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About Al Kharj
The city of Al Kharj is located in Saudi Arabia and is the capital city of the Eastern Province. The population of Al Kharj is more than 1,000,000 people and it's one of the fastest-growing cities in Saudi Arabia. The area that makes up Al Kharj is 755 km2. This is a place to discover and appreciate the beauty and culture of Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. If you like photography, history, architecture, and nature preservation then this place can be your next destination.

Al kharj in northern Saudi Arabia offers travelers opportunities to visit the three major cultural attractions there: King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, King Fahd Camel Race Track, and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Conservation Research Center. This city has spots for locals and tourists alike; be sure to stop by! You'll find shopping malls and boutiques with everything from Arabic jewelry to gold. There are also plenty of cafes showcasing traditional delicacies like Khoshaf, kefta sandwiches, and foul-be-foul.

From a dry desert to a wetland, Al Kharj has a lot of different weather conditions. Because of this, the average temperature there is a pretty hot one - 32 degrees  Celsius or about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall is also quite low, with only 18 millimeters or about 0.7 inches per year on average.

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Al Kharj FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Al Kharj?

1. Ayun Seeh: Ayun Seeh is a must-visit place in Al Kharj which is also known as Ayun Alseih. The place is around 500m with 2big holes, supposed to be created by meteor showers 1000s of years back. In good weather, it's recommended to visit the strange thing only during daylight as there are no arrangements to see at night.
A Decade ago these holes used to have water but not date these are entirely dried and empty. It has a fence around them for safety and visitors, so they love to visit this place.
  • Location: King Abdullah Road, Al Kharj Saudi Arabia

2. Al Kharj Park Zoo: Don’t miss visiting the famous zoo named Al Kharj Park Zoo, which is a small area conserving a huge variety of rides for kids along with all kinds of wild creatures to see like Lion, tigers, Leopards, bears, monkeys some birds such as eagles, vultures, ducks, Flamingo, etc.
The wonderful zoo opens every day from 3:00 pm to 12 am and brings immense joy to the visitors, children, and adults. The zoo is an entertainment center to enjoy ongoing festivals, events, and walk around an abundance of vegetation.
  • Location: Al-Kharj Road, Riyadh Road in Al-Afa District, Saudi Arabia

3. Al Kharj Water Tower: Are you wondering about a romantic escape while in Al Kharj city? If yes, then immediately head to al Kharj Tower in al Kharj. Spend a beautiful pleasant evening with your special one at this place. Al Kharj Water Tower is a luxurious restaurant to dine out with your partner which has a delicate spread of a variety of cuisine with a spectacular view of the whole city.
The cityscapes and glittering night lights of the city surround you as a romantic bubble. Head here for a romantic dinner and enjoy the panoramic view of the star-filled sky sipping the red wine with your loved ones.
  • Location: 8087 King Abdulaziz Road, Al Burj, al Kharj 16278-2357, Saudi Arabia.

4. Al-Baijan Amusement Park: Spend the best day at Al-Baijan Amusement Park full of Day trips, fun rides, and games with an entrance fee of 5SR per person. The park’s distinguished service to its visitors is what makes it one of the largest and best entertainment reigns in Madinah al Munawwarah.
The park also sponsors many events like the annual Medina Festival and many more. The park is cheap in price and happens to be a great place for kids' entertainment and even for the elders.
  • Location: Al Kharj 16254, Saudi Arabia

5. King Salman Walkway: Enjoy a walk at King Salman Walkways, encapsulating an area of 13.4 square kilometers. The large alluring park is considered the largest city park in the world. Being five times bigger than the size of London’s Hyde Park and four times bigger than New York’s Central Park, it has a traffic-free path within the park, catering to walk, cycle, and used for different modes of transportation.
What’s more compelling and starling than having a walk through the park’s sensational landscape consisting of a series of branching valleys, dry Wadi river beds, shaded walkways.
  • Location: King Abdullah Branch Road, King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

6. Ushaiger Heritage Village: Concealed in the heart of the Najd, Ushaiger Heritage Village is an oasis-dotted region northeast of Riyadh that incorporates the sights of slow-paced old Saudi society. Visit the place which still has a small community of residents and make use of its narrow lanes to stroll around and enter a living museum, wrapped with traces of ancient ways of life.
Apart from getting historic insights, you’ll be amazed at being within Ushaiger’s winding alleyways, shared pathways, timber-framed walkways, and crossing through hundreds of mud houses, with ornately carved wooden doors.
  • Location: 50, Ushaiqer 15515, Saudi Arabia

7. Jawatha Mosque: Plan a visit to one of the earliest known mosques, Jawatha Mosque supremely established in eastern Arabia. Being a worship place, the mosque is the epitome of cultural and Islamic heritage which holds many glimpses of history, Islamic landmarks, ruins of buildings, and restoration to attract visitors.
The 207 square meters mosque, eventually holds the second Friday prayer in Islam. Visit the mosque in order for prayers and explore the evolving cultural landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Location: Al-Kilabiyah, northeast of Hofuf, al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

8. Imam Turki bin Abdullah raid: The Imam Turki bin Abdullah raid is one of the most amazing experiences you will have in Al-Kharj, which is characterized by various valleys, lush trees, and fertile soil owing to the permanent availability of freshwater and is situated on the highest plateau in Jabal Al Yamama.
Imam Turki bin Abdullah, the founder of the second Saudi monarchy, was hiding in this cave and emerged dressed as a farmer, thus the name.

