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Laos Tour Packages

Pack your bags as you go through the Laos Tour Packages. Rugged mountains, underground river caves on jungle ziplines, a bullfrog hiding amongst the reeds, keeping cool in the Mekong's mud, several lizards clinging to blades of overgrown grass, unearthed and washed up carved artifacts, artifacts that had been resting in their earthen beds for hundreds of years upon the beach, down the banks of the Mekong, aureate walls jeweled with palm green, the hazy lamp that has a shade textured like a gas planet in an ancient Buddhist temple, young gypsy thoughts of  saffron-robed monks wandering Luang Prabang, stars clinking like glass and then fall out of place and drop in some farmers’ field of rice in a landlocked country, Laos – a place that exists out of many mysteries across linear and territorial explorations.


Laos is a place where lush greens spread upon peeking peeks, human eyes’ navigates the way to glistening treasure of ever changing colors of the deep green valleys, creating an orgasmic mess of the soul drenched in the cultural courtesy of disappeared times of history, where the lotus eaters exhibit their art of native farming and art framing, a place where even the capital city maintains a sleepy, rural vibe, and everything from the rice fields to the waterfalls looks like a scene from an exotic movie.

Laos Tour Packages are the way your hormones reciprocate to unexpected dream like experiences – endless – like a dream poster blanketed all around. Would you like to watch sun and moon playing their routine games over here? You are surely going to love their show.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
3 Days Biking Tour in Luang Prabang 3D 2N ₹ 7757 4.0 star View Details
Indochina Cycling Trip from Hanoi to Vientiane 16D 15N ₹ 105463 4.0 star View Details
3 Days Trekking to Phou Nongkhuay near Luang Prabang 3D 2N ₹ 8506 4.0 star View Details
Cycling Trip from Hanoi to Luang Prabang 10D 9N ₹ 85051 4.0 star View Details
  • l
    Luang Prabang
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting 3 days 2 nights biking tour in Luang Prabang and get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of the countryside.Start your tour at 8:00 AM riding through the villages  while enjoying the stunning views of the region.Reach the San...

    Very Good 4.0
    30 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d16 Days n15 Nights

    About the Activity: This Vietnam and Laos biking tours start in Hanoi and finishes in Vientiane, the capital city in Northern Laos.Cycling distance is approximately 812 km. The road is a bit hilly but you will be able to see the beautiful and peaceful mountains of Sapa,...

    Very Good 4.0
    24 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    Luang Prabang
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:This three day trekking takes you to find the solacing beauty of the hilly as well as valley regions of Laos. Contribute more energy towards conquering the trails.Start your trip from Luang Prabang around 09:00 AM and get driven to the south on the rou...

    Very Good 4.0
    26 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    Luang Prabang
    d10 Days n9 Nights

    About the Activity: Embark on this cycling trip from Vietnam to Laos and marvel at the rich culture and heritage as well as beautiful surroundings. Arrive in Ha Noi, listen to the tour briefing and then enjoy an overnight night train to Lao Cai.Famous for its breathtakin...

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

    Starting from




Waterfalls Of The Bolaven Plateus

Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos is popular for its incredible landscape, ethnic towns and unexplored corners. It's presumably best known for being home to some of Southeast Asia's most awesome waterfalls including Tad Fane and Dong Hua Sao (otherwise known as Taat Fang). The level's rise goes around from 1,000 to 1,350 meters above ocean level and here the climate all in all is milder than whatever is left of the nation, getting cool, particularly during the evening. Its ripe fields permit ranchers to deliver a portion of the best tea and espresso in the nation (espresso remains Laos' greatest horticultural fare.) Tourism has ended up another critical wellspring of wage for local people as the territory has practically boundless trekking and daytrip opportunities.

Highlights – Southern Laos by scooter, Ban Saphai, Tad Fane, Tad Yuang Gneuang, Uttayan Bajiang.

Location - Southern Laos

Vieng Xai

Vieng Xai (likewise Vieng Xay, Vieng Sai) is a region and town in Hua Phan Province. The town is situated on Route 6, 30 Km from Sam Neua (Province capital) and 55 km from the Vietnam/Laos outskirt in Na Meo. The greatest fascination of the town are the caverns. The previous Pathet Lao central command of Vieng Xai sit in a striking valley of prolific slopes and limestone bluffs loaded with caverns, a few of which were utilized to shield the Pathet Lao officers amid the second indo-china war. Amid the 1960s, political improvements in Laos were compelling later on of this entire locale. The United States trusted that Laos was urgent in the counteractive action of comrade extension, so this little nation got to be made up for lost time in the contention between the US and the north Vietnamese.

