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Unique Things To Do in Kochi

Explore the Beautiful Marine Drive, Enjoy the Magnificent View of the Chinese Fishing Nets, Have Fun With the Elephants at the Elephant Center, Take a Ferry Ride in Kochi, Be a Part of a Kathakali Performance, Take a Tour to the World of Ayurveda, Know What Paradesi Synagogue Holds, Try Out the Best Cafes in Kochi, Explore the Jew Town in Kochi, Take a Walking Tour at the Fort Kochi and many more activities to do in Kochi.

Travelers across the globe look for various things to do in Kochi on a daily basis. The Gateway of Kerala, Kochi is an enchanting place, offering an abundance of activities to the visitors where they can enjoy a beautiful vacation.

A beautiful destination with a blissful atmosphere – Kochi offers soothing bath with the elephants, taking ferry ride in and around the city, enjoying classical dance and uncountable things worth to look for. Staying in Kochi and not being a part of any of the mentioned activities is just not done.

Any visits to Kerala would be absolutely incomplete without you visiting the beautiful coastal city. There is a number of
things to do in Cochin – from enjoying the history of the city by doing museum tours to experiencing its tranquil natural beauty – the city has a lot to offer. 

Here are some of the best things to do in Kochi:

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Things To Do In Kochi Explore All (58)
Explore All (58)

Explore the Beautiful Marine Drive

Marine Drive, Kochi’s one of the most beautiful beach destinations is often visited by the locals and travelers alike. Hanging out on the drive is one among the popular activities in Kochi.

What’s special
: Due to the glorious views of the backwaters and the Kochi harbor, taking a walk around the beach seems quite blissful. You can take a tour of the beach at any time of the day.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around the beach, where you can even enjoy a perfect meal or an evening cup of coffee. One of the best things you can do here is to go for a boat ride.

How to reach
: The nearest railway station to Marine Drive is Ernakulam, which is about 3 km away. The nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 29 km away from the beach. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.


Enjoy the Magnificent View of the Chinese Fishing Nets

Enjoying the gorgeous sight of the Chinese fishing nets, is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in Kochi. According to the lore, these beautiful fishing nets were given as a gift to the local fishermen back in the 14th century by Zheng He, a Chinese explorer.

These fishnets have been in use ever since and when you are in Kochi, the local fishermen teach you how to use them in return of a small fee.

What’s special:
 During this fun activity, you can even buy some of the early catches from them and cook them on the nearby shacks. Enjoy a good meal while experiencing a beautiful sunset.To witness such a magical experience, you need to go to the River Road in Fort Kochi.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to enjoy magnificient view of chinese fishing nets is Ernakulam, which is about 3 km away. The nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 29 km away from the beach. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.

Best time to visit:
 The best time to visit the place is between October to February.

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Have Fun With the Elephants at the Elephant Center

In a peaceful and relatively small village in Kochi named Kodanad, there is this beautiful and magnificent elephant sanctuary, where you can enjoy a great time with the mammals.

What’s special
: An ideal place to visit, the sanctuary is one of the most glorious tourist attractions in the city, where you can even give baths to the animals under the supervision of the experts.

How to reach:
To be a part of such a majestic day, you can simply take a day tour to Kodanad and witness this unique experience. Watch baby elephants getting trained and adults playing with water. Truly one of the best things to do in Cochin.

The sanctuary is open for visitors from 8 AM to 5 PM

Kochi Tour Packages Explore All (17)
Explore All (17)

Take a Ferry Ride in Kochi

Among the most fun activities in Kochi, taking a ferry ride is quite prevalent. Imagine taking a perfectly graceful exit from the earthy land and float between the blue sky and water – where you can escape from the city’s busy and stressful life. By taking a ferry ride, you can visit a number of small islands in Kochi including Vallarpadam, Willingdon, and Vypeen Islands.

What’s special: The Willingdon is the largest island in Kochi surrounded by lush green. Vypeen, however, has a collection of clean beaches, where you can enjoy sunbathing and many other activities.

