Kordon Overview

Visit Izmir Kordon, a lively waterfront promenade stretching along the Aegean Sea. This area brims with cafes, restaurants, and parks, offering visitors a place to unwind. Stroll along the tree-lined paths, soak up the stunning sea views, and savour Turkish coffee while enjoying the serene sunset. Locals and tourists gather here for leisure, culture, and socialising.

You can walk along the wide roads or have Turkish coffee or beer at a street café soaking up the mild smell of the sea. Travel to Turkey and experience the delightful blend of leisure and coastal charm, where every step unveils the allure of the surroundings.

Izmir Kordon is an iconic seafront promenade that runs from Konak Pier to Cumhuriyet Square, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea. It was initially built as a protective sea wall during the Ottoman era. Later, Kordon evolved into a lively stretch of cafes, restaurants, and parks that draw locals and tourists alike. Its wide, tree-lined paths are perfect for leisurely walks, and the vibrant social atmosphere makes it a beloved gathering spot.

The promenade is a hub for dining, art, and history. The Atatürk Museum, Arkas Art Centre, and Zübeyde Hanım Museum Ship provide cultural enrichment, while sunset views and horse-drawn carriage tours add to its charm. Here, you can enjoy relaxing on the grass, cycling along the dedicated paths, or enjoying traditional Turkish coffee at a cafe. Kordon's blend of history, culture, and coastal beauty makes it a must-visit destination in Izmir.


• Explore the bustling Izmir Kordon promenade stretching along the Aegean Sea, renowned for its vibrant social atmosphere.
• Indulge in diverse flavours at cafes, restaurants, and bars serving Turkish and international dishes.
• Stroll through museums like Atatürk and Arkas Art Centre to learn about Izmir's history and rich heritage.
• Rent a bicycle or join a horse-drawn carriage tour for a unique experience of the city and the Aegean.
• Discover the Zübeyde Hanım Museum Ship, offering fascinating insights into Turkey's maritime heritage.

How To Reach

  • By Road: Izmir Kordon is 2.1 kilometres to the northwest of the city centre.
  • By Bus: Izmir has an extensive network of buses. From the city centre, you can catch buses directly heading to Alsancak, which is adjacent to Kordon. The journey usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • By Car: Driving to Kordon from the city centre is straightforward. Head north via Cumhuriyet Boulevard and then turn onto Gazi Boulevard or Plevne Boulevard, which leads directly to Kordon. The drive should take about 15 minutes.
  • By Bike: Izmir is bike-friendly, with dedicated bike lanes along many major roads. You can cycle from the city centre to Kordon in approximately 25 minutes, enjoying a pleasant route along the coast.
  • By Tram: Izmir's tram system is an efficient way to reach Kordon. The tram line directly serves the Alsancak area. From here, Kordon is 300 metres away, which you can cover in under 5 minutes on foot. 
  • By Ferry: Izmir’s ferries are a scenic and relaxing way to reach Kordon. You can take a ferry to Alsancak Pier from various points like Karşıyaka or Göztepe. The journey offers beautiful views of Izmir Bay, and from Alsancak Pier, Kordon is just a stone’s throw away.

Best Time To Visit

Kordon remains open for visits all year round, offering stunning views and activities anytime. The lively atmosphere ensures a memorable visit in any season.

  • Best Day of the Week: Weekends are ideal as locals and tourists fill Kordon, creating an engaging atmosphere. You will find people dining, strolling, and socialising.
  • Best Time of the Day: Late afternoon to early evening is best to catch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. You can also enjoy cooler temperatures while soaking up the picturesque waterfront glow.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

1. Wear comfortable shoes to explore the extensive walking and cycling paths at Kordon.

2. Visit during the late afternoon for cooler temperatures and beautiful sunset views over the Aegean Sea.

3. Carry cash to shop at the street markets and local cafes along the promenade.

4. Maintain a respectful noise level to preserve the relaxed atmosphere while strolling.

5. Stay hydrated with bottled water, especially on warm days, to enjoy your visit thoroughly.

6. Rent a bike for a more immersive experience of the scenic seafront promenade.

7. Respect local customs by disposing of litter properly and keeping the area clean.

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