Highlights – Vieng Xai Caves visitor centre

Location - Laos

Black Stupa (That Dam)

That Dam, or black stupa, is located on a quiet roundabout not far from Talat Sao (the morning market) and the American Embassy. That in Laotian refers to an inverted bell shape (or unopened lotus flower) structure that usually contains relics of the Buddha. Legend has it that a seven-headed water serpent – a ‘Naga’ lived here to protect the stupa that was once covered in pure gold.

During the Siamese-Laotian war in the 1820s, the gold was pillaged and taken to Siam, now Thailand, leaving the legacy that is the black stupa today. Known as the ‘Black Stupa', many locals believe this mythological structure was once inhabited by a seven-headed dragon (now dormant) that stood to protect the city from the threat of the Siamese.

: Known as the ‘Black Stupa', many locals believe this mythological structure was once inhabited by a seven-headed dragon (now dormant) that stood to protect the city from the threat of the Siamese.

: Chantha Khoumane Road, Vientiane

Patuxai Victory Monument

With its crenellated upper level topped with five ornate towers in the traditional Laos style, the Patuxai Victory Monument cuts a distinctive figure on the Vientiane skyline. It forms the centre piece of Patuxai Park, and is dedicated to the Laos who were killed in the fight to gain independence from France, as well as from the nation’s earlier occupiers, Siam and Japan.


: Patuxai was built between 1957 and 1968 using funds from the U.S. government.

Opening Hours
: From 08:00 to 16:30 on Mondays to Fridays, and 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

: Patuxai is situated at the far end of Thanon Lane Xang in the government and diplomatic district. The monument sits on the large ‘island’ formed where the avenue splits into two, opposite the Ministry of Justice to the south and the Prime Minister’s office to the north.

Mekong River boat trip

At 4,350 km, River Mekong is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The Lower Mekong forms a part of the border of Burma (Myanmar) and Laos, and of Laos and Thailand. Two typical journeys along the Mekong areA Three-day cruisethat begins at theSiem Reap, covering Chnok Trou (the floating village), the Kampong Chhnang, the Kompong Tralech, the Koh Chen and finishes at the Phnom Penh. Low water at Tonle Sap Lake can alter this itinerary.

A Seven-day cruisefromthe Siem Reap, a cruise covering the Chnok Tru, the Kompong Chhnang, the Kompong Tralach, the Phnom Penh, the Koh Dek Chau, Chau Doc, the Vinh Long, the Cai Be, the My Theo and finishes at the Ho Chi Minh City. Most river ships on the Mekong have been built recently, and artful replicas of the “colonial” river steamers have been done, accommodating less than a hundred passengers. The cabins, in general, are quite comfortable and practical though recent additions include luxurious options.

Morning Market

Vientiane Talaat Sao, the morning market is widely known for offering a wonderful selection of the local offerings, mostly of fabric-based stuff. The stalls and shops stay open from early till about 17:00. The indoor market, older and newer malls have been fused together to make Talaat Sao the favored shopping centre for both the locals and the visitors. Mostly the indoor mall keeps featuring household appliances, the knock-off electronics and watches. A few vendors sell delicious Lao ice cream sundaes with yummy coconut ice-cream, nuts, jelly sweets and sticky rice. For buying a sinh, traditional Lao skirt, and endless choices of fabrics are available. Silk scarves, wooden boxes, carvings and bowls are scattered over shops.

 There are shops selling snakes in trinkets and Lao whiskey. Lao herbal remedies are sold. The older mall, opposite of the bus station is of three storeys selling Western as well as Lao clothing alongside electronic goods. Those desperate for parts for a phone, laptops or cameras, find this the ideal place to visit. If one has been looking for traditional styles, the Lao Cotton keeps quality stuff, so does few other shops. The newer mall attempts to raise the standards, and thus features high-end cosmetics, accessories, gold traders and better electronics.

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng (additionally Vang Viang) is a riverside town in Central Laos. The town hosts been known as a get-together destination for quite a long time, and whilst regardless this remaining parts more open air situated exercises are currently accessible, for example, mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, giving in, swimming and shake climbing. Vang Vieng is on Highway #13 in the middle of Vientiane and Luang Prabang - by transport (street and transport conditions allowing) around 6-8 hrs from Luang Prabang, around 3-4 hr from Vientiane. Thruway #13 is a two-path street in genuinely great condition with the exception of a couple knocks nearer to the urban communities, nothing to stress over. The street between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang is rocky and brags astounding view and also beneficial looks of Lao town life.

