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About Taif
Taif is nestled in a narrow valley with steep walls that serve as natural boundaries for an oasis-like landscape with high temperatures throughout much of the year. Taif city is located in the heart of the Arabian peninsula and in the center of Saudi Arabia. This city is among the best places in Saudi Arabia known for its palms, which provide shade to the people who reside here. The city has a lot of history too, as it used to be the capital of the Former Kingdom. The city has two mosques that are often visited by Muslims around the world.

Taif has many beautiful places to explore. From natural attractions to historical spots, it has it all. The city's inhabitants are primarily Muslims who follow Islam's Five Pillars of Faith, but there are also followers of other religions that live peacefully alongside Muslims throughout the city. The Jamea Al-Haqq Mosque located in Taif city has a fountain at its center where visitors can take pictures while drinking fresh water from it. Take your time to visit some valleys as the city is known for breathtaking valleys.

Taif city has a warm and temperate climate, with rainfall levels that range from 2-9 inches (5-23 cm) per year. The maximum temperature is 99 degrees F on average, while on some days temperatures can drop below freezing at night.
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Taif FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Taif?

1. Al Hada Mountain: Al Hada, high well above Makkah valley, is home to mischievous baboons, rose gardens, and natural expanse. A serpentine road, as well as historic zig-zagging camel tracks, glide gracefully down the mountainside.
The rows of mountains in the horizon fade into a greyish ombré as the sun sets and locals assemble at vantage points. The world's longest cable car connects the peak to the wadi bottom, where the Hijazi-style Al Kar Tourist Village has a water park and toboggan slope. 

Location- Makkah province, Western Saudi Arabia

2. Al Rudaf Park: The most popular tourist attraction in Taif is Al Rudaf Park. Restaurants, coffee shops, enormous play spaces, 3D models, massive dancing fountains, a football playground, and much more can be found here! Al-Rudaf Park also has a big green area for hiking as well as numerous viewpoints that overlook the lake and provide breathtaking views.
So, spend some time with loved ones at one of Saudi Arabia's most popular tourist destinations. 

Location- Al Rudaf, Alyasmin, Riyadh

3. Al Shareef Museum: This private museum is well-known for many things, but perhaps its owner stands out the most. Al-Sharif Ali Bin Malbas has spent nearly 30 years travelling across the country in quest of rare historical items.
The museum now houses a large collection of artefacts. In Taif, Al-Sharif has become a popular tourist site. If you have the opportunity, attend one of their monthly auctions and get your hands on some history. 

Location- Taif, Saudi Arabia

4. Saiysad National Park: In Taif, the Saiysad National Park is an excellent choice for group activities. It's also a family-friendly environment. The park is notable for being a nature reserve surrounded by densely forested mountains and extensive green plains, as well as natural springs.
There are numerous slides and other leisure activities for children at the park. They can also spend time in the park's playgrounds and the recently built football fields. 

Location- Taif Airport Road, Taif, Saudi Arabia

5. Green Mountain Resort: Green Mountain Park is a theme park with a variety of amusement rides and activities. Green Mountain Resort is, in fact, one of the city's most attractive parks and a well-known leisure destination.
It is suitable for all members of the family and people of various ages, since it attracts a large number of residents and tourists due to its beautiful vistas, waterfalls, artificial lakes, and dancing fountains, making it one of Taif's most popular tourist attractions. The park's vegetation is incredibly relaxing in the midst of Taif's deserts. As a result, the Green Mountain Park is a favourite tourist destination for families with children. 

Location- Alhada Rd, Taif, Saudi Arabia

6. Al-anoud Park: Al Anoud Park is one of Taif's most well-known tourism destinations. Because recreational features and activities are one of the central park's primary components, these activities were identified and selected based on a variety of social and cultural aspects, including customs and traditions, as well as the nature of social relations in the local community. It's a great area to get some fresh air in the city, and local families and kids frequently visit here. 

Location- Wadi Waj Rd, Ummal 'Arad, Taif

7. King Abdullah Park Taif: King Abdullah Park is widely regarded as one of Taif's most prominent modern entertainment destinations. It is also one of Saudi Arabia's most popular tourist destinations. There are numerous notable facilities in King Abdullah Park, including 53 thousand square metres of green space, three water fountains, and two artificial lakes.
There are also several hiking trails, a lot of children's playgrounds, football fields, and basketball and volleyball courts in the park. A number of public theatres have been built that are utilised for national events, private and public concerts across the country. 

