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If you have packed your bags to explore and travel, then Kovalam homestays can help you in making a beautiful and memorable journey. Settled just 18 kilometres from the capital of the state, Kovalam is a captivating city of Kerala. Nowadays, every tourist place is becoming more popular with five-star or three-star hotels yet people prefer to stay in budget-friendly homestays than in costly hotels.

There are so many homestays in Kovalam that can make your entire a vacation a better budget-friendly vacation with the best of the amenities. These stays provide separate and private rooms along with clean bathrooms. One can also get a chance to stay in a local’s home, which will provide them with a clear glimpse of the local life of the tourist spot. The southern part of India has hidden nature’s beauty in its arms. Before visiting any of the foreign countries, you must first give a try to beaches of south India too.

Once you bring into the list, do not think about accommodation as homestays in Kovalam Kerala will welcome you with a warm heart. Homestays are not just good but great for many reasons. One, they are pocket-friendly, second, you will feel like home in these homes. Third, even if you can afford a five star, then to you must stay in homestays, this is to experience the lives of local people over there. As tourism industries have shaped themselves into rather pocket-friendly moulds, now you can travel as per your budget and targets.

Kovalam have a suitable number of homestays which are there to welcome tourists wholeheartedly. Marked by a lovely environment in and out, some have locals staying within while at some places, they will help you in settling easily even from a distance. Some of these homestays are so close to beaches that you can just hop onto the sands right from the location. Homestay like Little paradise is one such example.

Imagine, the wonderful getaway you can ever have. Well furnished zones with spaces like kitchen, cabinets, TV, fridge, AC are some of the things already in place at many stays. Cook your home food, call your friends, feel like your own home and these all memories are perfect for keeping it a home away from home! Homestays of Kovalam will provide you with all the facilities that you may also get in any hotel. Moreover, you can book them online too. So, on just one click you can plan your entire vacation while sitting at your home.

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  1. Which are the famous homestays in Kovalam?

    Following are famous homestays in Kovalam:

    a) Little paradise homestays: Just six hundred meters away from Kovalam beach, little paradise homestay is a great inclusion in the list of Kovalam Homestays. It also maintains an excellent rating. You will be satisfied here with the facilities here, as it consists of one independent bedroom apartment. You will just enjoy your privacy there on your vacation. They will serve with both veg and non-veg dishes. You can have a feel of nature inside the homestay too, as it consists of beautiful fruit trees. This homestay is also specially designed for disabled and provide wheelchairs, ramps etc.

    The price range is from INR 1791 - INR 4083

    b) Johny’s Beach House: Beach is just two minutes’ reach from Johny’s Beach House, this is another lovely inclusion in the list of Kovalam’s Homestays. You will be connected with the internet too as it offers free Wi-Fi. Windows of this homestay will open to give you a view of stunning nature in Kovalam and amazingly it is available for your service for twenty-four hours a day. This homestay’s facilities astoundingly include a game room and a shared lounge.

    The price range of this homestay is INR 1789 - INR 4223

    c) Bougainvillea Homestay: The Homestays of Kovalam also includes Bougainvillea homestay, another beautiful homestay to attract travelers. Surrounded by beautiful green trees, it will give you a pleasant experience in your entire stay. This homestay has average ratings of 4.8, so for sure other tourists have loved the services and hospitality of this homestay.

    The price range of this homestay is INR 1600 - INR 2500. You will be surprised to know that you can rent the entire villa, in INR 10000 offseason and INR 12000 on the season.

    d) Kovalam homestay: It is situated just 2.5 kilometers from Bethsaida Hermitage. This homestay is best in location as Vizhinjam Lighthouse is also just one kilometer away from this property. They will also provide you with facilities of kitchen, stovetop, and fridge for your ultimate comfort.

    In just INR2500, you can make this homestay as your personal room for your vacation. You will love this property because of its location, their services, and hospitality and you will indeed return with memories.

    e) La Exotica: With an exotic garden view, La Exotica offers you comfortable and homely rooms. Here they will serve you with food and beverages facilities as well. If you are coming with your own vehicle, then you can park them too under their place. Samudra beach is nearest to La exotica. Hindustani Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is only 850 meters from this homestay.