Highlights – Tubing, Lao-style steam sauna, Kayaking the river, High swings

Location - Central Laos

Best time to visit: All around the year


Pak Ou Caves

Luang Prabang is highly popular for these limestone caves located near river Mekong. The Pak Oh Caves have been known as a place of worship over a thousand years. Near the Pak Ou (mouth of River Ou) the Tham Ting or the lower cave and the Tham Theung, or the upper cave overlook River Mekong, 25 km to north of Luang Prabang, Laos. This group of two caves on the west of Mekong, about two hours upstream from centre of Luang Prabang have become pretty well known to tourists.

These caves are mainly noted for the miniature Buddha sculptures. Innumerous small and damaged wooden Buddhist figures have been laid out on the wall shelves taking positions, including that of peace, rain, meditation, teaching, and reclining (or nirvana). One can reach the Pak Ou caves by boat. The trip takes about 2 hours upstream from the Luang Prabang with a magnificent scenery along River Mekong and the limestone mountains. The way back downstream consumes over an hour. One may alternatively go by a tuk tuk, cab or minivan to the Ban Pak Ou village that’s opposite of caves on the other side of the river.

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Laos

  • Q. What are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Laos?

    Laos is a wonderland, with a 'back-in-time' feel to it and with a truly friendly population combined with atmospheric Buddhist temples, places of interest and enigmatic heritage sites, you are guaranteed a roller coaster of a cultural ride in exploring this country.

    •          4,000 Islands - The waters of the Mekong River are the habitat of the rare Irrawaddy dolphin, which is easily identified by its bulging head and can often be spotted around the 4,000 Islands.
    •          Bokeo - old temples and quaint villages, but Bokeo also offers a fantastic peek at some stunning natural rainforests, which visitors can see from the unique treehouses located above the green canopies. From here, tourists can spend a night in the wilderness, zipline through the trees, or walk the swinging rope bridges that connect the houses.
    •          Bolaven Plateau - home to some stunning nature, including some of the most magnificent waterfalls in Laos.
    •          Kuang Si Waterfalls - Near the bottom of the falls, the pools become larger and are a great spot for a swim or just for dipping the feet as a relief from the oppressive jungle heat.
    •          Lao National Museum - wide and varied collection of artifacts from Laos throughout history, from Khmer sculptures to dinosaur bones that have been found within the region.
    •          Luang-Prabang - Luang-Prabang has a history of human civilization dating back thousands of years, and this small town, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and rivers, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    •          Mount Phousi - Mount Phou Si is a large hill that creates a distinctive part of the skyline in the center of this city. Legend tells that releasing a bird at the top of the hill will bring good luck and happiness.
    •          Organic Silk Farm - Spinning, reeling, dyeing, and weaving are all done on the farm property and by villagers in their own homes, and the final results are some truly beautiful silks, dyed with natural ingredients like indigo and jackfruit, which are sold in the farm’s gift shop.
    •          Pak Ou Caves - The Mekong River is one of the longest rivers in the world, and it runs through Laos surrounded by tall limestone cliffs.
    •          Pakse - akse is the capital of the Champasak province and contains lots of beautiful French colonial architecture. Visitors to Pakse can visit several lavish Buddhist temples and explore the history of the region at the Champasak Historical Heritage Museum, where they will find examples of jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, and other pieces of Laotian cultural history.
    •          Patuxai Monument - It’s very reminiscent of the famous French Arc de Triomphe, but with a Laotian touch, such as the images and depictions of Hindu gods on the ceiling. Visitors to the Patuxai Monument can climb seven flights of stairs to reach the flowers at the top, where an observation deck provides a lovely view of the capital city of Laos.
    •          Pha That Luang - The beautiful temple, with its pointed towers that are literally covered in gold, is an iconic symbol of the city of Vientiane. The outdoor area of the stupa, which contains gardens, statues, and monuments, is free to explore.
    •          Plain of Jars - The Plain of Jars is a truly fascinating site of huge round stones with hollowed out centers.
    •          Riverside Night Market - The red-roofed stalls of the Vientiane Night Market open each evening around sunset, turning this site on the banks of the Mekong River, alive with lights, music, and noise each night.
    •          Royal Palace Museum - the architectural style of the Royal Palace Museum comprises both French and Laotian components.
    •          Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre - The Asian black bear, sometimes known as the moon bear, is an endangered species that is poached for the bile from its gall bladder.
    •          That Ing Hang Stupa - Built of stone in the 16th century, the stupa marks the place where the Buddha once stopped to rest while he was sick.
    •          Vang Vieng - The caves, cliffs, waters, and stunning beauty of this small town make it a perfect destination for travelers seeking adventure.
    •          Vat Phou - Vat Phou sits at the base of Mount Phu Kao, and contains over 6 square miles of temples, shrines, and the remains of landscaping that was once incredibly well curated.
    •          Wat Dane Soung Jungle Temple - This small but significant temple is carved from rock beneath an overhang, and features many images of the Buddha, also carved from the walls of stone.
    •          Wat Ho Phra Keo - Beautiful carvings on the doors and architecture, Buddha statues, and images of dragons embellish this lavish place, while the peaceful gardens outside are shady and quiet
    •          Wat Si Saket - an active Buddhist temple surrounded by tropical fruit trees, with a five-tiered roof, a beautiful veranda, and some ornate décor
    •          Wat Xieng Thong - Xieng Thong is a stunning example of a beautiful Buddhist temple in a city that is already renowned for containing many beautiful Buddhist temples.
    •          Xieng Khuan Park - Xieng Khuan is also called Buddha Park, and it is a sculpture park located on the banks of the Mekong River about 15 miles away from Vientiane.

