Guna Caves Overview

Located away from the main city of Kodaikanal on the Pillar Rocks Road, Guna Caves is one of the mysterious tourist attractions in Kodaikanal that promises an enthralling experience. Originally known as Devil’s Kitchen, these caves are actually caverns formed between the three boulders of the mountain.

The Guna Caves have been formed at an altitude of 2230 metres. Though the caves were discovered in 1821 itself, they gained huge tourist attraction only after the Tamil movie “Guna” shot here became a massive hit. Today, parts of the caves can be seen from a distance. Bats are found in plenty inside the Guna Caves which make the place look scary.

The path through the pine forests from the main entrance of the Guna Caves to the actual caves looks out-of-the-world. The huge roots of the pine trees are found everywhere outside the soil and promise a good scope for photography at this tourist spot.

There exists a hairline difference between thrill and danger here which is why it is best to visit the Guna caves with a sensible gang of friends or under the supervision of a guide. There are warning signs all through the path leading through from the main entrance to the hilltop.

The narrow ravines inside the caves are now closed to the public. The damp soil, crisp mountain air, cold weather, and the perplexing caves ahead make one’s trip to this place definitely unforgettable.

The Guna Caves are surrounded by many other tourist spots like Pine Tree Forest, Suicide Point, and Dolphin Nose Viewpoint that can be clubbed together to make your trip even more exciting.

How To Reach

The distance between Guna Caves and Kodaikanal Bus Stand is 8.5 km and the best way is to rent a private taxi on a daily basis to explore the sightseeing places in Kodaikanal. There are no autos in Kodaikanal. For the best experience, you can also cover the distance on foot.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Guna Caves is from April to June when the skies are clear. During these months, the walk from Moir Point to the caves through the pine forest is relatively easier. The other months of the year are cold at Guna Caves and the walking trails get slippery and dangerous.

Other Essential Information

Pillar Rocks Rd, Tamil Nadu 624101

Timings: 8.00 AM - 4.30 PM Mon-Sun

Entry fee: INR 5 per person; Camera INR 10

Visitor's Facility: There are “Pay And Use” restroom facilities available at the entrance.

Parking Facility: Parking Facility is provided at about 10 minutes of walkway distance from the caves. Please keep your belongings safe from the monkeys at the parking.

Distance from Kodaikanal bus stand: 8.5 km

History of Guna Caves:

Guna Caves are actually caverns located amidst the three huge boulders. In 1821, the Guna Caves were first discovered by an English Officer, B.S. Ward. However, as time passed by the caves lost their place from people's mind. Later, in 1992, the caves became popular after the release of the super-hit movie "Guna".

Many parts of the movie were shot here and the evergreen melody "Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan" brought this caves into the spotlight. The caves which were popular only amongst adventure seekers and trekkers became a favorite tourist spot amongst commoners after the release of the movie. 

While these intriguing caves are a natural wonder, they are also particularly dangerous. The deeper parts of the cave are completely dark as the sunlight cannot penetrate. Today, many narrow paths of the caves are shut with iron grills and there are warning signs advising tourists not to venture ahead of the closed bars. The signboard also tells that the number of fatal falls from the caves stands 12 to date.

Interesting Facts about Guna Caves:

1. The Guna Caves go way back to1821.

2. The caves discovered initially by a British officer B.S. Ward. With time, the caves got forgotten and were rediscovered in the 1990s.

3. The Caves became extremely popular after the Tamil movie, "Guna" starring Kamal Hassan was shot at the caves in 1992.

4. Guna Caves is a protected site, but allows people to walk as close as they can get.

Places to Stay Near Guna Caves:

1. Lofty Meadows: Set amidst verdant meadows, this heritage resort looks stunning in its English style architecture. The rooms and suites are lavish with wooden flooring, antique furniture, and minimalistic design concepts.

Distance from Guna Caves: 1.7 km

2. Holiday Home Resort: Located away from the clatter of the Kodaikanal city centre and close to the Guna Caves, Holiday Home Resort is perched amidst dense woods. The resort features a rustic complex of cottages dining, a fire pit, terraced gardens, and free breakfast. The stream that runs close to the resort adds a whimsical touch to this place.

Distance from Guna Caves: 2 km

3. Sterling Kodai Lake Resorts and Hotels: This upscale lakefront resort has 102 opulent rooms with all modern amenities like free breakfast, plus dining, indoor/outdoor pools & a game room. The exteriors of this hotel looks ravishing with lake views and for those looking for a blissful accommodation, this resort is a perfect choice.

Distance from Guna Caves: 3 km

4. Surya Holidays Kodaikanal: Set on a sprawling 32-acre hilltop estate, the cottages at the hotel offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, lakes, and enchanting landscapes. The activities at the resort include horse riding, trekking, cycling, and bonfires at night.

Distance from Guna Caves: 3.2 km

Places to Eat Near Guna Caves:

1. Altaf's Cafe: This open-air cafe serves scrumptious renditions of Indian, Italian, and Middle Eastern dishes like Israeli aubergine-and-egg pita sandwiches, teas, coffees, juices, and lassis.

2. Shola Cafe: Serving lip-smacking sandwiches, falafel, pizzas, pasta and parathas, this cafe is a great place to hang out on an evening.

3. Bistro 1845: From cakes and pastries to dal makhani, this restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy delicious meals. The blueberry cheesecake is an icing on their menu.

4. Pastry Corner: With a team of warm and friendly staff, this cafe serves the choicest collection of cookies, cakes, pizzas, naturally flavored ice creams, coffee, muffins, cream buns at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Cloud Street: This restaurant is open for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner and the pizzas and grill items cooked on wooden oven and wood grill are a total delight to smack on.

6. Cafe Cariappa: One of the best places in Kodaikanal to enjoy a cup of coffee, this cozy cafe has a good collection of cakes on their menu. The mouth-watering ones are hot chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, and Tosca cake.

7. Tava: This compact food joint is famous for North Indian cuisine which includes channa masala, mixed veg curry, chapati, Teplas, aloo paratha, coriander lemon soup, and many others.

Tips Before Visiting Guna Caves:

1. While Guna Caves is one of the most enthralling places where Nature unveils many of its mysteries, Guna Caves is also dangerous to its visitors. The drop from the caves is fatal and hence, do not venture outside the bars.

2. Wear long sleeves and thermals to keep yourself warm.

3. The walk from the main entrance to the caves is physically demanding and think twice if you are travelling with senior citizens and toddlers.

4. Be cautious of the surroundings while clicking photos. There have been several instances of fatal falls of youths at the caves.
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Guna Caves FAQs

Why is Guna caves called the Devil's Kitchen?

According to Hindu mythology, the Pandavas cooked their meals in this cave and hence the word ‘kitchen’. While there is no clear cut reason why it is named Devil's Kitchen. People believe that the bats residing inside the cave make the caves horrifying and hence the name "Devil's Kitchen".

What is there do at Guna Caves?

Guna Caves has been one of the least explored attractions in Kodaikanal and visiting this quirky caves itself is an experience. The 400-meter walk to the caves from the main entrance is adventurous and exhilarating as one needs to walk through the pine tree roots that are gigantically spread across everywhere above the soil.

Is there an entry fee to Guna Caves?

Yes, every adult needs to pay a nominal entrance fee of INR 5. And if you carry a camera, you will have to pay INR 10.

Can we do camping in Guna Caves?

No, camping in Guna Caves is not allowed and is not safe. The floor of the caves is too slippery and at night, the caves become the home to thousands of notorious bats making the caves spooky.

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