Dolphin’S Nose Kodaikanal Overview

Situated at a distance of 8km from the Queen of Hills, Dolphin’s Nose Kodaikanal is something you should never miss on. With an altitude of 6600 feet, the Dolphin’s Nose offers enthralling views of the entire city. Rugged terrains, clear skies, plunged valleys, and the splendour of lush green surroundings is what sums up the beauty of Dolphin’s Nose.

The cliff is tucked atop a flat and protruding rock piece. It gives it a resemblance to the shape of the nose of a dolphin. This how the cliff got its identity worldwide. Even at such a height, Mother Nature has made this place available and easily accessible for tourism. So, if you are looking to spice up your Kodaikanal visit with an additional flavor, get on your adventurous sporting shoes and start ascending the route of Dolphin’s nose.

For some, the path to the Dolphin’s Nose may seem to be easily accessible; for others it’s a moderately difficult one. Your trekking route to the Dolphin’s Nose is a 3 km long making its way through the rocks and pines of the Palani Hill Range. There is a village nearby and a waterfall to adore on your way to the Dolphin’s Nose. You can get along with the locals, sip a cup of tea of their style, and then move forward.

Occasionally, you might come across a scenario where a mystical fog will be seen wrapping up the huge mountain ranges and the valley that goes along. Tourists usually plan a quiet retreat in the lap of the mountains here and engage themselves into a soulful introspection — the beautiful transitions at the onset of both sunrise and sunset adds-on glory to the moment. Besides, the peace and tranquillity which you experience here remain unparalleled!

Sometimes, you may find the local vendors dotting the region to sell their food and fresh fruit juices. However, it might cost more than usual on your wallet.

How To Reach

Dolphin’s Nose is situated at 8km distance from the Kodaikanal bus stand. You can either opt for a cab or a shared taxi to drop you to the Pambar Bridge. This bridge is the start point where your trekking to the Dolphin’s Nose begins. Besides, the Kodaikanal has got a regular bus service to transfer you between the two locations.

Be it either a cab ride or a bus ride; you won't be spending more than 50 INR on getting transferred from the Kodaikanal bus station to the Pambar Bridge.

Best Time To Visit

The post-monsoon period is the best to have a great trekking experience here amidst a ravishing backdrop. 

Dolphin’s Nose in Winters – 
The winter months from November to February usually turns out to be quite chilling here. You may experience a sudden drop in temperature. Still, if the chilling winters make your adrenaline pump faster for an adventurous safari, this is the destination for you. 

Dolphin’s Nose in Summers – 
The months between March to May is when the temperature slightly shoots beyond the average. You may even witness frequent low-intensity showers turning the place into a gorgeous sightseeing spot. 

Dolphin’s Nose in Monsoons – 
It is during the monsoon period that the region witnesses heavy showers of all time. As there are higher chances of natural calamities such as landslides or rock-slides, people avoid travelling to this region. Still, if you are in search of some alone time for yourself, late showers is the best time to pack your bags for the Dolphin’s Nose.

The atmosphere remains pleasing with a fresh breeze blowing in from all sides and the surroundings covered with a lush green blanket.

Other Essential Information

Location – 
Dolphins nose Rd, Alwarpet, Burliyar, Tamil Nadu 643103

Timings - 
Dolphin’s Nose of Kodaikanal is open for all visitors on all days of the week. You can ascend and descend anytime between 08:00 am to 06:00 pm. Approximately, it takes 2 to 3 hours for you to trek to the top summit of this point. 

Entry fee - 
You won't be charged anything to ascend to the top of the Dolphin’s Nose. 

Visitor's Facility
- There are no washroom facilities available at the Dolphin’s Nose. You may check it with the hotel staff where you have your lunch on the go. 

Parking Facility- 
There is no car parking facility at the top of the hill. In fact, if you are planning to self-drive to the Dolphin’s Nose, you are allowed to do so until you reach the Pambar Bridge. After that, your journey will be through a trekking route where you have many natural delights lined up on your way to the topmost summit. 

Distance from Kodaikanal bus stand – 
Dolphin’s Nose is situated at a distance of 8 km from the main Kodaikanal bus stand. To get transformed between these two points, you can either opt for a cab or an auto ride. Besides, many buses are plying to and from the Kodaikanal Bus Stand to the Dolphin’s Nose. 

Echo Point of Dolphins Nose- 
If you are on for some more thrilling adventure at the Dolphin’s Nose, tie on your adventure shoelace and get ready to move to the Echo Point. You can call it as the finishing line of the Dolphin’s Point. This point is highly adored by the brave-hearted tourist who wishes to experience their adrenaline pumping faster than ever.