  • Q. Which are the best areas for a food tour in Laos?

    When you want something quick, cheap and portable, Vientiane street food is for you. Here are the best places to get it.

    •          Ban Anou Night Market, the market sets up every evening along the Khoun Boulom road, near the corner of Chao Anou.
    •          Lane Xang, Vientiane’s widest boulevard, running from the Presidential Palace all the way towards Pha That Luang.
    •          Pha That Luang, You can find a smaller, less touristy food market up near Pha That Luang, the large Buddhist stupa and a National symbol of Laos.
    •          Ban Haysoke, Located at the junction of Rue Hengboun and Chao Anou Road, Ban Haysoke is a great place to find some proper Laotian food.
    •          Mekong River, The night bazaar, one of the most popular night markets, runs alongside the Mekong.

  • Q. Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Laos?

    When having a journey, visitors take care of not only exciting activites, awesome spots but also attractive places for shopping. The capital of Vientiane is a tourist paradise and also has many interesting shopping sites. these following are 6 fascinating markets and stores for shopping in Vientiane. Laos is an excellent destination for anyone interested in picking up elaborate handicrafts. Hill-tribe silks, arts, crafts, home-furnishings, jewellery and couture quality textiles dominate the market. Although many of these products are available in Thailand, some of the things listed above are unique to Laos and its hill-tribes.

    •          Vientiane Night Market
    •          Talat Sao Morning Market
    •          Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles
    •          Oot Ni Gallery
    •          Ministry of Silk Fashion Shop
    •          T’Shop Lai Gallery

  • Q. What are the best nightlife experiences in Laos?

    Vientiane is not only a vibrant and bustling city during the day but at night, it is also incredibly exciting and interesting. Walking around Vientiane at night, you will be impressed by this warm and beautiful capital. Here are a few attractive places we recommend you to experience the nightlife in Vientiane:

    •          Night Market Vientiane

    The night market is one of the most things to see Vientiane at night. All activities of life seem to move towards the market.

    •          SinBuaHuong Barbeque Street

    SinBuaHuong Street is best known for barbeque foods and its best price. Barbecue is the popular dining trends in Laos. Enjoying foods and sipping a beer bottle on the street, tourists will have a great night with awesome feelings about the vibrant nightlight of people here.

    •          The dams along the Mekong River

    walking on the dams along the Meking River and breathing the cool air from the river are wonderful experiences. This is also a favorite place to play the night of Laotians.

    •          Night Market Vientiane

    Vang Vieng nightlife offers drinking and lots of it. While the infamous ‘shroom special shakes’ can do the job without any help from synthetic stimulants, more experienced travellers tend to chill out with beers or drinks that they are familiar with.

    •          Bokeo Nightlife

    Bokeo is the smallest province in Laos and visitors might have a difficult time looking for a decent large and busy bar to drink in. Bokeo's spotlight is focused more on its traditional ways.

    Laos nightlife has had quite a paradoxical character: From the extremes of the opium culture that infiltrated the country during the late sixties and early seventies, to the enforced curfew into the late seventies and beyond. Now, perhaps it has it found its equilibrium as the 'sleepy town' of the region yet with Southeast Asia's best beer.

  • Q. Which are the top tours for a cultural experience in Laos?

    Explore the beauty of Laos’ culture and natural wonders where small group tour offers you a chance to be engaged in the real countryside life, a chance to experience rural farming, discovering all there is to know about Laos textiles, experience Almsgiving ceremony and visit morning market, former Royal Palace, and get to know the Baci ceremonies that are performed to commemorate life events like births, marriages and deaths.

