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    Nagarhole is located 80 kilometers away from the city of Mysore. Here you can find the world renowned Nagarhole National Park, known also under the name Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The Nagarhole name derives from Hole (stream) and Nagar (snake). It is a name that will perfectly describe this place. There are many streams that will intersect and an overall perfect landscape that is complemented by parks and forests.

    Trekking In Nagarhole For Teams

    Nagarhole stands out as a perfect destination for corporate outings that are meant for team building purposes and for trekking filled team outings. It is even a place where you can go for a weekend giveaway as a corporate team. Nagarhole offers the perfect mix of adventure, fun and nature, a delight for trekkers from all around the world. There are many beautiful trekking trails that are perfect for colleagues to bond. Dozens of teambuilding activities can be enjoyed and our specialists can make sure that the entire experience is memorable.

    What Can You Expect From Nagarhole Resorts?

    Nagarhole Resorts

    There are many different resorts where you can stay based on your personal wishes. We accommodate both families or single travelers and corporate groups that want to go on a wonderful trek. What is common for the resorts is the high quality offered. Various facilities are always included in resort packages:

    • Restaurant
    • Luxurious rooms
    • Great views
    • Air conditioning and heating
    • Experienced staff
    • Experienced guides
    • Trekking supplies

    The Wildlife Safari Experience In Nagarhole

    Wildlife Safari Experience In Nagarhole

    If you would like, we could organize a wonderful Wildlife Safari Experience in Nagarhole. We can arrange jeep based transportation or you can choose a more special safari experience that includes transportation via trained elephants.

    Experience the life of the animals in the region in their natural habitat, the wonderful landscape of the area and look out for some incredibly beautiful birds that are a lot rarer than you might be tempted to think.

    The Nagarhole National Park

    Your safari should take you through the park, which covers over 640 square kilometers. Its roots appeared in the year 1955 and there were reserve forests in the area: Hatgat, Nakleri and Arkeri.

    Visit Irpu Falls “A Wonderful Waterfall"

    Irpu Falls is also known with the names LakshmanaTirthaFalls and Irupu Falls. The waterfall is located in the Brahmagiri Range and its height is of 60 meters. This is a major attraction for tourists and many tours include the waterfall as a main attraction. Irpu Falls will actually merge and join Cauvery River, a paradise for those looking for adrenaline filled white water rafting. Irpu Falls is found 20 kilometers away from the Nagarhole National Park. We recommend a visit during monsoon months as the waterfall is at full strength and offers quite a stunning sight.

    A Monastery Visit That Is Highly Spiritual

    The entire region is very attractive for those that are currently looking for a spiritual connection. The area was at one point in time a highly important religious center and now there are some locations that you will want to visit:

    The Rameshwara Temple

    Located on Lakshman Tirtha banks and with the main deity being Lord Shiva, this is a temple that is highly important from a religious point of view. Hindu mythology highlights the fact that Lakshmana and rama passed through Bhramagiri in order to look for Sitadevi, Ramas wife. Rama was thirsty and Lakshmana shot his bow right into Brahmagiri hills, this creating Lakshmana Tirtha river. The temple attracts many people, especially during Shivaratri. People say that their sins are cleansed when the sacred place is visited.

    Other Treks To Consider Around Bangalore

    Nagarhole is quite close to Bangalore so you are most likely thinking about other trekking possibilities at the same time. You may contact Thrillophilia to learn more about the numerous treks that are possible but some are recommended on what many past tourists and corporate outing groups had wonderful experiences.

    Chikmagalur Trekking

    Chikmagalur is seeded in exotic rose gardens, history, tremendous cave temples, challenging trekking paths and a lot more. On the whole, the trekking possibilities here are numerous. You will surely want to go to MullayanagiriPeak, which is among the highest in the country. Many trekkers said that they loved the experience and will want to come back.

    Coorg Trekking

    Coorg Trekking

    Coorg offers a myriad of trekking trails that will take you through thick forests and heights where it will be hard to get the nerve to leave from. You should arrange a trek to Thadiyandamol and go up the Subramania and Pushpagiri hills.

    Dandeli Trekking

    Dandeli is located on Kalindi bank and stands out as a paradise for those that are looking for interesting caves, a jungle setting, rock climbing, forest trek trails, diverse wildlife, teak woods and bamboo woods. Set your camp and then light up a camp fire if you want to experience the mysticism of the area.


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