 As the path from the Dolphin’s Nose to its Echo Point is a rocky route, you won’t be allowed to drive any vehicle there. Hiking is the only option available before you. As you move forward through the rocky path, you will soon witness the magical touch of Mother Nature where the valley appears as if it is plunging sharply through your sides.

This indicates that your hike to the Echo Point won't be as easy as you might have thought about it. So, be ready for a moderate level hiking adventure. Finally, the stunning panoramic views of the surroundings will drain off your stress and fatigue entirely. They will fill you with limitless curiosity to hear the echo of your voice striking back from the opposite hillock.

Trek at Dolphins Nose- 
If you here to witness your adrenaline pumping faster than before, start your adventurous trekking to the Dolphin’s Nose from the Pambar Bridge. Within a time interval of 3 to 4 hours, you will get through the rocky route, which is 3 km long and sturdy.

On your way, you will come across a village named Vellagavi where you can meet some locals and have a cultural exchange. Adjoining the town, you have some rugged, steep paths, to lead you to the village or even beyond that to the Pambar Falls. Located close to it is a small, famous point called the Mountain ViewPoint. If you want to take some more time off from your expedition, this is the perfect place to sit in and relax.

As soon as you reach the top summit of the Dolphin’s Nose, you will be greeted with enchanting views of the Kotagiri Hills, Catherine Falls, and the Mettupalayam plains defining the geographic beauty of the spot. If you are fortunate enough to have clear weather on your visit, you may get a chance to locate the Periyakulam Town and Vaigai Lake that lies at a distant point from the cliff.

Depending on your level of fitness, your uphill return trip might consume 2 to 3 hours of your expedition. As the path is rugged and rocky, it is advisable not to accompany your children or senior members for your trek to this high standing cliff of Kodaikanal. 

Highlights of Dolphins Nose

1. The top-rated tourist destination of Kodaikanal -The Dolphin’s Nose is the result of unique rock formation which treats you with a 180 degree view of the scenic beauty. 

2. It has got a whopping height of 385 km from the sea level which makes it a moderate trekkers paradise. 

3. This is a well-known frontier for the Visakhapatnam Harbour. 

4. Locals call it as Black Mores Hill. 

5. At the topmost summit of this hillock, you have a lighthouse that sends light signals to the ships visiting the Visakhapatnam port. 

6. This light-house is well-facilitated with the high-tech ultra-modern facilities to keep a track of the cyclones that are likely to hit the shores.

Places to Stay Near Dolphin's Nose

Here are some excellent accommodation options for your Dolphin Nose visit – 

1. DOSTel: Backpacker Hostel – 
This hostel features free bike rides, lounges on a shared rental basis, a beautiful garden to stroll and free Wi-Fi access throughout the property. They have a single bed, double bed, and king bed with mountain view facilities for accommodating their guests.

Distance from Dolphin’s Nose – 400 m

Price range – 500 INR per night 

2. The Tamara Kodai – 
The Tamara Kodai is nestled high in the lush green hills of Kodaikanal. You have two accommodation options to choose here - Luxury Suite and the Superior Luxury Suite. Other than that, the hotel features The Elevation Spa, Conference Halls, Bonfires & Fireplaces and a huge outdoor swimming pool. 

Distance from Dolphin’s Nose – 1.6 km

Price range – 10, 000 per night

3. Villa Retreat – Boutique Hotel – Villa Retreat offers you a lounge equipped with a fireplace, electric kettle with complimentary coffee and tea sachets, changing and restrooms for guests, chargeable room heaters, etc. Apart from these, you may even connect with the hotel authorities to pre-book your sightseeing and travel arrangements. 

Distance from Dolphin’s Nose – 2.6 km

Price range – 4800 INR per night 

4. The Carlton Kodaikanal – 
The Carlton at Kodaikanal is a 5-star hotel sprawling over acres of land. This is tourist hallmark featuring around 91 spacious, comfortable, luxurious, and stylish rooms. Additionally, they’ve got an in-house restaurant for you to avail Indian, Continental and Italian delicacies and cuisines.  

Distance from Dolphin’s Nose – 2.7 km

Price range – 6285 INR per night 

5. Holiday Home Resort – The cottages at the Holiday Home Resort overlooks the beautiful hills and lakes of Kodaikanal and are well-facilitated to give you a homely feel. It has also got an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant, so that you do not need to wander here and there for some appetizing dishes.

Distance from Dolphin’s Nose – 1.5 km

Price range – 3100 INR per night

Places to Eat Near Dolphin's Nose 

Here are some eateries located close to the Dolphin’s Nose – 

1. The Kodai Heaven – 
This restaurant is located at the top of a gentle hill of Kodaikanal. The Kodai Heaven Special Grilled Chicken is a savoury delicacy to try here. 