9. Saleh bin Ibrahim Al-Musa Museum: The Saleh bin Ibrahim Al-Musa Museum is located in Al-Salmiya, Al-Kharj Governorate, and it consists of six rooms, each of which has ancient relics. The first hall houses leather and metal utensils, while the second hall houses archaic equipment such as the radio.
The third hall is a vast exhibition with photographs of various vintage automobiles, the fourth hall is a large room with a projector for displaying projects, the fifth hall houses numerous antique artifacts and belongings, and the sixth hall houses several exhibitions on the walls and shelves.
  • Location:  Al-Salmiya, Al-Kharj Governorate

10. Abu Jafan Historical Palace: The Abu Jafan Historical Palace is one of the oldest landmarks in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia, and is located in the city's eastern district. It was created in a region abounding with trees, water, mud, and timber, and was named after the neighboring Abu Jafan river.
This palace was used to keep an eye on and support the ancient unification army, as well as to improve the output's social position by focusing on defense, financial, urbanization, and political aspects.

What are the famous things to do in Al Kharj?

1. Visit King AbdulAziz Palace: King Abdulaziz Palace is located in Al-Sayh, the capital of the Al-Kharj Governorate, and is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Al-Kharj. It is here that King Abdulaziz chose to build the palace in Al-Kharj city owing to his immense affection and devotion to it.
You will get to see a brilliant display of age-old craftsmanship and intricate artwork. The King Abdulaziz Palace is one of the historical places in Al-Kharj built in 1357 AH of stone in an ancient Islamic architectural style. Visiting the elegant palace can give you some insights into the city's captivating past, real treasures, plenty of memorabilia, personal belongings of King Abdulaziz, and many more countless other antiques.
You can even wander the palace’s rolling beautiful gardens, spread over hectares, or else pave your way inside the palace to explore Saudi Arabia’s history as well as recordings of the King’s speeches.
  • Location- King Faisal Road, al Aziziyyah, Al-Kharj 16275, Saudi Arabia

2. Enjoy at Al-Baijan Amusement Park: Located near Al Kharj, the Al Baijan amusement Park is absolute heaven for family and kids to have a great time enjoying the entertainment inside it. This is the only amusement park that children, as well as adults, love to delve into. Here even an adult can relive their childhood and forget what’s happening around them.
What’s more fun and amazing than spending fun times with kids and becoming one with them. The wonderland has plenty of good things to do. Make the most of your journey here, enlighten your soul with pure happiness.
  • Location- Al Kharj 16254, Saudi Arabia

3. Embark to Alshoulla Club: Plan a day to visit Al-Shoulla Stadium, a multi-use stadium in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia incorporating most of the football matches, on club level by Al-Shola. Enjoy watching various football matches of the Saudi Professional League with family and friends and embrace the special features of the stadium of the selected club.
  • Location- An Nuzhah, Al Kharj 16441, Saudi Arabia

4. Learn more about the fragrant history of Dalam Museum: Dalam Museum is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia because it has just one storey and numerous artifacts of historic Saudi history. It was separated into five different wings, each with its own collection of antique tools.
A unique suite for old Saudi currency, another for coffee tools and figures, a special suite for old books and periodicals, a special suite for iron and wooden tools, a special suite for marital life supplies, and other pavilions are among the museum's many features.

5. Capture pleasant views from the Al-Kharj Tower: Al-Kharj Tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Al-Kharj, as it is located on the outskirts of the city, and all expatriates to the city will pass through it first. It is lit at night in a pleasant view, and inside it contains a number of restaurants, as well as many celebrations and festivals.
You can head out to this place with your loved ones and fetch mesmerizing views of the city as well as indulge in sampling some of the best dishes at the in-house restaurants.
  • Location- Al Burj, Al-Kharj 16278, Saudi Arabia

What is Al Kharj famous for?

Located in the southeast of the capital Riyadh, al Kharj is a governorate in central Saudi Arabia rich in archaeological monuments. Basically, the city is well-known for countless places, mosques, and many economic activities including livestock, poultry raising, traditional dairy industry, and horse breeding.

Which is the best time to visit Al Kharj?

Being a winter destination, Al Kharj prevails over the desert climate. It's best to travel to Al Kharj during the months of January, February, and December. These months develop pleasant weather with limited hot and rainfall to completely soak in the trip and not to worry about a hassle experience. Thus, if you’re thinking about when to go to Al Kharj then, the above-mentioned months are the most favorable period to make a memorable trip.

How much does a trip to Al Kharj cost?

In general, the budget per day at Al Kharj would vary between SAR 175($46) and SAR 667($177). Depending upon your expenses and spending profile, a trip to Al Kharj may cost SAR 325($86) on average.

Is it expensive to visit Al Kharj?

No, a trip to Al Kharj is neither too expensive nor too cheap. You’ll grab even better deals booking your hotels, flights, and other transportation at Al Kharj. Definitely, you’ll get transparent pricing and a huge range of choices while traveling.

Which are the best places for shopping in Al Kharj?

  • Hudaithi Mall: Located on Abdulaziz Road Alkharj, Hudaithi Mall has all the stuff for purchasing ladies, shopaholics. Spend a day here purchasing all category items, available for men and women. You can avail a lot of food item shops and enjoy having brunch here. Engage your children with playing games available here in the gaming section.
  • Jaw Mall: Head to the cheapest and most famous marketing hub named Jaw Mall. If you are in a shopping mood, drive straight to Jaw Mall in al Kharj and dwell around here to buy what fascinates you. At Jaw Mall, you are exposed to many trendy brand shops, including Hyper Panda, Dayn Day, Max, and a lot of Arabic shops.

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