Tsurphu Monastery, Lhasa - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Tsurphu Monastery

While in Tibet you will have a lot of options for exploring the monastery. In between them Tsurphu Monastery is a must visit place for you in Tibet. Tsurphu Monastery is an a gompa which serves as the customary seat of the Karmapa, the leader of the Karma Kagyu heredity of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery stands at an elevation of 14,100 ft above .It was built amidst the valley confronting south with high mountains encompassing the complex. This religious community is said to be produced using the hairs of 100,000 dakinis, the black hat, decorated with gold is currently kept at Rubtek Monastery in Sikkim, India.

Highlights: The monastery has an extremely well known religious celebration once in consistently and that is constantly held around Saka Dawa (birthday of Lord Buddha) which falls in the fourth lunar month. This religious celebration as a rule goes on for four days. Cham (religious move) was performed by nearby friars in the monastery by wearing assortment of defender and divinities' veils with traditions.

Location: It is located in Gurum in Doilungdêqên District, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, 70 kilometres from Lhasa.

Price: The entry is free of cost.
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