Kodaikanal Lake Overview
Situated at Kodaikanal city the Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial lake and is also called Kodai Lake by the locals. Vera Levinge is known as the man liable for the inventiveness and assets of this lake amid Kodaikanal town. Kodai Lake is planned at the height of 2285m above ocean level and has a normal depth of 3.0m. The lake is located just 3 km from the Kodai Bus stand, so it is effortless to reach here.

A dumbfounding milestone of the city, Kodaikanal Lake is an astonishing gateway to unwind and loosen up amid the rich vistas that will fade every one of your burdens and weariness away. This star-shaped lake is the symbol of excellence, its charm still is verdant to cause you to go wow over the scene here. It is additionally captivating that it has been a classic area for sufficient Bollywood motion pictures adding more perfection to them through the exciting landscape of Kodaikanal.Thus,

Kodai Lake is an ideal treat to enjoy your end of the week here, and you can pick the extravagance resorts arranged close by to make the most out of your outing here. There are activities which adds more enjoyment and significance to this place, and it will keep you occupied. Later, when you get the opportunity and save some time, you can sit by this astonishing artificial Lake and loosen up your day by day focuses. It works inconceivably for the individuals who revere nature and the more you value this spot, the more enticed you will be here.

How To Reach

Kodaikanal bus stand is 3 kms away from the Kodai lake. After you reach the bus stand you can board the taxi’s which are easily available at the place and reach the lake. There may be several options like auto-rickshaw you can choose according to your convenience.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Kodaikanal Lake is during summer which is anytime between April to June. During this period you will be able to enjoy the pleasant breeze and several activities. You can also witness the flower show in which the flowers in the lake are organised in a way that looks like  interesting beauty peasant show.

Although you can visit the place anytime round the year. During Monsoon the sightseeing becomes very dreamy but the activities are almost stopped due to slippery slopes. You can also plan the visit during the winters because it arrives after monsoon leaving everything fresh and green, the lake is covered in mist and while you enjoy  boating you will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty around you.

Other Essential Information

- Location: ‎It is located in Dindigul district of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and is 3 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand.

- Timings: You can visit this lake between 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Although entries are open all day long but evening time is more favourable.

- Entry fee: No, you do not need to pay any kind of fee in order to visit this place.

- Visitor's Facility: Basic facilities for the visitors are available at Kodai Lake. You will get proper space for parking, You can enjoy boating in the Kodai Lake. Horse riding and cycling can also be enjoyed on the road around the lake.

- Distance from Kodaikanal bus stand: Kodai lake is approx.3 km away from the Kodaikanal bus stand. You can board a taxi and reach the lake without any problem.

History of Kodaikanal Lake

District collector of Madurai Sir Vere Hendry Levinge resided in Kodaikanal after his retirement in 1863. He was the man of asset and innovative thoughts for this lake and went through his cash to change over the marshy land by damming three streams streaming into a valley into a delightful lake.

He supplied the lake with local fish, and the first boat for the Kodai Lake was purchased from the Tuticorin. It is said that foreign inhabitants used to swim in this very lake. The lake was created as the core of Kodaikanal when the British and early preachers were building up the town itself from the USA.

The Kodaikanal Boat Club was framed in 1890. Vacationers today will discover three distinct Boat Clubs with a variety of boats accessible for enlisting. Kodaikanal lake is considered as the heart of Kodaikanal city, people from different places across the world come to see the beauty of this star-shaped artificial lake which is surrounded by the scenic beauty.

Flora and Aqua Flora of Kodaikanal Lake: 

Kodaikanal Lake is rich not only in beauty but also is amazing when it comes to flora and fauna of the place. There are many different types of aqua plants and fishes found in the lake which adds more significance to its existence.Kurinji (Strobilanthes Cynthiana), an extraordinary blooming plant is accounted for from the catchment zone of the Lake. It is said that this bud last sprouted in 2004 and that it blossoms once in 12 years.

Hill Plantain products of the soil are famous in the zone. The Lake has moderate to thick development of macrophytes of different kinds. The littoral zone of the Lake is accounted for to be rich in periphytic biota related to macrophytes. Rainbow trout and common carp are the  fish found in the Lake. The fish yield, according to records, was 5.3 kg/ha/year. As of late, two new types of diatom was located in this Lake.

Highlights of Kodaikanal Lake: 

Kodaikanal Lake is a Star-shaped artificial lake which is said to be the heart of Kodaikanal city.

2. There are boating clubs formed at the lake which also gives you permission to swim in the lake after the membership.

3. There are many types of boats found there, normal or luxury which can be chosen according to the preference of the visitor.

4. The flower show attracts many tourists to visit the lake during the summer. It feels like nature competes after showcasing their beauty in the lake.

5. There are vendors who offer horse riding and cycling along the road of the lake which will give you a different feeling.

6. The lake has a rich flora and fauna several kinds of aqua plants and different species of fish are found in the lake.

Places to Stay Near Kodaikanal Lake

There are many places to stay near Kodaikanal lake. Some of them are :

1. Green Lake View Resort: It is a beautiful place to stay while you visit Kodaikanal. This place is just 5 minutes walk from the Kodai lake. Beautiful gardens, wooden floorings. It is 3.2 km away from Bear Shola falls.

2. Mistycove: It is an amazing place for a nature lover to stay. Beautiful gardens all around and the scenic view around the place will make you feel close to nature. Filled with all the amenities this hotel will make you in love with Kodaikanal.

3. The Carlton: This is located at the upscale overlooking at the Kodai Lake and is 2 km from the Bear Shola Falls. This place features relaxed rooms with mini-bars, flat screens and a hot tub. This place has a spa, terrace restaurant, gym and rustic bar and has activities such as mini-golf, paddle boat, horse riding and much more.

4. Pearwoods: It is a beautiful place boasting its amazing terrace and quality service. You will be amused by their neat service and you will feel like your home. This place has a classy interior with beautiful decor.

Places to Eat Near Kodaikanal Lake

There are many places near Kodaikanal lakes which offer delicious food to eat some of them are:

1. Cloud Street:
It is an amazing place to visit as it offers a variety of cuisines and is a chill place for casual hangouts. It entertains the visitors not only from the good food but also have live music arranged. You can enjoy your food with good music.

2. Muncheez: It ia a beautiful cafe with cheerful and cosy vibes. It serves a variety of cuisines but is famous for pizza. It has a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff.

3. Nia’s Treat: It is a tiny cafe which will make you feel amused because it has everything that is needed at a perfect food place despite being so small. You will be happy after visiting this tiny cheerful place as they offer lip-smacking food.

4. Ten Degrees: A perfect place to enjoy Indian fusion dishes and continental fast food. With cosy and peaceful vibes in this place and the staff here will not fail to make you feel like home.

5. Lake view: A place which offers you delicious food along with the enchanting view Kodaikanal lake. They have a variety of cuisines to offer which you can enjoy along with your loved ones.

Tips Before Visiting Kodaikanal Lake 

1. You must wear comfortable clothes and footwear so that you can enjoy the activities near the lake.

You should keep the surroundings clean and do not litter around.

The lake is surrounded by amazing scenic beauty and the star-shaped lake itself is very attractive, so you can carry your camera for clicking the impressive photos.

Avoid doing the activity which is not suitable for you and while doing any activity make sure to follow the proper instructions given to you for your safe.
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