At the sunset, take a boat cruise around the city and experience the blissful sights of a beautiful sky changing its colors during each hour of sundown.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to Bolghatty Island is Ernakulam, which is about 8 km away. The nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 34 km away from the beach. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.

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Be a Part of a Kathakali Performance

One of the nine classical dance forms in India, Kathakali originated in Kerala. Popular for its fascinating and colorful costumes and makeup, Kathakali performances are truly magical and can take you to a whole different world. The theme of the dance is based on Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana as well as various mythological stories.

Where to Watch
: If you are willing to be a part of such a performance then visit the Kathakali Center in Kochi where regular performances are organized on a daily basis.

If you want a close look at the performers, you can even go backstage and see them applying makeup and getting ready for the performance

How to reach: From mainland to Fort Kochi, you can take a ferry and after reaching Fort Kochi. you can go either by bus or hire an auto rickshaw.


Take a Tour to the World of Ayurveda

When you are in Kerala, one of the must things to do in Cochin is to indulge yourself in a luxurious tour of Ayurveda. The state is well known for its ayurvedic medicines and its various benefits and you can get a range of options available in Kochi, when it comes to getting an Ayurvedic treatment.

Best places that offer such services
: Places like “Fort Ayurveda Spa” and “Ayurville” offer luxurious and soothing Ayurvedic massages and therapies. For a relaxed and soothing holiday, indulging in such activities in Kochi can prove to be really effective.

Best Kerala Tour Packages Explore All (31)
Explore All (31)

Know What Paradesi Synagogue Holds

The oldest Synagogue in history, The Paradesi Synagogue is a Jewish Synagogue that was built back in 1568. The word Paradesi in Hindi means Foreigner, and as the place was mostly visited by the Jews back in those days, it has been named as Paradesi Synagogue. 

The Portuguese, however almost destroyed the place during 1662, but once the Dutch took over Kochi, it was rebuilt and brought back to life. The Synagogue is a magnificent place to visit, where you can see a gold pulpit along with an exquisite Belgium Chandelier. It also features a beautiful clock tower, which was added during 1772.

How to reach
: The famous tourist attraction is based in Synagogue Ln, Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry. Take a taxi ride or drive your vehicle towards the location.

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Try Out the Best Cafes in Kochi

For the coffee and food lovers out there – hunting down the cafes is probably one of the best things to do in Cochin. There are in numerous places to eat in Kochi – from those luxury and posh restaurants to beachside small cafes – you just name it.

Enjoy street food, and taste the delicious taste of the Keralan cuisine, delving into the world of foods is a must in the beautiful city. However, while you can find a number of places offering traditional dishes from the state, there are restaurants that offer multi cuisines including the flavors of both South and North India.

Best places to eat
: Some such homely and cozy places to eat are – The Rice Boat, Teapot Café, Kashi Art Café and Ginger House Restaurant.

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Explore the Jew Town in Kochi

Famous among the shopaholics, foodies and antique lovers, the Jew Town in Kochi is a mesmerizing place that boasts antiques from across the globe. From Chinese to Indian, from Arabic to European masterpieces – the tiny antique haven has it all.

The eminent shopper’s hotspot, the Jew Town was once the hub of the Jews before they moved back to Israel. A lot of their belongings are now being sold as antiques in the market.

How to reach
: The nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 41 km away from the beach. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.

Timings: Delving into the beautiful antique market is surely one of the best things to do in Kochi. There is no fee required to enter the market and you can visit the place from 5 in the morning till 9 in the evening.

Explore All (11)

Take a Walking Tour at the Fort Kochi

Just a few miles away from the bustling town of Ernakulam, there is this beautiful and ancient Fort Kochi where you can take a walking tour. The Fort is a melting pot of various cultures succumbed into one, brought by different English, Dutch, and Portuguese merchants. However, nowadays, no Forts can be seen in the place but, there are various lavish mansions that were built by the early explorers.

