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About Izmir

Izmir city, also known as Smyrna, is the third largest city on the Aegean coast of Turkey. It was established by the Greeks, taken over by the Romans, and restored by Alexander the Great until becoming a member of the 15th century Ottoman Empire. The beautiful city of Izmir Turkey is the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara, making it an excellent destination for unforgettable Turkey tours. It is the second largest urban agglomeration on the Aegean Sea after Athens, Greece. The modern Izmir city is full of historical sites with more than 3000 years of urban history and up to 8500 years of human settlement since the Neolithic period.

Izmir Turkey has a Mediterranean climate which mostly has hot and dry summers, mild in cold and rainy in winters. The vast variety of rainfall is experienced from the months of November through March. There is very little or no rainfall during June through August. The maximum temperature during the winter months is usually between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. Asansor is among the most popular places in Izmir Turkey and when you stroll from the seaside about 20 minutes away you can easily spot it.

Konak is also among the list of top tourist attractions which is known as Izmir's nucleus. The best-known sight is the clock tower, Izmir's sign and Kemeralti is a must-see full of culture, men, cheap restaurants and workshops. Encircled by large commercial buildings, Izmir Agora is just part of everyday scenery. Once an extremely popular stop on the Silk Road, the ancient Roman city of Ephesus has become one of the most popular spots in Izmir. Attracting almost 2 million tourists per year Izmir Tourism is one of the highest contributors of their GDP.

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Izmir FAQ's

Which are the must attractions to visit in Izmir?

Izmir city has a plethora of tourist attractions where people can enjoy and have a good time with their loved one. Some of them are listed below:

1. The Izmir Museum of History
Art of Izmir city is divided into three pavilions. The first part has one of the country’s largest collections of ancient artifacts. Moving on, the Sculpture pavilion has masterpieces from Smyrna, Teos, Miletos and Pergamon. The major highlights include the array of coins in the Pavilion of Valuable Items, which contains some of the coins minted during King Croesus ' reign at Sardis.

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2. Kemeralti Market
The mesmerizing street and convoluted area stretches from Konak Square through the ancient Agora and is dated back to the 17th century. One of the popular areas in the list of Izmir tourism, this market has mosques, coffeehouses, tea gardens and amazing historic places of worship, hidden courtyard and grand caravanserais depict the real and traditional Izmir.

3. Kordon
Without its famous seafront kordon (promenade), which extends north from Cumhuriyet Meydan? to Alsancak and south from Konak Pier to Konak Meydan?, it is difficult to imagine life in ibilzmir. A victory of urban development, these two sections are grassed, they have cycling and walking trails and they are filled with pubs, cafes and restaurants on their eastern edge.

On the kordon there are a range of museums and attractions such as the Zübeyde Han?m Museum Ship, the Arkas Art Centre, and the Atatürk Museum in the Izmir city. Also there are hire bikes, as well as horse-drawn carriages that sometimes offer short holiday tours.

4. Church of St Polycarp
Church of St Polycarp: This Catholic church was founded in the early 17th century and is the oldest still-functioning Christian worship house in town. It was named in honor of the city’s patron saint, who was converted to Christianity by St John. He was burned at the stake by the Romans in AD 155 after he refused to renounce Christ. 

5. Agora
Reaching back at the end of the 4th century BC, the ancient agora of Smyrna was destroyed in an earthquake in 178 AD but was soon restored by order of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The restored Corinthian colonnade and Faustina Gate are sight-catching but still more important are the vaulted chambers and cisterns in the basements of the two stoas (basilicas). A Muslim graveyard was later built on the agora, and there are many of the old tombstones on site. The ticket headquarters are located just off Gazi Osmanpa?a Bulvar?, on the south side.

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6. K?zlara?as? Han?
This restored Ottoman-built bedesten (warehouse) dates back to 1744 and is identical to the Ottoman-built Bedesten in the popular Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. It is touristic, with several things for sale harking from the other end of the Silk Road (China), but the structure itself – which in its heyday even functioned as a kervansaray (caravanserai) – is incredibly beautiful.

7. Hisar Mosque
Encircled by popular coffee houses, this Kemeralt? market mosque is the biggest in town and dates back to 1597. The interior is quintessentially Falzmiri, with blue-and-gold motifs on the domed ceiling that are easier and less oriental than Ottoman traditional designs. The flowers and grapes located around the bottom of the women's gallery are also deserving of mention when talking about Izmir Tourism.

