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Casa Manuel, La Quinta, Finca Cortesin, Castillo De Arena, La Finca, Casa Grande Country House, Sa Punta De S’Aguila, Can Bonita, Casa Angel, Fontsanta Luxury Villaand many more.

Staying in one of the best villas in Spain during your vacay trip is everyone’s dream. Categorically, Spain offers some of the exquisite villas that you can book for yourself, starting with the sea facing villas having infinity pools like Casa Cubells and Villa Piedra Blanca offering an outdoor patio with dining arrangements. Various villas are even equipped with indoor gyms, a theater room for enjoying movie nights, poolside bars with a huge collection of luxury wines, Scottish drinks, and so on. If you are willing to spend some private time away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you will have abundant options too.

Different Spain villas have varied architectures like Finca Finesse, coming with a mediaterranean decor with white walls and bold colored furniture elements. Various villas are based on modern architectures with large balconies, see through glass walls, a grand kitchen, and so on. The Spanish villas are the epitome of comfort, refreshment, and luxury that will help you pamper yourself throughout your stay. To add more to the excitement, we have presented you some of the most popular Spanish villas and their features and amenities which you will definitely enjoy.
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Spain Villas FAQs

What is the best time to visit Spain?

Spain is a great destination year-round, but the best time to visit is during the spring and autumn seasons. The weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The tourist attractions are open and the landscapes are lush with wildflowers in the spring and warm sunshine in the autumn. It is also during this time when you can comfortably enjoy the vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and historic attractions that Spain has to offer.

What is Spain famous for?

Spain is famous for its distinctive culture, incredible landscapes, and delicious cuisine. It is known for its vibrant art and architecture, Flamenco music, vibrant festivals, and the Running of the Bulls. Its stunning beaches, Roman ruins, and unique landscapes are a must-see for any traveler. Its wines, especially Sherry and Rioja, are highly sought after. Spain is a popular destination for tourists, offering something for everyone.

Which are the best villas in Spain?

1. Casa Manuel: Casa Manuel is one of the best Spain villas to spend the best days for relaxation and refreshment. Perched at the clifftop, you can feel the windy breeze coming from the sea along with a subtle scent of fig gardens located nearby. The villa has a modern design with white walls, contemporary-styled wooden furniture, art pieces gathered from the flea market, and so on.

The interior has a Bohemian design style which escalates the beauty of the villa further. Even though there is no private swimming pool in Casa Manuel, you can always walk up to the white sandy beach and take a dip in the sea waters.

Location: Formentera, Barcelona, Spain
Price: £860 per day approx.

2. La Quinta: Nestled in the laps of the Andalucian Hills, the La Quinta villa is one of the prestigious places to stay during your vacation in Spain. It will look similar to a terracotta building from a far distance, but in reality, the external walls are made from Moorish tiles, which cast a traditional vibe in the villa.

To make the villa look like an old-school house, vines have been planted on the outside walls, along with scattered placements of trimmed hedges. The interiors have amazing designs with vintage furniture units and large windows that will provide you with the best views of the mountain peaks.

Location: Gaucin, Andalucia, Spain
Price: £350 per day approx.

3. Finca Cortesin: Finca Cortesin consists of some of the most exquisite Spain villas with a contemporary design and private pools. The pools are surrounded by a white-coloured deck, after which a trimmed lawn is present for a natural vibe. The villa has a fusion architecture with the main living space and outdoor dining area having white walls with modern furniture units and glass walls.

On the other hand, the bedrooms are located at the far end where the walls are made from stone, thereby offering a maximum level of privacy. You will have options to choose from 4 to 8 bedrooms depending on the total number of members staying at Finca Cortesin.

Location: Malaga, Andalucia
Price: £3520 per day approx.

4. Castillo De Arena: Costa Blanca is a prime location for staying in Spain, and that's where the Castillo De Arena villa comes into play. Sitting on the clifftop, the villa offers a full, open view of the Mediterranean Sea. Having a castle-like structure with an integrated lighthouse design, the villa comes with white painted walls that look amazing against the blue background of the open sky and the seawater.

It's surrounded by lush vegetation that offers a cool climate within the interiors. A private outdoor pool is present for your relaxation, along with a sun deck.