What’s special:
 Exploring on foot, you can witness the alluring beauty of the surrounding and delve into its history. Just walk along the street and you will be able to cover almost everything around the city. Definitely one of the best things to do in Kochi.

How to reach
Take the ferry to Fort Kochi from marine drive.


Appreciate the Architecture of the Mattancherry Palace

Appreciating the architecture of the Mattancherry Palace is definitely one of the must things to do in Kochi. Back in 1555, the Palace was built by the Portuguese and presented as a token of appreciation to Verra Kerala Verma, the then King of Kochi.

During 1663, the Dutch made a few renovations and added a few extensions in the mansion which is why it is also called the Dutch Palace. Located just 4 km away from Kochi, the palace offers a number of things to its visitors. Enjoy the beauty of the palace or go for antique shopping or you can even plan a picnic at the spot – a great day awaits you at the Mattancherry Palace.

Timings and fee: 
The visiting hours of the place are between 10 AM to 5 PM. You can enter the palace by paying a small fee of 20 rupees for adults and 10 rupees for children.

How to reach: 
Get here by a cab or bus ride, that easily drops you near to the premises.

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Visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Popular among nature lovers, the Kumarakom bird sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Kochi. The sanctuary is the haven for the bird lovers, that houses more than thousands of birds which includes plenty of seasonal and immigrant birds that travel from various parts of the globe.

Also known as the Vembanad bird sanctuary, the place is located at a distance of 17 km from Kottayam, and covers 14 acres of lands near the Vembanad Lake. Spotting birds in the sanctuary is a blissful experience. You can either take a stroll through the pathways in the sanctuary or take a boat ride across the Vembanad Lake.

: You can visit the sanctuary from 6 AM to 5 PM daily, and enter the place for a small fee of just 50 rupees per adult.

How to reach:
It is best to hire a cab or book a self driven car to reach here. An hour drive will make you land in this heaven

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Explore the Glorious History in the Museums of Kochi

For the history buffs out there, taking a museum tour in the city is one of the must things to do. Kochi offers you a number of options when it comes to visiting museums.

A popular name in the list is the Kerala Folklore and Theater museum, which is a three-storied building, featuring three different architectural styles in each of the floors. The home is regarded as the most spectacular home that offers the glorious heritage of Kerala.

Another remarkable museum in Kochi is the Indo-Portuguese Museum, located at the Bishop House garden in Fort Kochi. The museum is a perfect blend of the Portuguese and Indian architecture where you can understand the history of the Indo-Portuguese culture.

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Take a Muziris Spice Tour

One of the best things to do in Kochi is to take a tour to the spice hub of Kerala, Muziris. A beautiful and ancient seaport in the coast of Malabar, Muziris was the heart of the spice route to India. Exploring this attractive tourist spot in Kerala surely is among the popular things to do in Kochi.

The Government of Kerala has now initiated a Muziris Heritage Project, the largest of its kind, in which, various steps have been taken to showcase the cultural and historical significance of the place.

Muziris is popular for being a legendary seaport, where everything from precious stones to spices was traded. Take a Muziris spice tour next time you are in Kochi and go down the memory lane.

How to reachThe nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 50 km away from the Spice hub. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.


Do Not Forget to Do Snorkeling in Kochi

One of the most lesser known things to do in Kochi is Snorkeling. A lot of people are not aware that apart from doing boating, dolphin watching and paragliding, snorkeling activities are also provided on various beaches in the city.

If you are an adventure lover, then you must get a snorkeling experience in places like Kovalam and Thiruvankulam. If you are new to snorkeling, do not worry – all kinds of tips and safety measures will be provided to you by experts.

In Thiruvankulam, you can enjoy snorkeling activities from Monday to Sunday during the hours from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM.


Enjoy Street Food at Thattukada

Kochi is popularly known as the gourmand’s paradise and for people who are into street foods and love gorging into various South Indian delicacies, this is the place to be.

