Triloknath Cave Temple Overview

One of the most beautifully designed ancient temples to visit in Nahan, Trilok Nath Cave Temple is located alongside the mandi-Pathankot highway at a distance of 41 km from Dharamshala. This cave temple has a very interesting folktale associated with its past.

This cave, according to several locals and by the priest of the temple itself, is said to have been the meditation spot of Lord Shiva. The site has a shiv ling installed on the same spot where Lord Shiva used to meditate. There are some more myths about the cave you can learn when you visit this prominent site. Trilok Nath Cave Temple is quite popular among history lovers as well as devotees of Lord Shiva.

Explore the divine mysteries of Trilok Nath Cave Temple on your Himachal tour packages. Nestled amidst scenic landscapes, this ancient temple offers a spiritual retreat for devotees and history enthusiasts alike. Dive into the intriguing folklore surrounding the cave, believed to be the meditation spot of Lord Shiva himself. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this sacred site and uncover the myths and legends that shroud its ancient walls. With its serene ambiance and divine aura, Trilok Nath Cave Temple promises a soulful experience for travelers seeking spiritual enlightenment amidst Himachal's scenic wonders.

Timings: 11am-6pm.

Entry fee: Free

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