    •          Pak Ou Caves and Kuang Si Fall Day Tour
    •          Rice Cultivation and Kuang Si Waterfall from Luang Prabang Full-Day
    •          Full-Day Luang Prabang Rural Farm Experience
    •          Half day Luang Prabang City Tour
    •          Baci Ceremony in Luang Prabang with Transfers
    •          Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre from Luang Prabang
    •          Almsgiving Ceremony in Luang Prabang with a Local Guide
    •          Boloven Plateau Full-Day Tour from Pakse
    •          Private Tour: Cultural Experience in Luang Prabang
    •          Luang Prabang Bike Tour to Ban Chan Village with Family Lunch
    •          Half day Living Land Farm Experience
    •          Forest Retreat Laos (Eco Tourism Specialist) (Luang Namtha)
    •          Green Discovery (Pakse)
    •          Tuk Tuk Safari (Vientiane)
    •          Bounmi Cruises (Luang Prabang)
    •          Xplore-Asia Day Tour (Pakse)
    •          Buffalo Tours (Luang Prabang)
    •          Jewel Travel Laos - Day Tours (Luang Prabang)

  • Q. Which are the best night tours in Laos?

    You’ll find lots of small and friendly bars and pubs, often serving specialties from their original country. The best way to explore is simply to just walk around downtown until a place calls your name

    • 4-Night Laos Tour to Luang Prabang from Vientiane by Air.

    Day 1: Vientiane

    Day 2: Vientiane – Luang Prabang

    Day 3: Pak Ou Caves

    Day 4: Luang Prabang

    Day 5: Luang Prabang

  • Q. What are the best sightseeing tours/places in Laos?

    DAY 1 Luang Prabang

    After arrival at the airport pick up by our local guide and transfer to the hotel. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

    For the next day you may discuss with your guide about the possibility of an early start. Each morning at about 05.30 the monks will go for the alms round “Tak Bat”. If you are interested, you can observe and partake in this for Buddhist important ritual. There is also the possibility to visit the lively fresh market before returning to the hotel for breakfast.

    DAY 2 City Tour

    After breakfast the tour starts with the Royal Palace Museum, giving you an overview of the local past. The next stop is by the Wat Xiengthong. This gorgeous temple is built in classical Luang Prabang style and has a roof which is almost touching the ground. Continue to the Wat Mai with the unique 5 tiered roof and the watermelon shaped Wat Visoun.

    Early afternoon visit the interesting Arts and Ethnology Centre where you get the knowhow about the culture and ethnic mixture of Laos. Next is a stop at Ban Xangkhong and Ban Xienglek, known for their superb textile-weaving products. In the later afternoon visit Mt. Phousi. The view over the Mekong River and the city of Luang Prabang is fantastic as well as the sunset. Transfer back to the hotel for overnight.

    DAY 3 Luang Prabang – Kuang Si Waterfall

    Follow breakfast short drive to the silk weaving center Ock Pop Tock. All the different process steps of silk weaving will be shown and explained. On the way to the Kuang Si Waterfall is an option to visit the villages of the Khmu, Hmong and Lao Loum ethnic groups. After reaching the stunning waterfall, you can relax and swim in the clear pool or take a walk along the jungle trails. Before returning back to the hotel, stop by the nearby Bear Rescue Centre. Their main task, besides protecting the rare Asiatic Black Bear, is to rehabilitate them, after rescuing the bears from poachers. Afterwards transfer back to your hotel.

    The afternoon is at your leisure.

    DAY 4 Luang Prabang – Pakse – Champasak

    After breakfast transfer to the airport and flight to Pakse in the southern part of Laos. After arrival drive with the local guide to Champasak. Continue further to the Wat Phou temple, one of the outstanding highlight of Laos. The Khmer temple, built in the 5th century, predates the world famous structures at Angkor in Cambodia. After the extensive visit transfer back to Champasak. Check in at the hotel for overnight.

    DAY 5 Champasak – 4,000 Islands – Champasak

    Early morning breakfast, then drive south to the boat pier at Ban Hatsaikhone and private cruise to the 4,000 Islands. At Don Khone you have time to relax and eat something. Then easy bicycle ride along the old French built railway, passing old Colonial buildings, then stop at the picturesque Liphi Waterfall. After back to the boat and return to the mainland. You visit the most powerful and one of the largest waterfalls in whole Southeast Asia, the Khone Phapheng Falls.  In the later afternoon transfer back to Champasak with overnight at the hotel.

    DAY 6 Champasak – Pakse Airport

    After breakfast spend the remaining hours till the transfer to the airport at your own leisure.

  • Q. What are the top national parks to tour in Laos?