8. The Izmir archeology museum
It is an archeology museum in Izmir, Turkey and it includes a number of artifacts from around the Gulf of Izmir. Most of the artifacts include busts, statues, statuettes, tools and various eating and cooking utensils which are from the Bronze Age or from the Greek and Roman periods. This place is surely a paradise for all the history and archaeology lovers who want to explore about the past.

9. Kadifekale
Legend has said that Alexander the Great selected this position on Mt. Pagos in the 4th century as the venue for the Acropolis of Smyrna. Nothing is left of the Byzantine city, although pieces of the fortifications date back to the Roman era, as do the ruins of a hillside theater, which have yet to be excavated. Only take a dolmu? to get here. If you see people from southeastern Turkey baking bread in homemade ovens and spinning vibrant textiles that they are proud to offer to visitors. 

10. Konak Meydani
On a pedestrianized stretch of Cumhuriyet Bulvar?, this large plaza, named after the famous government house of the Ottoman period, marks the center of the region. It was established in 1872 and is the location of the late Ottoman Konak Clock Tower and the magnificent Yal? Mosque which was built in 1755.

The Konak Pier from 1890, built by Gustave Eiffel and recently switched into a shopping mall, is protruding into the sea to the north in Izmir city. Related to the immense historical architecture, this is a perfect combination of contemporary and past era.

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Which are the famous things to do in Izmir?

These are the perfect activities to do in Izmir Turkey, going back in time to ancient monuments, lounging on the beach or feasting with the locals.

1. Enjoy a Feast in Turkey
Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine which is an amalgamation of central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines. A specialty’s name is usually after the name of a city or region, either in or outside of Turkey and may refer to the specific technique or ingredients used in that area. The mouth -watering dishes like Urfa Kebab, Adana Kebab, Lahmacun. Menemen, Kofte are a must try for all the food lovers. 

2. Wine Resort – Isabey Sevilen
This old winery restaurant's intimate atmosphere is boosted by outstanding dishes and food, as well as the superior service. Meat dishes are their specialty and I propose steak fillet. In the cellar under the bar, you will buy wine at the premises which is not to forget when in Izmir city.

3. Enjoy the Turkish coffee
In Izmir Turkey, coffee is the most popular beverage. The deep drink takes time to boil and steep, so the pause is packed with chat about tiny squares of Turkish delight and small bits of dried fruit. Turkish coffee is made by adding a small pot of coffee grounds and water, and then for several times it is left to roast. While brewing, sugar is added as the coffee is immediately poured into a cup from the bowl, without straining or filtering.

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4. Izmir Agora
Your list of items to do in Izmir Turkey will begin at the ancient monument right in the center of the city. For most residents, Izmir Agora is only a part of the daily landscape, surrounded by hillside suburban community hoods, market streets and broad commercial buildings. The remains of a Roman-Greek marketplace take you back to the ancient days when Izmir was a big stop on the Silk Road within the Agora grounds.

5. The Clock-tower
At Konak Square is the Historical Clock Tower, one of Izmir's most well-known landmarks. Completed in 1901, the Clock Tower was a gift to the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II's ascent to the throne. The German Emperor Wilhelm II contributed the four clocks on the exterior surfaces on the roof.

Keeping pigeons circling all the time, M is the builder of the Historical Clock Tower, one of Izmir city's attractions w?th it's beautiful marble fountains. Pere, Raymond. One of the activities keitzmir's tourists often do is to be shot in front of the Clock Tower and feed the birds that float about.

6. Ephesus
Today one of the most famous activities to do in terms of Izmir Tourism is the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, attracting almost 2 million tourists a year. Once upon a time Ephesus was a famous stop along the Silk Road. Historically, people from around the world come to the harbor to buy exotic spices and vegetables, meet the famous Turkish fabric designers, or just soak up the multicultural city's taste.

7. Small Village of ?irince
A must-see place to visit in Izmir. ?irince's narrow streets conceal mysteries behind every curve and the decaying old buildings are the vision of an architecture-obsessed enthusiast. Friendly Turkish shopkeepers wave hello in the old town center and love to show off their handcrafted items.

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It's like walking back in time and history to ascend to the village's highest point. Elderly males and females in traditional clothing speak from open doorways to each other, bread bakes in arcing stone ovens and cats & dogs relax on every horizontal surface, soaking up the morning sun.

