Boating in Kovalam

Kerala is known all across the globe for its tranquil backwaters and abundant natural beauty. People especially come here for a relaxing holiday away from the chaotic city life. If you looking forward to the best boating tours in the country, head straight to Kovalam which is one of the most amazing places in Kerala. Sitting in a wooden catamaran and sailing in the company of your loved one is sure to transfer you into a mode of complete relaxation and fun. These catamarans are unique boats comprising of two hulls. These are rowed by trained fishermen with help of bamboo paddle. Boating in a catamaran is undoubtedly an amazing experience. These boating tours are usually organized across the very famous Karamana River which is located at a short distance of 12 kms from Kovalam. This place presents breathtaking views of the backwaters. The palm fringed coastline simply looks spectacular.


Thiruvallam boat club is located on banks of Karamana River. It organizes activities such as canoe rides, cruises, kayaking etc. You need to book for the best boating tours in Kovalam well in advance. Boating is an extremely popular sport in Kerala. On occasion of Onam festival world renowned boat race event is organized in waters of Vellayani Lake which is one of the few freshwater lakes in the state. When moonlight falls on surface of this lake, the whole place looks surreal. In case you are fond of speed you can indulge in speed boating at the Kovalam Beach. Always enquire about the rates before you step in a speedboat lest you will be duped of your money. Follow proper safety guidelines and enjoy the best boating tours in Kovalam.

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