    If you desire to get immersed in wild nature, truly. The laid-back country owns the pristine and friendly national parks including precious wildlife, unspoiled rivers, dreamlike lakes, charming waterfalls, and more. The “Land of A Million Elephants” offers the best ecotourism that you’ve ever found in the world. Discover its untouched corners now. Laos embraces the intriguing history, culture, and nature for travelers worldwide to cherish. Being the single landlocked region in Southeast Asia, the country of Laos is gifted with diverse terrains and picturesque mountains, caves, and rivers for all-season ecotourism. This might be the most pristine and stunning country for your nature-friendly escapade. The Lao Government has created 20 National Protected Areas, which cover 14% of the country’s land area. Eco-tourism is on the rise, and offers local tribes a sustainable livelihood instead of logging or poaching.

    •          Bokeo Nature Reserve in Northwestern province of Bokeo, which borders both Myanmar and Thailand.
    •          Dong Natad National Protected Area, northeast of Savannakhet
    •          Dong Phou Vieng National Protected Area, central Laos
    •          Phou Khao Khuay National Protected Area, 30 miles (48 km) from Vientiane
    •          Nam Ha National Protected Area, northeastern corner of Laos
    •          Phou Daen Din National Protected Area, Phongsali
    •          Phou Hin Poun National Protected Area, Khammuan Province
    •          Xe Pian National Protected Areas, Salavan Province
    •          Dong Amphan, Attapeu Province
    •          Dong Hua Sao, Champasak Province,
    •          Hin Namno, Khammouane Province
    •          Nakai-Nam Theun
    •          Phou Khao Khouay, Vientiane and Bolikhamxay Provinces

  • Q. What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Laos?

    As a destination wedding location, there are fewer places in the world more exotic than Laos. Better yet, this tropical wonderland doubles as the perfect honeymoon destination after your wedding! From hidden bays and gorgeous beaches to lively, night-lit street vendors selling all kinds of textiles and every type of seafood you can imagine, from mountaintop temples to edgy nightclubs, Laos is a paradise equally perfect for adventurers and luxury seekers alike.

    Here are some of our favourite amazing things to see and do during your post-wedding honeymoon adventure in beautiful tropical Laos.

    •          Bathing Under Kuang Si Falls
    •          The Ruins at Wat Phu Champasak
    •          Experience the Rice Fields Near Luang Prabang
    •          Explore the Vieng Xai Caves
    •          Sunset at the Temple on Mount Phu Si
    •          Hiking in Nam Ha National Protected Area
    •          Mekong River Tours
    •          Explore Luang Prabang, dubbed the “Land of a Million Elephants and White Parasols”, the wonderful world of miraculous temples and traditional houses, as well as many French colonial buildings.
    •          Visit Vientiane - Discover every single corner of the town with a double bike and you will never forget the moments when passing the boutique French buildings, or enjoy excellent dinner while the sun is going down on the mighty Mekong River.
    •          Bolaven Plateau - Bolaven Plateau is a fantastic spot for a honeymoon in Laos, offering romantic moments in the natural. There are many tea and coffee plantations which create immense greenery on the lands.
    •          Si Phan Don - Si Phan Don is a forgotten archipelago of about 4000 rocky islands creating a breathtaking scene.
    •          Champasak - an ideal one for an infinite relaxing honeymoon in Laos. Riding around the local village in the town, lovers will absolutely fall in love with the rustic life and lovely smiles of the locals. Champasak encourages both of you to throw out everything but love during your romantic days.

  • Q. Which are the best backpacking tours in Laos?

    Backpacking Laos using public transport is an adventure in itself! There is a lot of really cheap local transport around in Laos. Something strange happens with time in Laos; seemingly short rides can take hours as tired vehicles slow to a crawl in their uphill battle against muddy, mountainous roads. But don’t let this put you off, I met the best people while travelling around Laos on a bad bus ride. The scenery is truly spectacular as well so you will have plenty to keep you entertained. Hitching in Laos is relatively easy and a viable way to save money. The main highway, Route 13, stretches from Luang Prabang to the Cambodian border and is a popular hitch-hikers route.

    Laos, like it’s neighbours is easily accessible for the majority of nationalities. Most of us will be able to get our visas on arrival, whether that is by land, boat or plane the process is the same. On arrival typically you will receive 30 days to travel and explore Laos which is usually long enough to get a taste of Laos. The visa on arrival costs roughly $35 so make sure to have cash on you!

    Laos is a beautiful place to go backpacking and relatively safe. You will fall in love with the people and the culture fast, thirty days can go very quickly when you’re having fun and, if you have the time, it’s worth planning for more than thirty days backpacking in Laos.