The Thattukadas in Kochi, which means street food stall in Malayalam, offers you a range of options to eat – from seafood to fast foods, from biryanis to sweet dishes – there are plenty of things you can munch into.

Nothing can beat the taste of Kochi when it comes to street foods. And this surely is one of the most popular things to do in Kochi for the food lovers.


Go for a Refreshing Village Backwater Tour

The Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi offers plenty of backwater tours to its visitors. Kumarakom village is a popular place for visitors to indulge in such backwater activities. The village is situated at the bank of the Vembanad Lake, which is the largest stretch of Kerala’s backwater.

Taking a backwater trip through the lake for about 4-5 hours a day would give you the never-ending pleasure of bliss and the beautiful journey is surely a treat to your eyes. The cruise will take you to Alleppey or to Kumarakom from Kochi where throughout your journey, you can catch the glimpse of the day to day life of what happens on the shores.


Enjoy a Kalaripayattu Performance

One of the traditional and oldest forms of Martial Arts, the Kalaripayattu is a popular art form Kerala. Kalaripayattu is performed by highly trained professionals and is amazing to watch. The Kerala Kathakali Center in Kochi hosts Kalaripayattu performances on a daily basis along with various other cultural events like Kathakali and other classical dances.

Where to watch
: At Kerala Kathakali Center, you can simply advance book the tickets for any kinds of shows online. Visitors find Kalaripayattu extremely breathtaking to watch and find it rather fascinating. The use of sharp metal blade called Urumi makes the performance even more dangerous and yet mind-blowing to watch.

How to reach
: From mainland to Fort Kochi, you can take a ferry and after reaching Fort Kochi . you can go either by bus or hire an auto rickshaw.


Visit the St. Francis Church

The oldest European built church in India, St. Francis Church is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kochi. It is the burial place of the Portuguese explorer and trader Vasco De Gama and ever since it has gained its popularity.

The place’s tranquil beauty and serenity make the landmark monument a perfect place for the peace seekers. Thousands of tourists from across the globe visit the church every year and pay tribute to the late Portuguese explorer.

How to reach: 
Near to the head post office, reach here by a short scooter ride or book a cab ride.


Learn the South Indian Culinary

For the food bloggers, food lovers and for people who love experimenting with new dishes, learning South Indian dishes should be on your to-do list while you are in Kochi. The entire state of Kerala is well-known for its varieties in foods – featuring seafood to dishes flavored in coconuts – it’s all about finger licking delicacies and nothing else.

Where to learn
: There are many homestays in Kochi where the hosts are more than happy to teach you a couple of South Indian dishes. Learn those while you can so that back home you can show your culinary skills to your friends and family members.


Explore the Indo-Portuguese Museum

Located at the garden of the Bishop House in Kochi, the Indo-Portuguese museum in Kochi is another place for the history buffs where they can find their own peace of mind. The museum was initiated with the help of the Bishop of Kochi, Dr. Joseph Kureethra, who worked really hard to preserve the rich and enchanting culture of the Portuguese descendants.

What’s special: The museum shows how Portuguese culture made an impact on Kochi and its encircling region and helps you witness the beautiful amalgamation of the Indo-Portuguese culture in the region.

The museum is largely divided into 5 sections – Cathedral, Altar, Procession, Treasure and Civil Life. Take a tour at the museum and simply go back to the fascinating Indian history once again.

How to reach: Located on Kureethra road, one can reach here taking a local taxi or cab.


Explore the Alluring Santa Cruz Basilica

One of eight Basilicas in India, Santa Cruz Basilica is situated near the popular St. Francis Church. A visually beautiful and alluring building in Kochi, the Basilica is one of the best and finest cathedrals in the country and is the glory of the city.

The renowned religious place is all about the Gothic architectural style and one simply cannot miss out on visiting this stunning heritage building.

What to do
: Visit the cathedral to offer prayers and to find your inner peace. While at the church, you can witness the magnificent gothic interior and historical paintings hung on the wall. All of these showcase the history of the church.

