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What You Should Know More About Riyadh

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you do not travel alone in the night hours.

    ·         Ensure that you have had sufficient research before going to any new place.

    ·         Nudity is strictly prohibited.

    ·         If you are visiting a temple or a religious place, make sure you dress accordingly.

    ·         Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public place.

    ·         Always ensure that you book a room in an area that is known to you.

    ·         Avoid booking a hotel in any shady region.

    ·         Beware of thefts. Make sure you have kept all your cash and valuables safely.

    ·         Enquire about the room safe before booking a hotel.

    ·         Do not leave any of your valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Do not get involved in any fight with anyone.

    ·         Make sure you double check the seal of the water bottle before buying.

    ·         Check the quality of the street food before ordering for it.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Girls make sure you do not get over friendly with the locals here.

    ·         Learn some words from the local language prevalent in the region.

    ·         Do not book any cab or taxi without negotiating the fare for the same. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    Alcohol laws are strict and rigid in Saudi Arabia. It is said to be completely prohibited for consumption amongst the Muslim citizens. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    The National Museum

    The National Museum of Riyadh gives a glimpse about the history of Saudi Arabia. The museum displays the past and the present culture form of Saudi Arabia. The museum features different types of antiques, manuscripts, documents and display board which showcases vividly about the past era. There are eight exhibition halls and each hall follows a different theme. Various workshops are conducted in the museums which tourists can be a part of.

    Masmak fort

    The most fascinating thing about the Masmak Fort is that it is completely built with clay and mud-brick. This adds to the visual appeal of the fort and it looks exactly like the ones we see in war movies. The fort is surrounded by sand and it was built around the year 1865 and continues to be a tourist attraction after some years. It has four 18 meter high cylindrical towers which is located on each corner, the palm tree gate is 12 ft high and 9 ft wide. The empire is historically as well as culturally significant for Saudi Arabia. In the year 1995, this empire was turned into museum. The museum exhibits some antique guns, costumes and agricultural artifacts.

    King Abdullah Park

    King Abdullah Park is one of the must visit places for both children and adults in Riyadh. The musical dancing fountain which has a height of around 110 meters is decorated with colorful laser lights and is a visual treat for all the visitors here. With greenery surrounding one can relax here, there are game zone as well as restaurants to chill out. The 12 meter wide pedestrian street on the beautiful park is available for skateboarding, roller skating, jogging, running, exercising and many more activities. Visitors can view these place at a given timing and can enjoy the beauty of this park.

    Al Malaz zoo

    Al Malaz zoo was opened in the year 1987 with beautiful landscapes, there are more than 1500 animals in the zoo. One can view various types of wild species, a Flamingo welcome you as you enter the gate of the zoo. There is a train ride inside the zoo which covers most portions of the zoo. It also has prayer halls, restaurants and cafes inside the zoo so you definitely won’t be bored. It is also a nice picnic spot where you can go with your family and relax there. Although the zoo is not too big like the other world famous zoos, this acts as an advantage because you can visit all the animals easily. 

    Salaam Park

    Salaam Park is another park in Riyadh that is popular for the recreational activities it provides. For those who love to spend time with nature will find the place absolutely serene. Although it is not a major tourist attraction, people who know about the place usually go there to take a stroll around or have a peaceful evening with their family as the park is full of natural elements and the weather beautifully complements it. Tourists who come here for their holidays have termed it as the best park in the city of Riyadh. 

    Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

    We all know that Saudi Arabia has a rich history in the air force sector. If you want to witness all the milestones as well as the important aircrafts, this is the perfect place for it. It has become a point of interest for many people after they came to know about Saudi's aviation history. You can witness some of the most iconic models of aircrafts and cockpits inside the museum. Even kids will have a great time here and if you have come to Riyadh with your family, this is surely a must visit place.  

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Play dodgeball on a trampoline

    The activity sounds so exciting that every tourist feels like trying it as soon as they reach Riyadh. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park KSA is an indoor park where you will find a lot of trampolines which are used for extremely unusual purposes here. Try out playing dodgeball on a trampoline and it will definitely one of the most fun filled activities you must have ever done. The only thing people fear about playing dodgeball is hurting themselves but when you play on a trampoline no such fear exists so enjoy your time here with either your friends or family. 

    Take your kids to Minopolis

    This is an establishment specially made for kids but if you are here with your family, take your kids to Minopolis Saudi and they will have it as the fondest memory of their childhood. It is a mini city which is specially made for children and all the activities are focused towards children. Although it is targeted towards the smaller age group, you as a parent will also have a nice time when you see your kid perform various never seen before activities. There are virtual career options inside the city as well where your kids can enroll to a particular dream career and act professional. 

    Take a science tour

    If you are someone who is interested in science and related activities, you must definitely take a science tour to understand more about it. Visit the Prince Salman Space Oasis where you can indulge in various science related activities. One of the major purpose of this science center is to create more awareness and impart knowledge among the people who are less aware about it. 

    Star gaze while being indoors 

    Have you ever wanted to star gaze but never found the opportunity to do so because of the place you live in? If this is the case, you will love to star gaze and the best thing is you can do it indoors. You can get to the King Fahd Cultural Centre Planetarium and gaze at hundreds of stars while being inside the building. There are various shows conducted here relating to space, our solar system, different planets and much more. These shows have a varied duration that ranges from 5 to 30 minutes each.

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