    Where to go in Laos:

    •          Vientiane: For a capital city, Vientiane is incredibly quiet and is more like a collection of small villages than a bustling city. The small town feel offers a nice chilled out pace of life; wander the streets and explore some of the beautiful grande monuments and temples.
    •          Vang Vieng: Vang Vieng is the main backpacker playground in Laos; this is the place where you can watch family guy all day whilst smoking a joint and eating banana pancakes. For the journey to be worth it – and to enjoy all those banana pancakes – stay at least four days here.
    •          The Four Thousand Islands - Si Phan Don, better known as the Four Thousand Islands is found in the South, just above the border of Cambodia. But Laos is landlocked, how can there be islands? Well, the Islands have formed thanks to the complex river system of the Mekong River. Take a boat tour on the river and visit the villages and inhabitants on the islands and experience traditional Laos culture. A visit to the 4000 islands is not complete without stopping as Asia’s highest waterfall, the Khon Phapheng and Somphamit waterfalls, otherwise known as Li Phi Falls.; they are breathtaking.
    •          Tad Lo Village: A slower pace of life or just to recoup before heading on to backpack Laos some more; then Tad Lo is perfect. Such a chilled vibe with some awesome hikes surrounding the village. If you find yourself here, chill for a couple of days and definitely head to the Tad Lo Waterfall.
    •          Champasak: Champasak is incredible, almost totally off the tourist trail you’ll struggle to bump into another backpacker here! The town of Champasak is historic and charming,  lined with decaying colonial buildings which were once home to the royals sit side by side with wood-shuttered Chinese shophouses and traditional wooden homes
    •          Tham Kong Cave: If you visit one place in Laos, make it this incredible Tham Kong Lo Cave.
    •          Luang Prabang: Spend half a day taking a walking tour of the town to find hidden treasures before checking into Souk Lan Zang Hostel a quality place to meet other backpackers. Luang Prabang is one of those cities that you don’t get bored with. Luang Prabang is beautiful and just wandering the streets and exploring is an awesome way to spend the day!
    •          Nong Khiaw: Nong Khiaw is a rustic town on the bank of the Ou River in Laos, squeezed in between some of the most fantastic limestone mountains north of Vang Vieng.

  • Q. Which are the most popular heritage tours in Laos?

    Laos is all about heritage. Even its modern capital Vientiane has a sleepy charm about it that is hard to miss even if you are sitting in a sleek little cafe. While Luang Prabang gives you a one-street town with a colorful market and a dazzling golden temple to explore, Phonsavan gives you pre-historic mysteries to ponder over with its UNESCO Heritage Site of Plain of Jars. Our Laos heritage tour takes you on an unforgettable journey of a country that is still pristine and untouched by mass tourism.

    •          LUANG PRABANG - Visit Wat Visunalat, Wat Aham and perhaps walk up Phousi Mountain for a panoramic sunset view of the city and surrounding mountains. End your day spending time in the night market of this wonderful place.
    •          CITY TOUR & PAK OU CAVES - Visit Phou Si Mountain and Wat Xieng Thong. From there walk to the Mekong River, take a traditional slow boat cruise, stop briefly at a Whiskey Village enroute to the Tam Ting Caves.
    •          ELEPHANT RIDING & NATURE EXCURSION - sit to Elephant Park project for an introduction to elephant culture and an excursion into the jungle.
    •          XIENG KHOUANG - Make your way over the mountains to Xieng Khouang, a province known for having been heavily bombed during the Indochina War.  But it is also famous for its historic Plain of Jars.
    •          THE PLAIN OF JARS - Explore this archeological wonder, which is covered with mysterious stone jars that are about 2000 years old.
    •          XIENG KHOUANG – VIENTIANE - Take an introductory afternoon tour around the city, starting with a visit to the religious museums of Wat Sisaket, the oldest temple surviving from the Siamese war of 1828. Then on to the Pha That Luang, the most sacred monument in Laos.
    •          Visit the Buddha Park outside of Vientiane, a vast collection of Buddhist art and sculptures.

  • Q. Which are the best trekking tours in Laos?

    With its dense forests, limestone caves and endless waterways, Laos is a dream destination for intrepid travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-track corner of Asia.

    •          Pha Theung Jungle Explorer - This trek passing through great jungle landscape offers a great opportunity to gain a true insight into the rural life and landscape of the local villagers. Trek across rice paddies, farm land and jungle forest and experience the true natural beauty of Luang Prabang Province.
    •          Trekking in Ban Chomphet - This amazing trip combines cycling, trekking and boating in a beautiful rural area along the mighty Mekong River. You will experience local daily life and the unique mixture of different cultures while spending the night with a Hmong family in their house which is truly a great experience of its own!
    •          Kuang Xi Waterfall Adventure - This trek passing true Khmu villages offers a great opportunity to gain a true insight into the rural life of the local villagers. Trek across rice paddies, farm land and forest and experience the true natural beauty of Luang Prabang Province. Enjoy home-stay to experience real insight into the culture of ethnic minorities and the spectacular Kuang Xi waterfall on the day two.
    •          Hmong & Khmu Experience - It is predominantly spent trekking through the forest, villages and mountains of the Pha Theuang and designed for moderately active people who love getting into the great outdoors!