    The tariff of this homestay will not shock you, it is just INR 2262 per night! Their amenities and facilities will satisfy all your needs and moreover here you will like you are spending time in your own home.

    f) Beatles Inn: This homestay is closest to the beach. You can enjoy the dance of waves, right from your window. What can be more enthralling and exciting than this? You will also find better hospitality and accommodation there. The most famous beach of Kovalam, lighthouse beach is nearest to it. Hence, certainly, this will not let you feel disappointing after the visit. The price range starts from mere INR 1750 per night.

    g) Ganesh holiday, home bed and breakfast: You will get to have the most exotic and striking views from this homestay. The mesmerizing views of hills and lakes will ask you to stay forever. In entire property. Situated 11 kilometers from the state capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, free Wi-Fi is accessible as well.

    The price range is from INR 2151 - INR 5448. Here you can exclusively enjoy Ayurvedic Vegetarian dishes. The twenty-four hours’ facilities of staff and other services will surely impress you.

    h) Gokulam Homestay: In Trivandrum, you can book this budget-friendly homestay in just a knick of time. From Lighthouse beach, you can just come in two to three minutes by walking. Trivandrum zoo, Napier museum, and Ksnskunnu Palace is just 16 km from this homestay. All the rooms of this homestay will give you a garden view, a separate bathroom, and a balcony. This accommodation will also provide you with other basic services like free Wi-Fi, twenty-four hours service etc.

    For extra, this property also has children playground and luggage storage. The price range is INR 1920 - INR 2276

  2. What about the furnishing and facilities?

    Furnishing and facilities in Kovalam Homestays are none less than that of three-star or five-star hotels. You will find fully furnished rooms over there. These rooms obviously will not be luxurious, as this is why they are homestays but for sure they would be none less than their homes. This homestay will provide you with comfortable beddings, clean washrooms, well-furnished room etc. Never you will regret booking these homestays.

  3. What kind of amenities do Kovalam homestays provide?

    Facilities provided by Kovalam homestays will always satisfy you and will give you an excellent experience of your trip. Never you will feel that you have not booked a five star or three-star hotel for yourself on your vacation. Never your privacy will be intervened. Kitchen facilities will also be provided to you so that you could make memories of your trip. Other facilities like Wi-Fi, fridge, television will also be provided to you in such homestays.

  4. Will we get all the meals i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during our stay?

    When we are on a trip, our foremost query is about food facilities. If you are visiting Kovalam then you need not to worry about it. This is because homestays in Kovalam Kerala will take care of all your meals and beverages. You will be provided with the facility of tea, coffee, and other beverages too. Some homestays have complimentary breakfasts too and you can order other meals like dinner and lunch on your order. A very remarkable thing about such homestays is that you can have a facility of special diet meals too.

  5. Will we get bonfire while our stay in Kovalam Homestays?

    We do make vacations plans for so many adventures and other fun-loving things. One such thing is the bonfire. Who would not love to sit around the fire, under a night full of stars? As after all these kind of memories to make your vacation a successful one. As homestays in Kovalam Kerala do provide you with bonfires in your stay, your stay will indeed be memorable. You will just love their arrangement of the bonfire with some snacks and music.

  6. What kind of food will we get during our stay? Is vegetarian available?

    Kovalam is a tourist’s loving city in Kerala and is visited by tourists from almost all parts of India. Kerala is however known to be a non-vegetarian state. But this state is visited by north Indians too. Therefore, one major concern for North Indians will be a type of food. They would be concerned whether or not they will find proper vegetarian food. Then certainly vegetarians need not worry. Kovalam homestays do take due care of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tourists.

  7. Is it safe for couples to stay in Kovalam Homestays?

    When couples are travelling then they do have to think about their safety for sure. But yes, Kovalam homestays are very safe for the couples in terms of privacy, facilities and extra requirements you ask them. No need to doubt them as your identity cards and luggage will be taken care of safety.

  8. Is it allowed to drink and smoke in a homestay?

    When you are on vacations, you ought to have all the fun. Evidently fun includes some alcohol too. If you are going to visit Kovalam then be happy, because some Kovalam Homestays do provide alcohols too. You may ask the owners before checking in for all the requirements and surely enjoy with a good party ahead.

  9. What are the activities which we can do during our stay?

    There are certain activities that you can do in your Kovalam Homestays. You can enjoy bonfire, campfire, strolling in the park, taking a jungle walk to name a few things. Swimming is indeed a great option to do in Kovalam. If adventure is part of your soul, enjoy surfing and paragliding too in the beaches of Kovalam.