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Best Camping Places in Saudi Arabia

Madakhil Camp, Desert of Sahama, Al-Wahba Crater, Al Souda Mountains, Khubayb Al Reem, Al Jouf, Empty Quarter, Rural Tents Naseem Alouzaib, Wadi Rum Quiet Desert Camp, and many more.

Have you ever wondered what camping in Saudi Arabia would feel like? If you are clueless yet curious and want to know more about it, then we would give you a headstart of what camping in Saudi Arabia feels like. The three most basic questions which should arise in your mind should be where to camp, what is the best time and what are the things you should carry for camping, for which, we are here to resolve all your queries and draw you an outline of what kind of experience you would have when camping in Saudi Arabia.

So, among the several camping spots available in Saudi Arabia, the most famous yet best-preferred one is camping in the Asir National Park. Additionally, you can’t miss out on desert camping between the dunes as it would be one of the most incredible experiences you would have while visiting Saudi Arabia. For newly married couples, what’s more, romantic and spectacular than being able to spend a night in the desert, savoring the warmth of the fire, gazing up at the dazzling stars in the sky, and taking in the serenity of the desert far from the city?

Isn’t life getting too monotonous sitting back at your home or office doing the same things again and again? Do something different rather than what you do every day, come out from your comfort zone, bring out the "you only live once" instinct within you, and come with us and explore some of the great camping spots and the electrifying activities they have to offer while in Saudi Arabia.Madakhil Camp

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Saudi Arabia Camping FAQs

What are the best places for camping in Saudi Arabia?

1. Madakhil Camp: Nestled in the picturesque & untouched location of Al-Hajar, surrounded by mountains, Madakhil Camp encompasses several amazing restaurants and organizes exciting programs during the evening. With elegant Arabic-themed tents, it is notable as one of the most beautiful camping spots in Saudi Arabia, where you can also enjoy some barbeque facilities at the campsite. You can also enjoy star-gazing at night with your partner which would be absolutely romantic.

2. Desert of Sahama: If you are looking for someplace to experience peace and serenity and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then visit Al-Samama which is situated in the north of Riyadh and is notable for its golden sand and leisure facilities that are scattered throughout the area.

3. Al-Wahba Crater: If you want to see something out of this planet, visit Saudi Arabia's famed Al Wahba Crater, which is located 250 kilometers from the city of Taif. This is without a doubt one of the Kingdom's most stunning natural wonders, stretching 1.3 kilometers broad and 200 meters deep and located in the heart of the desert.

You must be well prepared for a camping excursion to Wahba Crater because there are no services accessible anywhere around the region. Visitors should bring enough gasoline, tents, blankets, food, drink, and supplies for a night in the desert with them.

4. Al Souda Mountains: Asir National Park is another lovely camping spot in Saudi Arabia. The verdant valleys of Jabal Souda, Saudi Arabia's tallest mountain, have a European feel to them, with woods and fog. The first thing you'll notice when you wake up near the Jabal Souda or Al Souda mountains and the Bani Mazen settlements is a sea of clouds as far as the eye can view as if you're dreaming.

The location is also blessed with pleasant weather all year, and the magnificent green fields and mountains will be a paradise for hikers and campers with cool rains throughout the hot summer months.

5. Khubayb Al Reem: If you want to have an incredible overnight experience with your family and loved ones at Khubayb Al Reem, which is also known as Reem Reserve, then don’t miss out on camping in Saudi Arabia at this breathtaking natural wonder, located west of Riyadh, providing Bedouin-style camping in the open desert under a blanket of stars. The camp is home to adventures with skilled falcons, camel caravan rides in the desert, and archery courses.

6. Al Jouf: The Sisira Wall, Al Dar'I Quarter, and Marid Castle are among the historical and archaeological landmarks of Al Jouf, which is located in the kingdom's northernmost portion. The Al Nafud desert is characterized by mountains, valleys, and flat dunes.

The city is regarded as the "Food Basket" of the kingdom because of its plentiful olive, palm, and fruit trees, which produce hundreds of tonnes of olive oil. Visitors to this region may spend the day exploring the Nafud Desert and seeing olive groves before pitching a tent beneath the stars.

7. Empty Quarter: Camping in Saudi Arabia in the Empty Quarter would be a magical experience for the adventure-seekers to be able to witness desert animals, and hear the eerie sounds of the dry and whistling winds. You may also try out several exciting activities such as camel riding, sand-boarding down the dunes, or simply relax and take in the enormity of a location few people have visited.