Location: Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Price: £695 per day approx.

5. La Finca: La Finca is one of the best villas in Spain, which can be considered the epitome of multiple style integration. The interiors have an African styled setup with handcrafted headboards, rattan-style ceiling lights, several African antiques, and a cosy fireplace. The outsides, however, represent Greek architecture in a very subtle manner, especially the ones you can see in Santorini.

Since you will have a private pool, you won't have to worry about relaxation. Palapa parasols are present in the villa, bordering the pool where you can rest and hide from the sun's heat. Surrounding the entire villa is a vast expanse of lush green gardens that enhance the beauty further.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Price: £615 per day approx.

6. Casa Grande Country House: If you are looking for a country house to stay in during your visit to Spain, the Casa Grande will be a perfect choice. Surrounding the villa is huge farmland where olives are cultivated. You can also find the sheep roaming around now and then.

Five bedrooms are present in the villa, each having terracotta interior architecture, while the dining room is filled with antique touches. The outside, however, is another world, all thanks to the stone deck surrounding the private pool and the special terrace built for having a wonderful time after dusk.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Price: £450 per day approx.

7. Sa Punta De S’Aguila: This is one of the best luxury villas in Spain where you will enjoy your stay. The pool comes with an outdoor bar where you will have your personal concierge. Besides, you can enjoy three-course amazing meals cooked by a local Spanish chef. Sa Punte De S'Aguila main attraction is one of its bedrooms, where you will have an attached, walk-in suntrap terrace.

From here, you can have an amazing view of the entire western coast of the island and the shoreline being washed away by the sea waters.

Location: Mallorca, Spain

8. Can Bonita: Hidden away from the hustle-bustle of Ibiza's main town, the Can Bonita villa is perhaps the best place where you can stay for experiencing both privacy and luxury. Surrounding the whitewashed villa is a huge collection of greenery that comprises large palm trees, hedges, flowering plants, pine and olive trees, and others.

An outside lounge is present for your relaxation right beyond the front patio. Coming to the interiors, you will be surprised with the simplicity of the design, especially with the wooden ceiling beams casting a rugged look.

Location: Ibiza, Spain
Price: £1200 per day approx.

9. Casa Angel: As the name sounds, it is one of the most angelic villas in Spain, with an outdoor courtyard pool occupying most of the space. The bedrooms are equipped with knitted rattan rugs, traditional wooden beds, cosy lounge chairs, and vaulted wooden beams that give a rustic charm to the interiors.

You will also have a separate hangout room with an amazing chandelier and comfy sofas.

Location: Catalonia, Spain
Price: £2150 per day approx.

10. Fontsanta Luxury Villa: If you plan to stay in one of the luxury villas in Spain, Fontsanta will be the ideal place. With a warm orange hue and stoned walls, the exterior of the villa looks amazing. The decked outdoor pool is present with a divan bed sitting on one of the edges and covered with white curtains. There is also an outdoor lounge with a dining area overlooking the pool.

The backyard’s beauty is further enhanced with the palm and olive trees surrounding the villa. The bedrooms are cozy, both in terms of aesthetics and the softest bed you have slept on till now. You can have a perfect view of the nearby cliffs and woodlands from your bedroom which comes with a walk-in balcony.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Price: £1100 per day approx.

11. Villa Es Costes: If you are looking for traditional villas in Spain, the Villa Es Costes is the best-suited accommodation in the country. It's located in a secluded community, at a mere walking distance from Pollensa. The exterior of the house has stone walls that give off the traditional Spanish vibes.

On the other hand, the interiors have modern décor with wooden ceiling beams, ceiling to floor glass windows, a private pool, and a shaded balcony. Floors are covered with unique marble tiles with warm hues that seem quite appealing against the modern architecture of the furniture units.

Location: Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain
Price: £850 per day approx.
Timings: 3 PM to 10 AM

12. Casa Cubells: Casa Cubells is built on a land of two hectares, bordered by a dense pine forest that increases the entire villa's tranquillity and serenity. Casa Cubells come with an infinity pool overlooking the far-off cliffs and the pine woods instead of having the normal decked pool.

You can easily relax and take in the ethereal beauty of the ambience at the moon deck located adjacent to the pool. The villa's interior is quite modern, with white painted walls, open balconies, a special indoor lounge area, and a spacious master bedroom.

