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About Abha
Abha is a part of Saudi Arabia and has a population of 760,000. This is where the city's major industries are located, including tourism from Europe from its proximity to Europe. In addition, it features an airport that serves Abha and Riyadh Airports. The city was established as a residential center for the Bedouins who were displaced from their ancestral homes by the construction of the King's Highway between Al-Hajar and Tayma in 1922.

Abha’s best places in Saudi Arabia include popular castles and archeological sites. More so it has many beautiful sites and historical monuments including, historical mosques, caves, and bazaars. Visit the mosque of Abha, the oldest mosque in the country built on the site of a former Abrahamic temple. The mosque is situated on Mua'iz Street, between Al-Ittihad Square and the Fish Market. You could visit the Saud Al Jassim Garden located on Equestrian Road. It's an open garden that looks pretty at any time of year but especially during spring when all flowers are in bloom.

Being a city near high mountains and deserts, Abha has a very dry climate where you’ll experience mild winters and hot summers. Snow does not fall usually in this part of Saudi Arabia, but rain is occasional during these colder months of the year.
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Abha FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Abha?

1. High City: Sitting now where the Asir National Park once was, High City is one of the most popular tourist hubs in Abha City. The protected area resembles a city in itself, with retail outlets and fine dining restaurants lining the roads here. However, High City is best known for its views.

Owing to its altitude, walking in the area takes you through and across bits of stray clouds that wander about. The edge of the city looks right out to the valley, and promises magnificent views of the surrounding areas.

Location: 6169 King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Shifa, 2970, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

2. Green Mountain: Green Mountain’s beauty is evident in its very name. Sitting right at the heart of Abha, this attraction promises splendid views of the city’s natural splendor.

A short cable ride takes one up to the mountain, and is regarded as one of the most enjoyable experiences in the city. Opening late in the afternoon, Green Mountain is a popular sunset visit, and is generally flocked with tourists through the evening.

Location: Jabal Thera, Abha, Saudi Arabia 

3. Abu Kheyal Park: Nestled atop a small hill, Abu Kheyal Park is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in Abha City. Here, well paved trails snake their way across low lying mountains, offering the perfecting playing space for leisurely hikers.

The valley views offered here are breathtaking, and often a strong reason for visiting the Park. The park is lined with Jacaranda trees along its length which erupt in bright purple blossoms every Spring.
Abu Kheyal Park can be a great place for a casual stroll, a picnic with one’s family or simply a relaxed evening out. The Park features some children's play areas as well.

Location: Al Shifa, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

4. Art Street: Abha’s Art Street is an illuminating illustration of the city’s cultural wealth. Apart from the ten art galleries that line the area, Art Street also features several murals and installations set up by local artists. Illuminated at night, the street transforms into one of the most photographic destinations in the city.

It’s beauty is merely elevated by the Jacaranda treets that blossom here, adding a hint of purple to the chaos of color. Art Street features several hip cafes and restaurants as well.

Location: King Khalid Rd, Al Muftaha, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

5. The Fog Walkway: The Fog Walkway might just be the most visited places in Abha City, and deservingly. Sitting atop the Al Dabbab region, this pedestrian walkway travels along the mountain side, giving one the impression of walking through clouds. Overlooking the Tihama Mountains, the Walkway is an absolute delight among casual strollers and photographers alike.

The pedestrian road features benches on a regular interval for those that want to take a moment and simply admire the views. The Fog Walkway features some children’s playgrounds, green spaces and a few restaurants as well.

Location: Al Sahab Walk, Al Dabab, Abha 62522, Saudi Arabia

6. Al Muftah Art Village: The Al Muftaha Art Village was initially established to promote the work of local artisans; today, it is one of the most culturally relevant places to visit in Abha. The Artist’s colony features several galleries and exhibitions, where local artists are allowed to set up their work on display.

In fact, the architecture of the building itself reflects traditional Asirian designs. Apart from its exhibition spaces, the Art Village also features the King Fahd Cultural Center, Al Muftah Theater, and the Archaeological Centre and Media Centre.

Location: 6F8W+567, Al Muftaha, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

7. Abha Lake Viewpoint: Nestled by the Abha Dam, the Abha Lake offers a scenic getaway from the regular city spirit. Sitting in the middle of a desert city, the lake appears an anomaly, although a scenic one. There are some green spaces by the Lake Viewpoint where one can settle for a day picnic.

The Lake offers great views well, and can be quite the treat for photographers. However, the lake is often covered entirely in fog and remains invisible; it would be advisable, thus, to plan one’s visit according to the weather.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Abha Al Jadidah, Abha 62512, Saudi Arabia

8. Jabal Sawda: A short drive outside the main Abha City takes one to Jabal Sawda, the highest peak in all of Saudi Arabia. Jabal Sawda is a popular tourist favorite for many reasons, whether it be the cool climate here or the picturesque berry trees that line the mountain sides.