2. Altaf’s Café – 
Altaf’s Café serves delicious Mediterranean, Lebanese, Israeli, and Middle Eastern preparations. Shakshuka and Falafel platter are worthy of investing here. 

3. Tawa Vegetarian Restaurant – 
Tawa Vegetarian Restaurant serves both Indian and Asian style food preparation. If you are missing your homely food, this is the place where you will get it at affordable pricing. 

4. Hilltop Inn – 
Hilltop Inn is again a luxurious restaurant setting to try both Indian and Asian delicacies and preparation. Canarak fish & Pepper Chicken and Chicken Britain are two sumptuous cuisines to be tried here.

Besides these locally renowned restaurants, you have got some food stalls and other major FMCG brands selling their frozen foodstuff here. If you are looking for a light yet sumptuous meal, head in the direction of Subway for some freshly prepared sandwiches and salads. You might find some other healthy eating options top here.

Tips Before Visiting Dolphin's Nose

Your excitement to visit Kodaikanal's Dolphin Nose might be at its peak by now. Here are some tips to share to make it a memorable trekking adventure for you – 

1. Start ascending to the top summit of the Dolphin’s Nose early in the morning for an unparalleled experience. Also, you will get some more time to relax in the lap of Mother Nature. 

2. Before you start with your trekking adventure, make sure to be thorough with the weather conditions there. Trekking to the top summit of Dolphin’s Nose requires a sufficient level of effort and cloudy or foggy weather might ruin your experience completely.

3. Wearing trek friendly clothes and shoes are a prerequisite to begin ascending the Dolphin Nose hillock. You can get a new pair of trekking shoes which will give you good grip to get through the rugged rocky path. Also, the viewpoint might turn out to be extremely slippery at some points as soon as you start descending down the hill. 

4. If your children are accompanying you, utmost care should be taken to protect them from the edge of the cliff, the rugged terrain, and the mischievous monkeys all around. 

5. You will find plenty of small eateries and local vendors selling quick munchies and water. However, it is always advisable to pack something for yourself. 

6. In the end, carry plenty of water reserves and keep yourself hydrated throughout your trekking adventure.
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Dolphin’S Nose Kodaikanal FAQs

How to reach Dolphin's Nose?

Here’s a quick look at how you can travel to the Dolphin’s Nose – By Air – Madurai Airport is the airport close to the Dolphin’s Nose which is located at 120 km from it. So, if you are travelling from other parts of India, you need to board a flight to Madurai Airport. From there, you can opt for a bus or private cab or shared taxi ride. If you are planning for a bus ride, you need to alight at the Kodaikanal bus station. From this bus station, the Dolphin’s Nose is located at 8 km. There are plenty of state-run buses plying between Kodaikanal Bus Station and Pambar Bridge which is the starting point of your 3 km trek to the topmost summit. By Train – If you are travelling by train, you need to reserve tickets for Kodai Road Railway Station. From there, you will get buses to drop you to the town of Kodaikanal. Once you get down at the city, you can opt for a private cab ride or board a taxi on a rental basis to drop you to the starting point of your trekking route. As there are plenty of transportation options in front of you, you actually do not need to worry about travelling to the Pambar Bridge.

Is there any entry fee at Dolphins Nose?

There are no entry fees for you to reach the topmost summit of the Dolphin’s Nose. All you would be spending your time and energy to cover the 3 km long trekking route to finally get on to your desired height.

What is there to do at Dolphin's Nose?

Although it might seem to be a simple hillock, the Dolphin’s Nose has a lot to offer you amidst its charming natural setting. You can simply stretch your legs and enjoy the skyline and the surrounding hills or put your idle hands to click some pictures for you. The beauty of the plunging valleys encircling the hillock of the Dolphin’s Nose amidst the transitory phase of daylight is enough to leave you mesmerized. If your legs ain’t tired from the 3 km long trek and you still have enough energy left with you, you can make your way to the Echo Point and record the throwback effect of your voice as soon as it strikes the hills standing opposite. Lastly, in case you are planning for a one-day outing here with your little ones, do not forget to get a ball or some board games for your kids. They can enjoy their playtime here while you relax on your soft cushioning mattress.

Can we do camping at Dolphin's Nose?

You can enjoy daytime camping with your family, friends, and relatives. But, if you are planning for overnight camping, then there’s a big NO. There are time restrictions to ascend and descend the cliff of Dolphin’s Hill. So, get ready to pack your bags and start descending your way down the hill.

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