Location: Ibiza, Spain
Price: £1100 per day approx.
Timing: 4 PM to 10 AM

Which are the best luxury villas in Spain?

1. Barcelona Estate: Coming with a golf course and a humongous outdoor pool, this is one of the best villas in Spain where you can spend some luxurious time easily. Sun deck with umbrella shades is present for your relaxation. On the other hand, the villa has glass walls at the front for a clear outdoor view.

2. Tagomago retreat: This luxury villa comes with all the staff you will need for a peaceful vacation stay. Besides, it has a private helipad, and the entire island will be yours during your stay. A pool is also there, surrounded by palm trees and hedges.

3. Finca Finesse: This is a sea-facing villa that offers you an impeccable view of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding cliffs. With a small infinity pool and a beautiful garden orchard on the outside, you will have some of the best times in your life.

Considering the main house, it has contemporary architecture, with every single thing being the epitome of luxury and snugness.

4. Lisandra: For luxury Spain villas within an affordable range, Lisandra is the best option you will have. With a stone pool and outdoor sun decks, the retreat's exterior is quite enthralling and tranquil.

The villa has red walls with contemporary European architecture.

Which are the best beachfront villas in Spain?

1. Villa Candela: One of the most amazing sea-facing villas in Spain is the Villa Candela, a perfect Mediterranean design. Five bedrooms are there with an additional apartment. You will find an indoor gym along with a wonderful terrace, a wide living area overlooking the deck pool, and a private lounge area.

2. Duplex Blaumar: The infinity pool facing the sea is the main attraction of this villa in Spain. It comes with three bedrooms, out of which the master bedroom provides the best and the maximized view of the water.

Both the exterior and interior have modern styling, with wooden and concrete fusion that enhances the beauty to an incomprehensible level.

3. Villa Lola: If you are looking for an ultra-modern villa with a walk-in balcony in the bedroom and a wonderful living space, Villa Lola is the best choice. The backyard has a wonderful garden and lawn with an outdoor dining place. At the front, you will have a large deck that leads you right to the beach.

4. Villa Francina: Villa Francina comes with five bedrooms, an outdoor pool with a red-stoned deck, white interiors, comfy living space, a backyard garden, and an exquisite view of the sea and the cliffs.

Which are the best villas in Frigiliana?

1. Villa Piedra Blanca: The Villa Piedra Blanca is an old-school villa with vines decorating the outdoor pillars, which offer a perfect front patio view. You will have the pool in the backyard facing the cliffs.

It's an ideal accommodation for a couple or small family who will be staying for a short time in the rural city of Frigiliana.

2. Villa Pastora: If you are looking for an open-style architecture of a villa, the Pastora in Frigiliana will be the perfect choice. The pool is quite long, having a white deck and sunbeds for your relaxation.

Three bedrooms are there with full air-conditioning. Here, you will have your private kitchen and an indoor lounge area.

3. Casa Solanum: Casa Solanum has rising mountains on one side while the Mediterranean Sea is on the other. The outdoor pool is quite humongous, where you can swim till your heart's content.

Coming to the main residence, it has traditional architecture with a front porch seat and outdoor lounge.

4. Villa Caracoles II: Having a stone fence wall with pine forests perched on the cliff at the backdrop, this is one of the best rural Spain villas that you can get. The villa might be small in size, but its rustic architecture with a Greek-style exterior makes it quite appealing.

A small indoor pool is also present at the front with sundeck seats for relaxation.

What facilities will be provided at villas in Spain?

In most villas in Spain, you will have an air conditioner, outdoor pool, free wi-fi, and private kitchen as the basic facilities. Besides this, the facilities will vary according to the type of villa you are choosing.

For example, in some luxury villas, you can find an indoor gym, poolside bars, private helipads, an indoor lounge with a fireplace, walk-in closets in master bedrooms, outdoor dining space, and so on.

What type of amenities are provided in villas in Spain?

Depending on which kind of villa you have chosen in Spain, the type of amenities will vary. However, wi-fi, outdoor pools, sunbeds on deck, outdoor patio with lounge seats, and indoor private dining area are the common amenities you will find in most villas.

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