The peak offers several hiking trails, and is frequented by trekkers across all levels of expertise. One has the option to take a cable car ride to the peak as well, which is twice as enjoyable during sunset.

Location: Asit Mountain Range 

9. Al Raqadi Museum: Although bestowed the title of a Museum, Al Raqdi is actually a collection of personal artefacts that reflect the artistic history of Saudi Arabia. The Museum was initiated by Muhammad Al Raqdi, and features heritage heirloom items including pottery works, lanterns, clothing and a private section just on photographs and paintings.

The Museum also houses the Asiri Council, with a traditional fireplace and a sitting room. Al Raqdi is also one of the best places to turn to for a traditional shopping experience. The Museum store not only sells a bunch of souvenirs, but several traditionally designed items as well, including crockery, clothing and jewelry.

Location: Thirah, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

10. Shamsan Ottoman Castle: Sitting at the base of a towering mountain, Shamsan Ottoman is striking in its ancient beauty. Although now in ruins, the castle grounds offer a magnificent backdrop for photography.

The main attraction here, however, is the series of tombstones that have been recently found near the castle wall’s foundation. The Castle grounds remain open throughout the day, and can be a great visit at night.

Location: Shamasan, 3738 - hayi, 8826 Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

What are the famous things to do in Abha?

1. Stroll along the Fog Walkway: One of the most enchanting places in Abha, the Fog Walkway can be a great visit, whether you’re travelling with your family or with a loved one. The 600-meter long pedestrian bridge not only offers splendid panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, but also gives one the impression of walking directly through the clouds.

When tired, one can also choose to stop and rest at any of the shaded seating areas that align the walkway. The Fog Walkway opens in the early evening, and stays open rather late into the night, making it one of the top nighttime visits in the city.

Location: Al Sahab Walk, Al Dabab, Abha 62522, Saudi Arabia

2. Take a cable car ride across the mountains: One of the best ways to enjoy the stunning natural views that Abha has to offer is to take a gondola ride across a mountain. There are three main destinations around the city that offer cable car rides- the Green Mountain, Souda Mountain, and Al Habala.

The rides, albeit short, offer sweeping views of the valleys sprawling below. For the best experience, one can try the cable car rides during sunset and get the best views of the sun.

Location: Green Mountain, Souda Mountain, Al Habala City

3. Try paragliding off the cliffs: If you’re an adventurer at heart, there can be no better way to spend your time in the city than taking a paragliding adventure off the country’s highest peak. Jumping off the Jabal Sawda is an absolutely surreal experience: soaring through the mist-clad skies, one is privy to some of the best views in the world.

Those experienced in the sport will have a splendid time navigating the open skies on their own. However, guided experiences are offered here as well, making the adventure accessible to beginners and first time fliers.

Location: Asit Mountain Range

4. Pay a visit to Saudi Arabia’s first National Park:  The first National Park in the country, Asir National park is Saudi’s largest protected area. From desert lands to mountains, the landscapes covered by the Park arrive with all their nuances. The National Park is practically unspoilt, and stands testament to the country’s natural wealth.

There are several animals and birds to be spotted here. In fact, if you are lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of the endangered Saudi snow leopard as well. The National Park is a popular picnic spot. However, one can add to the experience by pitching up camp here as well, as the Park offers more than 50 different campsites along its length.

Location: Aseer National Park

5. Take a walk down Art Street: If you’re an art connoisseur, or simply want to spend an evening somewhere pretty, taking a walk down Art Street might be one of the most interesting things to do.

The bohemian promenade is lined up with art installations and murals on either side, demanding one to stop and explore each one. The Street has several boutique cafes and eateries as well, where one can stop for a quick bite.

Location: King Khalid Rd, Al Muftaha, Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

6. Take a trip to the Hanging Village: The unique Hanging Village is one of the most surreal sights that Saudi Arabia has to offer.Perched on the side of a cliff, Al Habala Village derives its name from the fact that the village could earlier be accessed only by climbing ropes, or ‘habals’.

Now, a scenic cable car ride leads one to this architectural wonder. The sandstone houses that comprise the village are hews off the side of the rocks, and perch suspended above the gaping emptiness below. The village is only accessible between April and September, when the weather remains clear enough for cable car transfers.

Location: Al Habala Village, Saudi Arabia

7. Visit the souqs around Abha: One of the best ways for one to explore the local culture of a place is to tour the local markets of the place, and there’s no way to do it better in Abha than to visit the many souqs around the city.

The souqs are generally thriving with stores by local sellers, selling everything from clothing, jewelry to handicraft. It is also a great place to sample the local cuisine of Abha, with stalls selling snacks and other traditional food at extremely friendly rates.

