additional list beforehand.

Am I allowed to bring my pets?

Some of the homestays allow pets and are pet friendly while most of the homestays do not allow a pet so as to maintain their furniture and rooms.

Which is the best time to visit Matheran?

1. Monsoons: The best time to visit Matheran will be the monsoon season that lasts between June to November. The enchanted rain will amaze you, and you will enjoy the chilling of the wind during this season.

2. Winters: If you are fond of sightseeing, then winters are a perfect time for the same. The winter season lasts from November till February. Experience the chilly wind when you are out to watch the amazing sunset.

3. Summer: The summer time lasts from March to May. Although you won’t be able to get an experience of the brisk winters as the temperatures go up to 35 degrees in summers, you will be able to enjoy the forest safari, as well as trekking.

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