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Best Homestays in Nagarhole

Homestays in Nagarhole makes you feel like home away from home. Imagine a weekend on the winding turns of the Nagarhole National Park where you drive past thickets and forests. There are many staying options in Nagarhole, from luxurious resorts to cottages and huts but living in homestays gives you a chance to experience everything like a local. You will see plantations on both side of the roads such as vanilla, pepper, other spices and mostly coffee. Nagarhole is the richest part of Karnataka which is situated in Coorg. While driving, trekking, hiking or just walking, you may also see the many wriggling streams which you can cross or just sit by.


Nagarhole National Park has the most number of homestays and you get to choose from a list of distinctive offers. One can even try searching for homestays near the major points in Nagarhole like Irupu falls, Kutta, Rameshwara temple etc. Some of the exclusive properties are found near the river Kabini, Bandipur and in the forest reserve. Some of the homestays often arrange for safaris in the Nagarhole national park where you can witness a total of 250 types of birds, and a wide variety of animals species like bison, elephants, tiger, leopards, deer, wild boar, and sloth bear.


Nagarhole homestays are very close to nature yet have tasteful decors and comfortable beds with a million dollar view. Nagarhole forest is divided into four segments North, South East, Centre and West. This huge national park consists of many swamps and tree covers of sandalwood, teak, silver oak, crocodile bark, axle wood, Kadam, cotton tree, Indian kino tree, ficus, beechwood, Indian gooseberry etc. While you are staying in the exclusive homestays, try going for a boat safari in river Kabini or a Jeep safari in the core areas of the forest. The river safari can bring forth many water birds, fishes and crocodiles and water snakes. Another way to spot animals lazing by the bank is a Coracle ride. These are some really fantastic ways to spend your trip in Nagarhole.


Some of the Nagarhole homestays often include many recreational and adventure activities in their packages like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, bonfires and day hikes. Mysore and Bangalore are the nearest airports to Nagarhole while Mysore railway station is around 80 Km from Nagarhole and is the nearest. The park is doused in many serpentine streams, waterfalls and valleys and it is an extraordinary place to rejuvenate. Other places which you can visit or can team up in the Nagarhole trip is a tour to Madikeri, Mysore, Coorg, and Kutta etc. Try living in a homestay and you will love the authenticity of this experience. Live the culture and the greenery all to yourself. As you choose from a list of Homestays in Nagarhole, do make your reservation in prior as the places are likely to be full during the peak season.

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