Location: Abha City

8. Spend a day at the Rose Garden: If you are visiting Abha with a special someone, visiting the Rose Garden should be at the very top of your list of things to do in Abha.

The Garden is home to several exhibits of roses, with different species blooming in different seasons, offering a perennial charm to the place. There are several well paved walkways that run across the Garden which can be great for a leisurely stroll or walk. The lawns are perfect as picnic spaces as well. 

Location: Shamasan, 3738 - alive, 8826 Abha 62521, Saudi Arabia

9. Take a bus tour around the city: Taking a bus tour is one of the easiest and best ways to discover the city, especially if you are with children. It also saves you the hassle of planning an itinerary on your own.

The bus tour takes travellers across most, if not all, of the major attractions around Abha, stopping at each to let one get off and explore the place on their own. The bus tour tickets are offered at nominal rates as well, making it one of the most affordable ways to tour the city.

Location: Abha City

10. Witness the fireworks by the Abha Lake: Settled by the Abha Dam, the Abha Lake is one of the most charming destinations in the city. Not only is the lake known for its beautiful views, but offers a great spot for a stroll or a picnic as well.

Occasionally, the Lake also hosts firework shows along the banks. Spectators are treated to a magnificent uproar of colors and lights in the sky, reflected beautifully on the glassy waters of the lake at night.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Abha Al Jadidah, Abha 62512, Saudi Arabia

What is Abha famous for?

Among its many virtues, Abha is best known to house two of the most magnificent natural attractions in Saudi Arabia- the Asir National Park, which is the oldest national park in the country, and Jabal Sawadi, the highest peak there.

What is the best time to visit Abha?

Abha is, to the fortune of the traveller, just one of those places you can visit at any time of year, due to the all-round pleasant weather conditions that prevail throughout. Nevertheless, according to the accounts of past travellers to Abha, the best months to visit Abha would be April, August and November.

How much does a trip to Abha cost?

As far as the getting there part is concerned, there are not many flight options if you are travelling from Delhi. Flight tickets to Abha usually start over the one lakh INR mark for most flights, and it is strongly advised to book your tickets at least a month ahead, especially if you are travelling during a seasonal peak.

Is it expensive to visit Abha?

There are no two ways about it: visiting Abha can be quite expensive for the average traveller. Barring the flight tickets which can amount to a little over two lakhs per traveller, a week in Abha can cost you an additional one lakh on accommodation, sightseeing, and the other usual particulars of any trip.

Which are the best places to stay in Abha?

1. Abha Palace Hotel - Overlooking the Al Sad lake, there are not many hotels in Abha that can compare to the repute of the Abha Palace Hotel. Every aspect of the hotel is indeed palatial, starting from the inimitable hospitality of its staff, the exquisite delicacies of its kitchen, to the perfect room for you to ensure a comfortable stay.

2. AZD Hotel - The AZD Hotel is just another in the long list of accommodations you can choose from when in Abha. The hotel prides itself in its plush and comfortable rooms, each equipped with all the amenities you would require for a comfortable stay, including sound-proofing, air-conditioning, and even a fireplace for chilly nights.

3. Assalam Palace - Well-connected with all the places you would like to visit during your stay, the Assalam Palace is a strong option to consider as your potential accommodation. The rooms are extremely comfortable and spacious, and the restaurant is good enough for you to not seek venturing and beyond.

4. Intercontinental Abha - There is no shortage of reasons when it comes to choosing the Intercontinental Abha for your stay in the city. The picturesque views it offers, being located on the Al Soodah Mountains, are alone enough for you to look nowhere else; the warm hospitality and excellent rooms are just cherry atop the cake.

Which are the best places for shopping in Abha?

1. Abha Palace - Abha Plaza is one of the most renowned shopping spots in Abha. Known especially for selling women’s dresses, the Abha Plaza is strewn with over fifty stores that offer you the best of local garments. If you are looking for somewhere convenient to get local garments, then this is definitely the place for you.

2. Al Raqadi Museum - Despite not being a centrally poised shopping place per se, the Al Raqadi Museum is a great place to shop in the city. The museum, besides embodying a great cultural heritage, also has numerous souvenir shops from where you can buy handicrafts and other handcrafted souvenirs, including showpieces.

3. Al Muftah Art Village - If you are interested in art and culture, you would definitely find the Al Muftah Art Village a slice of heaven in Abha. The place comes alive during the night with its bustling shops. All of them hoarding and specialising in the best of local art and handicrafts.

4. Al Rashid Mall - The biggest shopping mall in Abha, the Al Rashid Mall is your standard run-of-the-mill shopping mall where you can relax and unwind while participating in the obligatorily expected consumerism. The large space of the mall with its various attractions would surely be worth your while, especially if you have a young ’un accompanying you.

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