8. Discover Kadifekale Castle
Castle of Kadifekale was founded for the ancient Greek town of Smyrna. The position on top of Kadifekale hill was important, with stunning views of the harbor and area. Today, aside from the castle gates, walls and several ruins, there is not enough to find on the property but the view of the Izmir Gulf and the town is spectacular.

9. Agora Open Air Museum
Another not to be overlooked offbeat place in Izmir is the Agora Open Air Museum, which includes ruins of a historic Greek and Roman marketplace and town center. Today Agora is surrounded by residential neighborhoods on the hillside, busy bazaar avenues, car parks and commercial buildings, but this position was a significant stop on the Silk Road back in time.

There is an eye-catching colonnade on the floor level and a gate that has been restored. The platform can be reached from the south side, where there is a ticket office. This open-air museum opens at 8:00 am everyday and closes at 5 pm (6 p.m. in summer). The entrance fee is around €1.5 and is totally worth the visit and explore the amazing history. 

10. A walk along the Kordon
One of the best activities to do in Izmir is stroll along the long promenade on the seafront, Kordon, appreciate the sunlight and watch the locals do their thing. Kordon is also a great place to ride a bike by the waterside, have a picnic on the park, enjoy picturesque sunsets and chill at one of the many coffee shops, bars and restaurants that line the promenade.

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What are the most romantic things to do in Izmir?

1. Ilica Plaji, Cesme
The magnificent beach with crystal clear water is a perfect place to relax with your loved ones. Popular for romantic strolls and the dip in cold water, the white sand allures the tourists from round the world.

2. Usca Winery
Wine tasting with your loved ones can be really romantic. The beautiful ambience and the variety of drinks can mesmerize the travelers for sure. They have great customer service and the food along with you drink is a perfect mix for a romantic date. 

3. Kordonboyu
The stunning and exquisite path for a romantic walk along the coast is a must try for all the lovely couples. Apart from walking, great running and cycling route is also available. So don’t shy away from the exciting and dreamy path with your partner.

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What is Izmir famous for?

The city of Izmir has documented its existence for around 4,000 years of history, and is thus one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean. Izmir has plenty of fantastic food because of its ethnic background and place in the Aegean and Mediterranean countries, with their productive edible abundance. The city's iconic architecture, with all its great history, goes on to tell a tale about previous civilizations and ages in the context of Izmir Tourism.

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What is the best time to visit Izmir?

The best time to visit Izmir is May to August. For much of the year, the area has had a Mediterranean atmosphere. The environment is mild and nice to be running all over the places during most of the tourist season. In Izmir October is mild and not dry, with cooler evenings.

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Do I need a visa for Izmir?

Some nationalities need no tourist visa. Until flying, most that can buy a tourist e-visa online. Tourist e-visas are available for purchase online from citizens of 108 nations. Country citizens like India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States need a visa to be purchased online at before flying.

How to reach Izmir from India?

When preparing a trip from India, booking a flight to Turkey is your safest bet. If you travel from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, Istanbul's Atatürk Airport is your landing point. There are both direct and stopover flights choices, with the shortest journey time from Mumbai being 6 hours.

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How much is a Turkish visa?

Turkish travel visas are good for several stays in a span of 180 days up to a maximum of 90 days. Each e-visa costs $20 and can be charged via credit card or debit card.

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How many days are enough in Izmir?

Two days are enough for you to explore the major highlights of Izmir city. But if you are interested in taking a closer look at the minor events and sights you might need to extend your Izmir tourism itinerary a bit.

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Is English spoken in Izmir?

English is a common language in the western cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir.

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How much does a trip to Izmir cost?

You can intend on spending about $17 a day on your holiday in Izmir, which is the average regular price dependent on certain visitors' expenses. On average, past travelers spent $2.06 on one-day meals, and $2.25 on local transportation. Also for a pair the typical hotel price in Izmir is $26. So, a one-week ride to Izmir costs on average $233.

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Is Izmir worth visiting?

The bright and lively city of Izmir Turkey is undoubtedly worth a visit when you are in Turkey. The popular tourist places will only require two days of your itinerary, but you should include that.

What is Izmir known for?

The third largest city in Turkey is renowned not only for its historical roots, but also for its many aspects of modern culture, all of which have rendered it one of the most important cities in the Aegean.

Is Izmir safe for tourists?

Izmir is by its nature a relatively secure city, but it has its "dodgy" places. It is not recommended to travel at night on foot in the neighbourhoods on the south side of the train tracks near the city centre.

