Al Azhar Park Overview

Al-Azhar Park, a lush retreat amidst Cairo's deserts, is a transformed space from a landfill to a verdant garden. Donated by Aga Khan IV, this 30-hectare sanctuary blends serene landscapes with panoramic views of this Egyptian city. It is a peaceful escape in this place, with flower paths, cultural landmarks and top-notch restaurants. An example of urban renewal, the park is a popular spot for relaxation and cultural activities to immerse in.

Al-Azhar Park, located in the city of Cairo, is one of the best examples of urban rejuvenation and historical preservation. It was established in 2005 through the Aga Khan Trust for Culture's visionary efforts. Upon its construction, the park transformed a centuries-old debris heap into a lush 30-hectare man-made oasis. It is a fine example of thoughtful restoration, seamlessly blending the city's urban green spaces with its rich history.

The park is strategically located adjacent to the historic district of Cairo. Therefore, it can offer panoramic views of the city’s ancient walls and architectural wonders. The park's layout pays tribute to the traditions of Islamic landscaping. It features meticulously landscaped gardens, with ponds, fountains and walkways, offering an ambience of rejuvenation to all the visitors. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Al-Azhar Park also serves as a vital lung to the densely populated city of Cairo. The park also has other facilities, including restaurants and different recreational areas. It serves as a cultural hub that celebrates the dynamic interplay between Cairo's past and present.


• Walk through pathways lined with gardens, providing a retreat from the city's cacophony.
• Enjoy a meal at the Lakeside Restaurant for a memorable dining experience amidst serene ponds and lush greenery.
• Capture stunning views of Cairo's cityscape from the park, perfect for photography enthusiasts.
• Let children explore the play area that is designed for fun and safe outdoor activities.
• Browse the handicraft gallery, and get your hands on unique regional crafts that reflect Egypt's rich culture.

How To Reach

By Metro: The closest metro station to Al Azhar Park is Attaba station, located 4.8 kilometres away from the Sadat metro station in the city centre. Then, you can either take a taxi directly to the park or enjoy a 45-minute walk. 

By Road: Al Azhar Park is located around 4.3 kilometres from downtown Cairo (city centre). From here, you can take a taxi towards Salah Salem Street, which leads directly to the park's entrance. The journey takes around an hour. 

By Bus: You can take a bus to Al Azhar Park. Sayeda Aisha station is the nearest bus stop here, around 2.9 kilometres from the park. From the bus stop, you can reach the park by walking for 30 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

Al-Azhar Park welcomes visitors year-round, serving as a serene escape amidst Cairo's buzz.

Best Day of the Week: Visit during the weekdays to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the park. This allows you to fully appreciate the park's offerings without the weekend rush.

Best Time of Day: Early mornings, shortly after the gates open at 09:00 a.m., are ideal to enjoy the park. The park tends to get crowded during the evenings, so coming during the morning hours is advisable.

Other Essential Information

  • Avoid swimming in the lake within the park, since it is prohibited. 
  • Keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Bring plenty of water and dress comfortably to beat the heat.
  • Respect the park's rules and do not litter here to keep the place clean.
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Point of Interest for Al Azhar Park
Stroll Through the Islamic Gardens

Stroll Through the Islamic Gardens

Take a stroll through the Islamic Gardens during your visit to Al-Azhar Park. The gardens are surrounded by historic landmarks like Darb Al Ahmar, Ayyubid Citadel and more. The Islamic gardens have a design inspired by the traditional Islamic style of architecture. Here, you can find a mix of geometric patterns, features like ponds and fountains as well as lush greenery. The gardens are a peaceful haven amidst the bustling streets of Cairo. You can also witness the strategic use of water channels in the park. These channels help to cool the air, resembling the irrigation techniques that have been used in Cairo for ages. 

Dine with a View at the Hill-Top Restaurant

Dine with a View at the Hill-Top Restaurant

Enjoy a meal at the Hill-Top Restaurant, where traditional flavours meet breathtaking panoramas. The restaurant is designed by Rami el-Dahan and Soheir Farid and has a Fatimid-style structure. Here, you can enjoy stunning views of Cairo’s skyline while savouring some delicious meals. The restaurant is located around a courtyard, with a small fountain at the centre. The menu is rich in traditional dishes that highlight Egyptian flavours and cuisine. Here, you can try dishes like Baladi bread, Falafel or Ta’amiya, grilled meat as well as local dips like Hummus, Tahina and Fatoush. As you dine, you can even soak in sweeping views of the Citadel and the mosque minarets in the distance.

Enjoy Serenity at the Ayyubid Wall

Enjoy Serenity at the Ayyubid Wall

Immerse yourself in a serene and historically rich environment at the restored Ayyubid Wall in Al-Azhar Park. This ancient fortification provides a direct connection to Cairo’s medieval era. As you explore the wall, you engage physically with history, touching the ancient stones that once safeguarded the city. Dating back to the 12th century, the wall is a site that helps to enrich your understanding of Cairo's defensive strategies. It also offers stunning panoramic views of the cityscape and attractions like the Citadel and Muhammad Ali Mosque. This peaceful haven is a fine example of Cairo’s architectural heritage and is a highlight of the park. 

Capture the Moment at the Park’s Viewpoints

Capture the Moment at the Park’s Viewpoints

Al-Azhar Park is home to viewpoints offering magnificent vistas of Cairo's historic landscape. With your camera in hand, capture the essence of the city from unparalleled angles while you are here. Each photograph tells a tale of the park’s verdant beauty against the backdrop of Cairo’s ancient monuments. It is here where you can craft a narrative that bridges the old with the new. These viewpoints are strategically placed and ensure that you can also witness the sunset over the city’s skyline, for a memorable experience.

Discover Crafts at the Handicraft Gallery

Discover Crafts at the Handicraft Gallery

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