  • Q. Can I do a solo travelling tour around Laos? What are the precautions I must take?

    A solo traveler describes Laos as “mystic, rugged and beautiful”. Pack your bags and take the next flight to Laos.

    Though for a safe and crazy travel experience in parallel, make sure you read below points before you take the flight:

    •          MONEY/ATMS - Laos is still a cash-only country, so carry your cash with you and use the foreign/major ATMs first as the local ATMs are not connected to all banks.
    •          WATER – Carry your water. Don’t drink the local tap water — even the locals don’t. Go with Tigerhead Bottled Water or any of the sodas, beers , etc.
    •          MOPEDS - f you rent a moped/scooter know that you’re taking your life into your own hands. No one signals and people cross into oncoming traffic all-the-time.
    •          WET-WIPES/TOILETS - Pack some Charmin WetWipes. They will come in handy when visiting places that are hot, sticky and often devoid of paper towels.
    •          WEATHER/WHAT TO PACK - Pack a lot of t-shirts or the equivalent. You will change at least twice a day. It will always be hotter than you expect and very dusty at times. It gets cold north in the Northern parts of Laos. Pack a light jacket.
    •          SHOES - Sandals, Flipflops, Hiking/Cross Training type sneakers. Depending on what you do you'll use all 3, and rotate as needed.
    •          OTC MEDICINE - Pack your own Headache, Diarrhea, Stomach Ache and general pain relief meds. It is not easy to find what you need in Laos.
    •          FAKE HANDI-CRAFTS - If you want to be sure your handicrafts are true handicrafts, visit the gift shops at the Friends International Restaurants. They're a group that teach disadvantaged youths how to cook and get jobs in the restaurant business.
    •          LOCAL FOODS - Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and order/eat local fare. The food is excellent, freshly prepared and free of preservatives.

  • Q. Which are the best tours to go for biking tour in Laos?

    Cycling through Laos is the perfect way to discover places far from the tourist trail. Meet villagers at work in their fields, children getting home from school, or even strike up a conversation in a local dialect. Pedal along single track terrain or tarmac roads that are as diverse as the myriad of ethnic cultures living together in Laos.

    •          Kuang Si Waterfall & Bears Rescue Centre - Full Day Tour
    •          Pak Ou Caves And Luang Prabang Bike Tour
    •          Easy Biking Around Rural Luang Prabang - Full Day Tour
    •          Nam Xuang And Nam Khan Rivers Through Jungle And Villages
    •          Luang Prabang to Vientiane by Bike - 8 day bicycle tour through Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Falls, Kiu Kacham and 4 other destinations in Laos
    •          Hidden Laos - 9 day bicycle tour through Vientiane, Paksan, Phou Bia and other destinations in Laos.
    •          Cycling Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang - 11 day bicycle tour through Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pak Ou, Luang Prabang in 2 different countries.
    •          Epic Ride from Nan to Luang Prabang - 9 day bicycle tour through Chiang Rai, Chiang Klang, Pakbeng and 3 other destinations in 2 different countries.

  • Q. Which are the best tours to experience wildlife in Laos?

    Laos where most of the park’s tigers, bears, leopards and singing rare white-cheeked gibbons live. Immerse yourself in pachyderm preservation at the Elephant Conservation Center.

    •          Elephant Village Sanctuary & Resort (Luang Prabang)
    •          White Elephant Adventures (Luang Prabang)
    •          MandaLao Elephant Conservation (Luang Prabang)
    •          Tiger Trail Travel (Luang Prabang)
    •          Spot dolphins on the Mekong
    •          See baby turtles hatch in Con Dao
    •          Go bird-watching on the Tonle Sap Lake
    •          Gibbon sanctuary in Nam Cat Tien National Park
    •          Visit a bear sanctuary in Phnom Tmao
    •          Night safari in Nam Cat Tien
    •          Diving at Nha Trang or Con Dao

  • Q. Which are the best places to go canoeing in Laos?

    Explore the beautiful rural landscapes around Luang Prabang in style.

    •          Hike and Kayak the Nam Khan River Valley Small-Group Tour from Luang Prabang
    •          Nam Khan River Kayak tour from Luang Prabang.
    •          Nam Khan River Kayaking and Tad Sae Waterfall Tour from Luang Prabang
    •          Mekong River Kayaking Tour including Village Homestay from Luang Prabang
    •          Majestic Nam Suang River kayaking excursion around Luang Prabang