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How far is Izmir from Istanbul?

There is a path of 328 km between Istanbul and Alzmir. The gap from the road is 489.7 Km.

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How far is Izmir from Antalya?

The fastest way to get to Antalya is by flying which takes 3h 26m and costs 95 - 390 anywhere. Alternatively, there is a bus that costs 70 - 210 and requires 7h 36m. The shortest flight to Antalya Airport from Izmir Airport is a direct flight that takes 1h 5m.

How long do you need in Pamukkale?

How long Pamukkale spends relies on what you need to see and how you choose to see it. If you just choose to see Pamukkale's travertine pools then it should take about 45-60 minutes to walk to the top and return.

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What can you do in Ephesus in one day?

The best method to get there was to begin at the top gate and work your way down the ruins. It's really good advice because we went downhill and late in the day. The gates are open at 8 am so that you can beat the crowds and the heat of the day if you can get there when it opens.

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Can you bathe in Pamukkale?

Pamukkale Hot Springs could be visited throughout the year, but in winter time it is absolutely phenomenal when natural warm water pools will take long, relaxing baths for visitors.

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Why is Izmir known as the Pearl of the Aegean?

Izmir enjoyed its call as a significant mercantile city for many years owing to its excellent location at the head of the gulf in the center of the western Anatolian coast.

Which are the best historical places in Izmir?

The city of Izmir and the region of Izmir are lined with historical sights revealing the stories of former empires. Here are a few of the best scenery to see in and around Izmir, from the famous Ottoman bazaars to ancient Roman towns.

1. Agora
Situated in the center of the city of Izmir, Agora has been one of the best preserved remnants of the ancient settlement of Smyrna (former name of Izmir). It is a museum which is open-air.

2. Kemeralt? Market and K?zlara?as? Han?
One of the most interesting and genuine encounters in Izmir, is the historic Kemeralt? market. The lively shops, the small side streets, the secret courtyards and the few surviving synagogues in the city are all part of the wonderful experience.

3. Asansör
Translating to ' elevator, ' when it was established in 1907, this device was used specifically for this reason to move people and goods from the Karata? community to the steep hillside. The iconic tower today offers one of the best views of the city as well as a great restaurant. You'll also notice among the most scenic streets in Izmir, behind asansör.

4. Pergamon
This strong ancient Greek city, particularly the popular Pergamon Altar, has some of the greatest-preserved ruins of the period. Pergamon, the former capital of the Attalid Dynasty, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the remarkable theater ruins, stoa, gymnasium, tumuli, and city walls, as well as the striking Kybele Shrine.

5. Ephesus
No travel to the region of Izmir without reaching the famed ancient Greek city of Ephesus will be complete. This incredible city, which dates back to the 10th century BCE, developed under the rule of the Roman Republic and some of its most distinctive structures are from that era. Be sure to see all the Artemis Shrine, Celsus Library, the Odeon, and Sebastoi Temple.

What is Izmir famous for shopping?

Hardcore shoppers in Izmir will be in for a blow. 

- If you're searching for premium and Western labels, head to Bornova's large and busy shopping malls, which also provide plenty of options for health, leisure and entertainment in the context of Izmir Tourism.

Get lost in Kemeralti's labyrinth, Izmir's oldest market area and is one of the region's hippest locations. Time is going to go by as you shop the city's best deals from stall to stall. Pick up things such as shoes or jewelry but be able to barter.

If this Bazaar's glitz and glamour is not for you, throw on your fancy clothes and browse before you drop off in Alsancak, Izmir's Beverly Hills. This will be the place to pick up fancy clothes, a little up-market by Turkish standards. Alsancak's bustling roads are full of fashion shops and the majority of western brands.

Bornova contains two of Izmir's biggest shopping malls, the Bornova Forum and the Bornova Park. While the former offers great options for homeware shopping and also leisure and entertainment services.

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Which are the best areas to stay in Izmir?

- North of Konak is the Alsancak region, the town's social and geographical core, everything about modern architecture and large boulevards. This town, packed with upscale restaurants, cafes and boutiques, has more of a European flavor than a true Turkish one. 

The Bazaar, an elegant maze with small winding streets, and infinite stores, is still behind the seafront. This is indeed a good area for bargain tourists, as you'll find plenty of restaurants in which you can eat for much less than the rest of town.