Location- King Khalid Rd, Alnaseem, Taif

8. Souq Okaz: Souk Okaz is a one-of-a-kind tourism destination in Saudi Arabia, and it is regarded as one of the country's most important tourism tributaries. Every year, a large number of visitors come from all over the world to witness the Souk, which is regarded as a historical landmark with deep roots in the Arabic past. The market, which is held as part of the Taif Season Festival, awards prizes for contests in the arts, poetry, literature, social sciences and humanities, as well as crafting and handicrafts.
This extraordinary location is legendary for retaining the scent of its past and the splendour of history that passed through its partners and halls. The guests are awestruck by a catch of an old market that merges with cutting-edge inventions that are widely used as part of the exhibition of its grandeur.

What are the famous things to do in Taif?

1. Try Zip Lining through the mountain air: This zip line, positioned around halfway up the zigzagging road that climbs Hada Mountain, is perfect for adrenaline addicts. Soar over the perilous cliff wall, taking in views of the plains thousands of feet below. It will be an amazing adventurous experience for you so don't forget to try this out.

Location- Al Hada Mountain, Taif

2. Visit the waterpark at the Al Kar Tourist Village: At this family-friendly waterpark at the bottom of Hada Mountain, where the cable car ride ends, you may slip and slide. The slides appeal to a variety of age groups, so the whole family may enjoy them.
Challenge your fellow travellers or family to an intense race at the go-karting track, which is only a short distance away. You can also have a delicious lunch while admiring the sweeping views of Hada Mountain.

Location- Taif, Saudi Arabia

3. Take in Panoramic Views of the Terrain from the Peak of Jabal Dakka: Jabal Dakka, one of the highest peaks in Taif, is easy to reach, with a snaking road leading straight to the summit. As you climb to the summit, take the hairpin curves, each one revealing a new view of the strange terrain. You'll remember a wide-angle selfie taken from the peak for years to come. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Location- Mount Dhaka, Ash Shafa, Taif

4. Explore the Shubra Castle Museum: Taif is a city with a rich history and culture, as well as a variety of museums. Subhra Castle is one such museum, with approximately 4000 antiquities and archaeological objects acquired throughout the years. The Shubra Castle has a magnificent design that is primarily based on Islamic architecture with a few Roman influences thrown in for good measure.
It houses Islamic artefacts such as ancient gemstones and seals, iron locks and antique coins, as well as ancient weapons such as swords, shields, spears, and firearms, and water distillation machines. It is regarded as one of the country's major museums.

Location- Taif

5. Hiking at Al Shafa: The gorgeous sierra is the first thing that anybody observes when they come in Taif. The view from Jabal Dakka near Al Shafa, the mountains' highest summit (3km above sea level), is truly breathtaking. It's not an easy climb, but once you get to the top, you'll know you've seen something special. Nothing compares to the views of the mountain range around you and the city of Taif below.

Location- Village in Makkah province

6. Take a walk through the Rose plantation: Taking a walk and having a wonderful lunch while surrounded by the scent of roses is a once-in-a-lifetime event. A stroll through any of the plantations with your family is an excellent way to appreciate Taif's natural beauty.
While the park has a rose festival each year, you don't have to wait until Spring to enjoy a stroll through it. Get your hands on some perfumes sold around the city and carry the scent with you wherever you go.

Location- King Faisal Park, Qadeera

7. Enjoy a delectable meal at Booho restaurant and Cafe: Boohoo is a one-of-a-kind modern dining experience that is yet inexpensive, thanks to its finely prepared menu, dining room, ingredients, and personnel. Naif Alosaimi developed the restaurant and cafe with quality and authenticity in mind, in order to share his passion for cooking and wonderful food. If you want to eat delicious food at a reasonable price, this is the place to go.

