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Kochi boat house is one of the best tourist attraction of Kerala. If you're planning to visit this marvellous mixture of nature and man-made tourist attraction, adequate knowledge about houseboat tours would be necessary for you. So, to make your expectation meets reality while spending your desirable stay in a houseboat, here are the details of the best houseboat tours in Kochi.

Houseboat tours are the backwater experience which will let you travel across the rivers on a houseboat. Houseboats are built using elongated wood planks tying together by coconut fibres. Eco-friendly materials such as palm wood, jackfruit tree wood, bamboo poles, bamboo mats, black resins extracted from cashew nut shell etc are also used for constructing these boats. You can enjoy relaxing Kochi boat house cruise for some hours if you choose day stay, while you can stay the whole night on the houseboat for night stay package. Size of the houseboat varies, from a single room houseboat to double floor houseboat Kochi provides a range of houseboat to its visitors. Based on your preferences, you can choose to have day or night stay on a houseboat.

Your experience on a houseboat will vary based on season and the type of houseboat. If you want to get a break from city noise, technology and day-to-day stress, Kochi backwater experience is a perfect remedy for you. Travelling across the river, viewing the pristine form of nature will make you realise the tranquillity of life. Staying overnight in houseboat will let you lose in the serenity of nature when you sit to observe the night sky with the mesmerising sound of water.

Backwater is the stagnant form of water in the river or canal and Kochi backwater has formed in the course of mixing saline water of the Arabian sea and fresh river water of Kochi. It's spread across the chain of brackish rivers, lagoons and lakes lying along the Arabian sea.

A single houseboat tour across this backwater can offer you the outline view of Kochi. As the Kochi is rich in flora and fauna, you can observe bird chirping while cruising, that will stays with you as an everlasting splendid memory.

Cochin boat house provides a wide variety of facilities to the visitors. It offers the room with all basic amenities, and you’ll also get an onboard cook to serve you hot delicious foods. Availability of large lounge area is suitable for tourists to know each other on a shared houseboat, while a sundeck will let you sit and enjoy the sun in the middle of the cruise.

Cochin boat house tour is one of the best ways to spend your next vacation with your loved one. Whatever you’re going through in life, this houseboat tour will definitely lift you up and push forward to do wonders ahead.

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Kochi Houseboat FAQs

Which are some of the famous houseboats in Kochi?

Although most of the houseboats offer similar facilities and services in Kochi, still some houseboats outperform others. Some of the famous houseboats in Cochin in terms of service, facilities and user satisfaction are Queen Elizabeth Houseboat, Houseboat services, Cochin private tours, Holiday mate, Lumiere Holiday. Availability of these houseboats is very rare in the peak seasons of November to March. Book your houseboat advance if you’re planning to visit Cochin in this season. While you can book your houseboat reaching there but online booking is much desirable with available discount.

What are the different categories available in houseboats?

Kochi boat house offers various categories of the houseboat to its visitor. You can choose the one which satisfies the needs of you and your family. Various categories of the houseboat in Cochin are Standard, Premium, Deluxe and Luxury. Standard is the basic of all and offers basic amenities of a houseboat which doesn't include AC.

If you opt for a premium package, you'll get all the amenities of a standard package along with the AC which can run for 10 hours a day. Users can get rid of the limited accessibility of AC by choosing a Deluxe package. Although Deluxe package comes slightly costly to premium, still it's worth your expense in the summer season.

Luxury package is the costliest package of all. It offers the additional facility to other packages such as Jacuzzi, Candlelight dinner, customized meal, Newspaper, Conference room, Private balcony in the houseboat. You'll feel like a star hotel inside the houseboat.Based on the chosen category, your houseboat can be a double deck, or it can be a houseboat with sun deck or upper deck.

What kind of room facilities are there in Kochi boat house?

Houseboats range from a single room to 5 rooms. All rooms have basic amenities of a standard hotel like bed, chairs, attached bathroom, but with a different package, your room facility will change. All type of houseboat offers onboard meal services while you can choose a custom or pre-order meal with higher packages.

Sundeck houseboat offers adequate open space while double-decker provides rooms in the upper floor. With luxury houseboat, you can get facilities such as private balcony, larger lounge and fully furnished room. While some high-end houseboat offers Newspaper, CDs, Fishing rod and small conference room for your convenience.

Is Houseboat available on multi sharing basis?

Yes, Houseboat is available on multi sharing basis in Cochin.Price is the main concern when the word private houseboat comes into the picture. Lots of people are on a strict budget while travelling, so houseboat owners introduced multi sharing houseboat in response to different tourist needs. Houseboat with more than one room is used for multi sharing basis so to offers comfortable night stay to all.

On multi sharing boathouse in Kochi, you have to share a dining area, lounge, sun deck with the other tourists while you’ll have the room with amenities and attached bathroom as personal use. Try multi sharing Cochin boat house if you’re solo traveller while a private houseboat will enhance your experience and romance as a couple along with your privacy.

What are the kinds of dishes(Foods) available in a kochi boat house?

Dishes or meal is one the first priority to look for whenever you travel to a new place. Numbers of dishes are served in Kochi boat house, but all will vary based on the chosen package, houseboat company and your season of the visit. Most houseboats provide a similar kind of dishes to visitors.

While you’re in the houseboat, you’ll get served with welcome drinks in the morning. For lunch, you’ll have south Indian foods with authentic Kerala taste, which include rice, fish curry, chicken curry, mix veg curry, biryani, polao, chapati, vegetable fry etc. Refreshing evening snacks such as tea, coffee, juice, banana toast are also offered in the houseboat.

If you choose to spend the overnight stay, houseboat offers amazing dinner with chapati, rice, salad, pickle, curd, veg curry or non-veg curry dish. For the luxury package users, there is a special privilege of pre-order and customized food in the houseboat.

Is Houseboat cruise available in monsoon season?

Yes, Houseboat cruise is available in monsoon season.Houseboat cruise continues to run if it’s light showers, but it stops on the arrival of heavy rain and speedy wind. Monsoon brings a heavy amount of rainfall to Cochin which starts in June and last until November. If you’re planning to visit Kochi houseboat in monsoon, there is a bonus point for you. Rates are much cheaper than the usual days for which you can save a considerable amount of money during your visit.

Is Vegetarian food serviceable in boat house?

Yes, Vegetarian food is serviceable in Kochi boat house. Kerala is famous for spices, so its vegetable dishes. Houseboat offers a variety of vegetarian dishes to its visitors from breakfast to dinner. Mix Vegetable curry, Avial (thick mixture of vegetables, curd and coconut seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves), vegetable thoron (Vegetable sauteed and cook along coconut in coconut oil), Vegetable Mezhukkupuratti (Fried vegetable curry), Vegetable dry fry etc are some of the tasty vegetable dishes offered by the Cochin boat house. Cook always ensures that vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes are separated from each other.

Is Kochi boat house stay safe and comfortable?

Yes, Kochi boat house stay is safe and comfortable.Houseboats are made of sophisticated mechanism which qualifies all the safety test. It also ensures that the maximum weight capacity of houseboat never exceeds the limit while cruising. Moreover every time a houseboat cruise it carries a Captain, on Guide, two Oarsmen and a cook. They all together ensure the safety and comfort of tourists.

Houseboat stays are comfortable as that of a Hotel stay. While its comfortable increases with higher packages, bigger houseboat but still all houseboats are comfortable for cruising.

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