How to reach: 
Marking its presence in Fort Kochi area, one can book a cab ride or take local taxi to be here.


Try Go-Karting

Love sports? Well, Kochi does not disappoint the sports lovers as well. There are plenty of places in the city where you can go Go-Karting.

Where to go
: You can visit the Badminton Club in Elamakkara or to places like Speedway Kochi, and Chillax Racing – these places offer exciting Go-Karting racing opportunities to the visitors. In the Cochin International Airport, there is a small go-karting circuit available for the visitors where weekly competitions are organized.


Take a Walk Through the Princess Street

Trying to find something for your loved ones or want to buy souvenirs? Then simply take a stroll around the Princess street – one of the oldest locations in Kochi. Also known as the Loafer’s Corner, the street is popular for its cafés, street food, handicrafts, and street shops – where you can indulge in a lot of activities.

What to do
: Princess Street is the perfect place where the traditional world meets the modern one and blends into forming a whole new world. There are plenty of bookstores, old heritage buildings, restaurants and shopping spots for you to visit – and bring back a few of those as memories to where you have come from.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to go Princess Street is Ernakulam, which is about 15 km away. The nearest airport, however is the Cochin Airport that is 36 km away from the beach. Reach here by cabs or local bus easy and quick.


Pay Your Visit at the Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple

While you are in Kochi, do not forget to pay a visit to the oldest temple in Kochi, the Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple. The temple is precious for two reasons – first, it is based right at the heart of Kochi and second, the only temple in South India, where the deities of the temple are facing the western direction.

What’s special:
 Adorned in the Kerala style architecture, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Hundreds of devotees from across the country come to the Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. 

How to reach:
 Quite close to marine drive, be here with the help of taxi, cab or bus.

People Also Ask About Kochi

  1. What are the best things to do in Kochi?

    1. Go Fishing in the Fishing villages:- Tourists love to spend time fishing and gazing at the beautiful picturesque sights of the Chinese fishing nets in Kochi. The nets are not the usual ones, rather these are bought from courts of Chinese emperors. You can also buy some local fishes here or cook and relish your own catch while enjoying a beautiful sunset. This is definitely one of the Unique things to do in Kochi.

    2. Hangout at the marine drive:- Kochi’s marine drive is one of the cleanest and beautifully maintained marine drives in India. This is a very popular spot not just among the tourists but also the locals to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Kochi harbor. You can pedal in the beautiful pavements or just grab a quick bite in the nearby cafes after a soothing walk here. This place is a must add on your things to do in Kochi list.

    3. Go Snorkeling in Thiruvankulam:- This definitely comes under one of the most unique things to do in Kochi. Experience the amazing underwater world getting close to the bizarre marine life of kerala. A must do for all adventure lovers, Snorkeling provides the much needed adrenaline kick for someone who wants to try something out of the box. There are well trained professionals who will guide you through this.
  2. Which are popular attractions to visit in Kochi?

    1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:- If you are a nature lover then the Kumarakom bird sanctuary is definitely worth paying a visit. Explore Kerala's best winged visitors along with the exotic species of plants. In the prime time you can easily spot more than 20- 30 species of migratory birds here. Don't forget to take the camera to capture some serene views.

    2. Mattancherry Palace:- Mattancherry palace is one the oldest historical places showcasing a fine Kerala style architecture. This palace was originally constructed by the Portuguese in the 1545 CE. They have an elegant collection of murals, portraits of the legendary kings of Kochi and various other exhibits. You will get to know more about the culture and tradition and history of the place, visiting here.

    3. Cherai Beach:- Situated near the Vypeen Island, this is a popular spot among the tourists to enjoy the beautiful sunset with loved ones. The golden beach, blue water expanses and the palm trees provides a soothing vibe. You can even hire speed boats to double the fun.
  3. How to reach Kochi?