The field surrounding Basmane Station to the eastern end of Fevzipasa Bulvari is the place to call home for thrifty travelers. Accommodation in this region offers a great position since they are next to Basmane Train Station and Metro Station, which will carry you to Ephesus and the airport.

Only a 30-minute drive from Izmir town stands Alacati, a haven for windsurfers in Turkey. Sandy beaches, galleries, nightclubs and aegean cuisine make the best place in this idyllic village in summertime. This is a good place to stay for lovers of water sports, but it's also a great location to rest and enjoy the scenery.

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Which are the famous nightlife places in Izmir?

Izmir's nightlife is vast and varied, with anything for all, like jazz clubs, punk rock pubs and trendy and laid-back bars.

1. 1888
One of the best nightlife spots in Izmir, you'll see all the popular kids in the town hanging out in 1888 while listening to some of the greatest local and international DJs the rest of the night.

2. Nar Bar
Among the most popular bars of Alaçat? (a very popular resort town in the province of Izmir), Nar Bar also established a branch in the city of Izmir and became an awesome twist. Enjoy great drinks in a comfortable and laid-back setting, such as a pretty great backyard.

3. Bios Bar
Bios Restaurant, a favourite on packed Gazi Kad?nlar Soka??, features a few of Izmir's best live performances you can locate. The big stage has featured famous stars from the music scene in Turkey.

4. Gazi Kad?nlar Soka??
Gazi Kad?nlar Soka?? is by far the most famous nightlife street in Izmir and is always overcrowded with people going to and fro among locations on the weekends. Throughout this incredibly vibrant location, the restored traditional houses that line the lane, the fish restaurants with their live fas?l music and the rock bars all come around.

What are the things you must eat and drink in Izmir?

1. Konak's open sea kitchens:
Breakfast in Konak's open sea kitchens, experience fresh air with ship sights floating around the water-experience European culture. In 600 INR you'll get a huge breakfast with cheese of different types, olives, bacon and Turkish coffee.

2. Menemen
This popular Turkish breakfast element is cooked scrambled eggs in sautéed vegetables, and made fresh with toast. Dip it, spread it over, or spoon it.

3. Manti
At first glance, Mant? that reminds you of ravioli but the typical Turkish dish is special in both flavor and texture. Boiled or baked, small beef or lamb dumplings are eaten with yogurt or butter, and are often supplemented by a number of spices.

4. Borek
There are many forms of Turkish savory pastry, most widely loaded with hazelnut meat or spinach and cheese. Börek can be baked, used as a puff or as a lasagna layer and used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Which are the best historical places in Izmir?

With the rich Roman and Greek history, every street corner in Izmir has a story to tell. Explore these historical places in Izmir to learn about the past of the city, and understand how it has adapted to the modern world.

1. Izmir Agora: Agora is a testimony of Turkish history right from 4th century BC. It was destroyed in an earthquake, but was rebuilt by the Romans in 178 AD. The ruins that stand today of the ancient marketplace include Corinthian colonnade, and vaulted chambers and cisterns in the basement. The Faustina Gate, in memory of Empress Faustina, is an architectural marvel.

2. Ephesus: The ruins of Ephesus tell the story of this ancient Greek city that was once one of the 12 cities of the Ionian League. The various ruins stand testimony to the various rulers who over centuries took over Ephesus. Once one of the most important port cities of the Roman empire, Ephesus today is a national and international attraction. 

3. Pergamon Acropolis: Located atop a steep hill, Pergamon Acropolis is the ruin-site of a number of temples and theatres of ancient Greece. The Temple of Trajan and the Temple of Athena are two major buildings in the area. Both are made of marble and have been partially rebuilt. Don’t miss the Hellenistic Theatre. You won’t find any performances here, but the panoramic views of the city are not less dramatic.

4. Hisar Mosque: Believed to have been constructed between 1592 and 1598, Hisar Mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Turkey. You can come here to offer your prayers, or marvel at the gorgeous Ottoman Islamic artwork on the inside. The blue and gold motif along with the roses and grapes carved into the design makes one tip their hat to the artists.

5. Kadifekale: Part of the old city of Izmir, this is believed to be a favourite spot of Alexander the Great in the 4th century. The ruins of the old castle still stand, and the hill-top provides a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Izmir. The adjoining Roman theatre is currently an excavation site and close to the castle, you can spot local women baking bread and weaving textiles. Buy it directly from them rather than spending more money in the market.

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