Mall Road Overview

Mall road is the busiest of all the tourist places in Nahan, bustling with tourists all day long. This place has such an energy and positivity with shoppers and foodies all around. The place has a small local market alongside the road. You can find several shops selling local handmade items here.

The Mall Road is at its best in the evening when sun sets low and visitors start to rush in. You can see tourist as well as locals hanging out in the evening. There are people buzzing all around, hobnobbing, clicking pictures, buying stuff and chatting, making this place the heart of the town. Visit this place to witness the happening side of Nahan.

Include a stroll along Mall Road in your Himachal packages for a vibrant and lively experience in Nahan. As the heart of the town, Mall Road offers a bustling atmosphere filled with tourists and locals alike, indulging in shopping, dining, and socializing. Immerse yourself in the energy and positivity of this lively street, especially during the enchanting evening hours when the town comes alive with activity. Whether you're capturing memories through photographs or exploring the local handmade items in the market, Mall Road promises a memorable experience for travelers seeking to soak in the essence of Nahan's vibrant culture.

Timings: 24 hrs.

Entry fee: Free.

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