    - By Air: Cochin International Airport is situated about 20 kms from the city of Kochi which receives both domestic and international flights. Kingfisher airlines, Indian Airlines and Jet airways operate here on a regular basis.

    - By Train: Kochi has mainly two major railway junctions named Ernakulam Town and Ernakulam Junction. These junctions are quite busy handling all locomotives from around the country.

    - By Road: Kochi is well connected to all the cities with NH roads. The NH17 connects all the major cities with Kochi.
  4. What is the best time to visit in Kochi?

    The ideal time to visit Kochi is in the months of October to February when the temperature is very cool and pleasant. Travelers mostly prefer to explore this beautiful destination around this time which also provides a wide diversity factor to the place.
  5. Which are the most beautiful waterfalls to visit in Kochi?

    1. Areekkal Waterfalls:- Situated at a drive of around 40kms from Kochi, Areekal waterfalls is a beautiful natural waterfall boasting lush green woods and the misty cliffs. The waterfall looks like an elegant silver lining at a distance and gets more beautiful as you go closer and closer. This is a very popular tourist hotspot

    2, Athirapally Falls:-
    Located around 86 kms from Kochi, Athirapally falls is a beautiful cascade of silver water drops that make their way from the Anamudi mountains. The panoramic views of the evergreen trees, azure skies and dense forests are a delight to the eyes. This is often referred to as the “Niagara Falls of India”. Visiting Athirapally falls is one of the must things to do in Kochi.

    3. Vazhachal Falls:- Located at around 80km drive from Kochi, Vazhachal falls is a great picnic spot to enjoy time with your loved ones while enjoying the picturesque views of the marvelous waterfall. You can also indulge in trekking and rock climbing here. This is very well surrounded by the close knit forests of Sholayar ranges.
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Kochi Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Kochi
25 May 2015
My money spent on this trip was totally worth it and i strongly recommend this as a holiday point for you.Especially i liked that ride on the houseboat, which is a typical and very famous tourist attraction in Kerala and you gonna love that too.
Dhanpati Khatri Go Karting Kochi
I took my kids there and they were happy with the expereince, Nice-place, nice-kart, nice-staff, everything nice.
Som Mehrotra Kochi Sunset Cruise
The tour was simply awesome and we had a beautiful sunset view from the cruise, this really worth the visit.
Drive in a Luxury car was such a great feeling, Smooth pick-up and quick documentation part, Staff were very nice
Kashyapi Agarwal Luxury Car Rental In Kochi
This is not expensive at all if you take this package with friends plus it was a great experience driving in a luxurious-car and roam every nooks and corner of the city. Easy pick-up and return with a simple process
Gauranga Nambeesan Kerala Tour Package for 5 days
The trip to Kerala was one of the best trips ever. We had so much fun there. With so much greenery everywhere it was so beautiful and captivating. We enjoyed at waterfalls, beaches. Houseboat stay was a new experience, the trip was well organized, the hotel room was comfortable and cozy, the food provided during the trip was nice, the car given to us was well maintained with an amazing driver. I would love to go again.
Sanya Abbott Kochi Sunset Cruise
Sunset from the cruise what a brilliant idea, the sunset really worth the wait as it is so beautiful with magnificent orange color, we had a great clicked of the sunset and as well with the whole family and friends to make the moments memorable. Beautiful cruise with lively crew on board, the tour was simply amazing will be back.
Kanaka Kapoor Go Karting Kochi
We really enjoyed this go-karting as the track there was good and thrill, we took with the 8 laps, everything was well equipped and the kart looks nice and clean, the service was always the best, this activity attracts both kids and adults... especially kids had great fun there, the place won't bore you instead you will want more fun
Gajadhar Gandhi Kochi Backwater Tour
Valuable experience, the blackwater gave us good views and photos, everything we visited was just big WOW, very well-planned team
Puneet Menon Kayaking In Kochi
Booked this experience with Thrillophilia was cheaper and easy, the place has good views, we really enjoyed the double kayak

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Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen
Vietnamese dong