Location- Darid Ibn Al Samah, Al Sadad, Taif

8. Wander through the Taif Central Market: Taif Market is one of the biggest markets in Saudi Arabia, and it is well worth visiting. The market is located in the old centre, which has been nicely restored and features beautiful tiny squares with dancing fountains that are bustling with people every evening.
Taif Central Market is a tangle of narrow streets leading to peaceful squares through sand-colored houses. There are sections dedicated to the rich local honey, perfumes, Islamic dress, and jewellery, all of which are colourful and fragrant.

Location- Al Nuzhah, Taif 

9. Visit the Taif Zoo: The Taif Zoo is located in Taif's Sadad district. The zoo isn't particularly big, but it has a diverse wildlife. Elephants, lions, and zebras are among the creatures housed at the zoo. There is also an entertainment park with rides for both children and adults at the zoo. A dolphin show is also available at Taif Zoo. It is a must-see site for families and children in Taif.

Location- Sadad, Taif

What is Taif famous for?

Taif is renowned as the Rose City because of the many fragrant flowers that thrive in the neighboring wadis and hills. Taif has a rich cultural legacy, and is known for its museums.

Which is the best time to visit Taif?

The ideal time to visit Taif is between January and March, when it is neither too chilly nor too hot to make you sweat while exploring the city's beautiful sights. The temperature ranges from 39°F to 90°F, with an average of 65°F, making it a great time to visit Taif.

How much does a trip to Taif cost?

A 7-day vacation to Taif costs an average of $2,689 for a single traveller, $4,829 for a couple, and $9,054 for a family of four. Economic flights to Taif International Airport cost between $1,259 and $2,508 per person, while first class flights cost between $3,951 and $7,870 per person.

What makes Taif special?

Taif is also known as the Rose City, with over 900 rose farms producing over 300 million flowers each spring. The yield is then distilled into some of the most costly rose oil, or attar, in the world, as well as rose water, which is used in high-end perfumes. They are also an important aspect of Taif's economy and identity.

How far is Taif from Jeddah?

The distance from Taif to Jeddah is around 170kms and it takes around 2 hrs to reach the destination.

Which are the famous historical places to visit in Taif?

1. Jannat Al Mu’alla: Not far away The Grand Mosque is the Islamic world's second most famous graveyard. Many of the Prophet's forebears are buried in Jannatul Mu'alla, including his mother, grandparents, and first wife. Even before Mohamed was born, this ancient burial site was revered, and it continues to be so today.
Most people simply pay their respects to the entire region because there are no longer any identification signs. There is no admission fee and the cemetery is open all year.

2. Masjid Aisha: Aisha Mosque (Masjid e Taneem), also known as Taneem Mosque (Masjid e Taneem), is a popular pilgrimage location, especially for locals starting their Hajj or Umrah travels. This is where Aisha, Mohamed's adored wife, prepared for Ihram. Masjid Aisha, as a miqat station, frequently includes merchants selling Ihram garments and basics.

3. Factory Of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing: This place is a must visit as it holds a very rich culture and tradition. Covering and adorning the Kaaba has a lengthy history. The outer black curtain of the covering is replaced every year. To make gifts for dignitaries and international leaders, the used cloth is properly sectioned.
On Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon, visitors are welcome to observe the artisans at work.

Which are the best places for shopping in Taif?

1. Jouri Mall: Taif's Khalid bin Walid Road is home to the Jouri Mall. The Mall boasts an excellent mix of global and local brands. Many of the city's events are held at the mall's entertainment complex. The Jouri Mall is brimming with restaurants presenting a variety of delectable cuisines.
Taif's Jouri Mall is a high-end shopping centre and is a must visit for anyone who's interested in shopping.

2. Taif's Heart Mall: The Taif Heart Mall is located at the crossroads of Abu Bakr and Al Jaish streets in Taif. The mall features plenty of parking and a wide range of shopping alternatives. The mall also offers a food court with a variety of cuisine options.

3. Al-Wesam World: The Al-Wesam world is one of the best shopping malls in Taif City that is not only spacious but also packed with loads of things to purchase. It can be considered as a one stop destination for all your shopping needs.

4. Tera Mall: This shopping center is very much popular for its brilliant architecture. Heading over to this place, you will come across a state of the art network of arches and domes giving this place a brilliant touch.
This grand indoor shopping mall has got a glass roof to let the natural light come through and is fashioned by loads of retailers and factory outlets.

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