8. Rural Tents Naseem Alouzaib: Rural tents Naseem Al Zaib is nestled in the center of Al Ula and offers free WiFi and a garden with an incredible outdoor swimming pool and awestruck garden views. A sun deck is available at the campsite. It is just the perfect getaway to spend some time with your family and kids in the most amazing way possible.

9. Wadi Rum Quiet Desert Camp: Lying on the western side, the camp is protected from the wind by a large mountain and provides spectacular morning sunlight, as well as is centrally positioned amid tourism destinations and climbing zones.

Which are the Best Places To Enjoy Desert Camping In Saudi Arabia?

1. Al-Samama: If you want to get away from the clamor and pace of life in the city, head to Al-Samama, which is located in the north of Riyadh and is known for its golden sand and recreational facilities distributed across the area.

People from Riyadh come here to unwind in the natural atmosphere and ride camels. You may even indulge your enthusiasm for some electrifying activities such as riding motorbikes and desert vehicles.

2. AlUla: AlUla, embedded deep in the Saudi desert in northwestern Saudi Arabia, is famed for its archaeological treasures and is notable as a preferred option for camping in Saudi Arabia. Rock outcroppings with stunning abstract forms dot the landscape.

The area is also known for its dark sky, which makes it an excellent location for astronomy. Visit AlGharameel for an informative tour of AlUla's skies: guests may stargaze while being surrounded by the area's distinctive rock formations, with a local expert providing insights into the stars and constellations overhead.

3. Jeddah: An eight-hour stay in a tent 40 minutes from Jeddah is a popular alternative for vacationers in the desert and one of the spectacular camping spots in Saudi Arabia. Adventurers can try sandboarding, quad biking, and riding 4x4 vehicles across the dunes before nightfall. The group gathers around the campfire in the evening to watch the sunset and gaze up at the stars.

Not only this, but Jeddah, the capital of Saudi Arabia incorporates several desert safari tours for the visitors, each of which offers its 8-hour camping stay including some exciting yet electrifying activities at noon and barbeques in the evening with special and exquisite Arabian tea and coffee.

4. Moon Mountain: Moon Mountain is an exotic desert scenery located on the outskirts of Jeddah, approximately an hour's drive from the north. Locals who want to get away from the city for treks and camping under the stars, come to visit this place. You can also take the chance to stop in the little town of Asfan on your journey from Jeddah to Moon Mountain and climb the 18th-century Asfan fort.

Pilgrims traveling between Makkah and Medina stopped at this hilltop station for a respite. The magnificent rock formations welcome you to Moon Mountain, where you may pitch a tent and watch the sunset. Because of the area's distant, desert setting, the stars shine brightly when the sunsets. What’s more beautiful and incredible than that, right?

5. Hail: Hail is the capital of Saudi Arabia's north-central region, situated between Mount Shammer and Mount Salma, and is recognized to be on the list of places to go camping in Saudi Arabia. The Al Nafud desert, with its distinctive red sands, is centered here.

Discover Hail's rock art, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see inscriptions and petroglyphs dating back over 10,000 years. Just outside the city, there are lots of options for dune bashing and sand surfing.

6. Al Jouf: Al Jouf, one among the most interesting camping spots in Saudi Arabia, in the kingdom's northernmost section, is home to a number of historical and archaeological monuments, including the Sisira Wall, Al Dar'I Quarter, and Marid Castle. Mountains, valleys, and flat dunes characterize the Al Nafud desert.

For its abundant olive, palm, and fruit trees, which generate hundreds of tonnes of olive oil, the city is known as the kingdom's "Food Basket." Visitors to this location may spend the day castle-hopping around the Nafud Desert and visiting olive fields before putting up a tent under the stars.

7. Wadi Rum Quiet Desert Camp: Situated on the western side of the mountain range, this camp is shielded from the wind by a big mountain and gives a beautiful morning sunshine view, as well is strategically located among tourist attractions and climbing areas.

To go with the Bedouin meals, coffee, and tea, it has some modern conveniences too in terms of Bedouin-style, such as restrooms and hot water sources. So, don’t miss out on having this amazing camping experience of your lifetime in one of the most incredible camping places in Saudi Arabia and doing something different out of your everyday routine.

What is the best time for camping in Saudi Arabia?

The best and ideal time to go camping in Saudi Arabia is between the colder months of October to March since the weather would be just perfect and there would be tons of festivals organized during this time of the year where you can meet new people and interact with them.

What are the things that should be carried for camping in Saudi Arabia?

  • Lightweight Tents
  • Lightweight sleeping bags
  • Light blankets and sheets
  • Thin mattress
  • Air bed torches
  • Spare batteries
  • Cool Box for food & water
  • Camping stove

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