Kala Amb Overview

Kala Amb is a small town in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, emerging as a major industrial area in the state with a range of industries being developed here. Despite the industrialization, the town has not lost its charm and has nature in its raw form. Besides, a number of tourist attractions in the town make it an appealing place for tourists as well, making it one of the most preferred places to visit in Nahan by visitors across age groups.

Maa Bala Sundari Temple and Saketo Fossil Park are the major tourist spots you should not miss out on while you are in Kala Amb. You can also go for nature walks in the thick forests around the town to revitalize your body and soul.

Include Kala Amb in your Himachal travel packages for a unique blend of industrial development and natural beauty. Explore the bustling industrial area while also immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of the surrounding forests. Don't miss out on visiting the Maa Bala Sundari Temple and Saketo Fossil Park, offering cultural and historical insights into the region. Embark on rejuvenating nature walks amidst the lush greenery, rejuvenating your senses amidst Himachal's tranquil landscapes. Whether you're intrigued by industrial advancements or seeking solace in nature's embrace, Kala Amb promises a diverse and enriching experience for travelers exploring Himachal Pradesh.

Timings: 24hrs.

Entry fee: Free

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