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If you are a nature lover, Thekkady is your idyllic destination for a vacation to refresh your senses. Take home the images of elephants walking along the beautiful lakes and rivers in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary after your ultimate holiday in Thekkady. Thekkady boasts of intoxicating air, lush green hills, lovely waterfalls and the immaculate beauty of nature which will help you relax and unwind. Thekkady, located by the scenic Periyar Lake is a major attraction where you can enjoy a soothing experience that revitalizes your soul. Wildlife enthusiasts would love to have a closer look of the varied flora and fauna which can be spotted here. With so many amazing things to do in Thekkady, it is likewise popular among travelers for its amazing eating joints, adventure sports and shopping places.

For people vacationing in Thekkady, the varied options to complete your short holiday itineraries can be mind boggling as there is so much to do in this amazing place. Go boating in the Periyar Lake and witness the spectacular beauty with spotting some wild elephants, bisons, wild boars, birds etc. For adventure junkies, Thekkady is replete with activities like trekking, birding, canoeing etc. If you want to take part in some eco tourism, go for a jungle patrol and help protect the forests of Periyar. Peep into the past with a visit to the Tribal Heritage Museum to find out some artifacts related to the Mannan settlement. Catch a Kathakali performance for some cultural entertainment or enjoy the wind, sunset and plains of Tamil Nadu and trek through the rocks at Ramakkalmedu which is a hill station and a hamlet. Visit the spice gardens of Thekkady to catch the aromatic air of lovely plantations on a nature walk. Some other offbeat things to do in Thekkady include bamboo rafting and sightseeing tours of Periyar Tiger Park. Here are the best listings on things to do in Thekkady.

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Periyar National Park

Discover the untamed beauty of Periyar National Park! Located in Kerala, India, this biodiverse haven is home to exotic wildlife and lush forests. Embark on thrilling jungle safaris, witness majestic elephants, tigers, and rare species in their natural habitat. With boating opportunities on Periyar Lake, immerse yourself in nature's wonders. A perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts and eco-lovers.

Elephant Junction

Elephant Junction, located in Thekkady, offers a heartwarming experience with elephants in Kerala's lush settings. This unique place lets you ride, bathe, and learn about elephants in a way that respects their natural behaviour. It is situated near Kumily, making it a perfect addition to your Thekkady visit. The activities are designed for all, whether you are a family with kids or a group of friends looking for adventure.

Kadathanadan Kalari Center

One of the most interesting Thekkady tourist places is Kadathanadan Kalari Center – a place famous for enjoying Kalaripayattu martial arts, the traditional self-defence practices of Kerala.


Embark on a journey to tranquillity and serenity in Kumily, one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Thekkady. The quaint village features deep forests and idyllic countryside to transport you to an otherworldly feeling where none of the worries of daily life can follow you.


One of the most gorgeous thekkady tourist places, the hill station is located between Chellarkovil and the Tamil Nadu border and just 5 km from Thekkady.

Mangla Devi Temple

Tucked away deep inside the forests of Periyar National Park is one of the most enchanting Thekkady tourist places, the Mangla Devi Temple. The temple is a pilgrim site for the religious.

Periyar Lake

Periyar Lake is nestled cosily within the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady. It is an artificial lake which is formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam. This tranquil lake located amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats is surrounded by dense forests. Tourists can marvel at the serene natural beauty of the place and spot diverse wildlife. Periyar Lake attracts nature lovers from far and wide and serves as an important ecotourism destination in Southern India.

Mullaperiyar Dam

Enjoy the unique sights of water cascading down from a towering height of 155 ft at Mullaperiyar Dam. Located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the dam offers exquisite views of the tiger reserve and the Periyar Lake.

Chellarkovil Viewpoint

Chellarkovil Viewpoint is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thekkady, with picturesque views of nature in all its glory. Catch a glimpse of the orange sun setting behind lush green hills and crane your neck to see tall mountain ridges disappearing into white fluffy clouds.

Deepa World Spices and Ayurveda Plantation

Deepa World Spice and Ayurvedic Garden, situated in Munnar, Kerala, is a haven for those seeking an aromatic and healing experience. The garden showcases a diverse array of spices, herbs, and medicinal plants intrinsic to Ayurveda. Visitors embark on an educational journey, learning about spice cultivation and Ayurvedic principles. The lush surroundings and fragrant air make it a sensory delight, offering insights into the region's rich natural bounty.


One of the most invigorating places to visit in Thekkady, Murikkady is an ideal picnic spot for families and nature lovers. Spice plantations stretch through the area and the aroma of coffee, pepper, and cardamom wafts through the air and enlivens the senses.

Parunthumpara Hill Viewpoint

Parunthumpara Hill Viewpoint in Thekkady, Kerala, offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Western Ghats. Known as the 'eagle rock,' the viewpoint provides a bird's-eye view of verdant landscapes, tea estates, and Periyar River winding through the valleys. The serene ambiance, coupled with cool breezes, makes it a popular spot for nature lovers and photographers seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of Kerala's scenic beauty.

Spring Valley Mountain

The Green Park in Idukki has a plethora of activities to indulge in and spend a few hours making unforgettable memories. Go for a leisurely stroll in the park and learn about a host of Ayurvedic medicines and enjoy the sights of lush green plantations of spices.

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